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Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (APW) High School Reviews

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I really enjoy the teachers the most. The teachers are extremely dedicated to their students, and very very helpful. Every teacher is willing to listen to students if they are having a bad day; they are willing to go above and beyond to help students achieve their goals. I also think APW has many great opportunities, many schools in the area don't have, such as several ways to earn college credits, as well as offering BOCES and New Visions. APW is also very safe. APW has several safety and security regulations that are great for keeping us safe.
It doesn’t have a consistent expectation from students and teachers don’t teach to a starved needed to college prep
APW has a very welcoming atmosphere. Nobody is left out and we offer many options such as a club against bullying, leadership courses. Great place to raise our children.
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Wonderful place to raise my kids. Teachers always went extra mile for my kids. The fields at the school always look great!
APW School is a wonderful school district. Incredible teachers! Schools are maintained very well!!!!!
APW School is an amazing school with fantastic and caring teachers. Each teacher is hardworking and dedicated. We have fantastic resources. Great school!
Fantastic schools, Teachers are friendly always willing to go the extra mile. The schools are always clean and grounds are kept very well. Overall a great place to live.
Great school district, the schools are maintained very well. The area always looks nice! Staff always seems to be very helpful. Glad we moved to this area. Great place to raise our children.
Small school where everyone knows each other. And a decent amount of people show up to sporting events. Would like to see better coaching,
i have had a okay experience with apw. there are a lot of improvements that could be made. Like the food. in other areas apw is a top notch school like with sports. it balances out but improvements would be welcome
I think we should practice our drills more to ensure safety.
I think our sports programs are great but I wish there was more involvement in clubs.
When I moved here the kids were very welcoming. I think that when new kids come into our school they assimilate quickly.
I think the teachers do a pretty good job engaging with students. I think they could improve on communication with some students that need extra help.
There are not many opportunities and many things to do, however, the ones the school has are fun.
The administrators are unfair with students, many have control issues and a high superiority complex. Sporting events are fun but non-athletic events such as band, chorus, and art classes are not supported well. Our guidance counselors are disorganized, not helpful with students applying for college, and students are not informed well about upcoming events including major tests such as the PSAT. School lunch does not offer a variety of options that are nutritious as well as appetizing.
Teachers are friendly, however, many do not have consistency in grading procedures. They are knowledgeable in their fields and some outside of their area of study.
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I would come back if the girl stalking me and harassing me wasnt here
The teachers respect us and do everything they can to get us to pass with out being to pushy
a lot of good things about this school, but there are also many things that really need to be changed
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