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Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (APW) High School Reviews

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Small school where everyone knows each other. And a decent amount of people show up to sporting events. Would like to see better coaching,
i have had a okay experience with apw. there are a lot of improvements that could be made. Like the food. in other areas apw is a top notch school like with sports. it balances out but improvements would be welcome
I think we should practice our drills more to ensure safety.
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I think our sports programs are great but I wish there was more involvement in clubs.
When I moved here the kids were very welcoming. I think that when new kids come into our school they assimilate quickly.
I think the teachers do a pretty good job engaging with students. I think they could improve on communication with some students that need extra help.
There are not many opportunities and many things to do, however, the ones the school has are fun.
The administrators are unfair with students, many have control issues and a high superiority complex. Sporting events are fun but non-athletic events such as band, chorus, and art classes are not supported well. Our guidance counselors are disorganized, not helpful with students applying for college, and students are not informed well about upcoming events including major tests such as the PSAT. School lunch does not offer a variety of options that are nutritious as well as appetizing.
Teachers are friendly, however, many do not have consistency in grading procedures. They are knowledgeable in their fields and some outside of their area of study.
I would come back if the girl stalking me and harassing me wasnt here
The teachers respect us and do everything they can to get us to pass with out being to pushy
a lot of good things about this school, but there are also many things that really need to be changed
School doors are locked, visitors must go through the office. There is a school based heath center as well as a normal school nurse.
There are a variety of clubs and activities for kids to get involved in. Some being magic club (card game), chorus, band, sports, weight lifting club, yoga club, ceramics club
This school is in a lower class area, so the students here aren't all raised very well. There are more kids who have bad home lives and that have behavioral problems than there are students who live in nourishing environment. But this school is very loving and welcoming. The teachers care and are there to help, we are a very tight-knit community.
The majority of the teachers at APW care about the students well being. They know us individually very well because we are such a small district.
The cafeteria is an average cafeteria. There isnt much of a variety of foods.. mostly pizza, subs, wraps, nachos, chicken pattys and soups. There is a vending machine in the cafeteria too.
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The principle doesn't help much and plays favorites. The guidance counselors are the most helpful and understand the students struggles. Bullying isn't a HUGE problem in APW, but i think that when students are being bullied, the guidance counselors would be the ones to help, noone else really. Only some people get in trouble for dress code and attendance, depending on who you are and what your last name is.
Most of the sports teams are not very good. The only teams I can think of that do well are the winter guard team, softball team, and possibly the volleyball team. We have a brand new gymnasium and locker rooms so that is a plus.
Personally, I had a few teachers that almost never wanted to stay after and help me. However, my little brothers are still in that school along with some of my friends. My little brothers are not having any problems yet, but the older generation is having issues with teachers. They are not willing to help certain students and they pick favorites. Some teachers are rude and disrespectful. One teacher even told my friend in front of the whole class that he wont make it to college. I have been told by many people that the school is going downhill and getting worse since my class graduated last year.
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