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The school work was easy. There was numerous teachers I absolutely loved. There was a few teachers I could not stomach. I thought many of the students were far too into gossip and were rather stuck up. I made very few friends and ended up transferring back to public school. Many people have had a better experience at this school than me, at least. As long as you fit in with everyone else, I guess you'll be okay
Althoff has been such a blessing in my life. Despite only coming in half way through high school, I’ve not only felt at home, but I have been challenged in a way that has made me a better student and a better person.
I have gone to Althoff for the past 3.5 years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The teachers and faculty are absolutely amazing. They will put in whatever time is necessary, whether you need help before or after school. The students are also amazing. We are truly like a family.
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This is not a family oriented institution! Operates much like the “Good Ol boy” club. Seams all their newly constructed developments I.e. Football field rules their popmpous mentalities. Serious lack of compassion torwards all walks of life! After, spending thousands of dollars at this school I am thoroughly disappointed! Money over compassion seams to be their moto. Ecspecially, in the offices. These are our children you are suppose to be leading in a POSITIVE manner. Not in a credit union manner! Our children ARE NOT DOLLAR SIGNS!
Althoff truly is a family. I've made the best friends here I know will last a lifetime. The sporting events, homecoming week, and everything in between has allowed me to make many memories I will never forget.
A special shout-out to June Mcgeean and family who blessed me with an amazing opportunity to be a part of yet another great family, the Althoff Catholic High School family. It's been a very long, confusing, learning, growing, and progressive experience. I have shared many great times as well as not so great times with my brothers/ family here at Althoff for the last 4 years. Through it all, I wouldn't trade one minute of it. These are memories and lessons that I will cherish and utilize for the rest of my life. And even though it saddens me that we are all venturing in different directions , I wish everyone great success and I want you to know that I will miss every one of you. I have shared special moments with each of you. To the teachers, coaches, and my team of brothers you all have contributed great meaning and lasting moments that are worth preserving. I have much love in my heart for my Althoff Catholic Family.
Althoff Catholic High School was one of the best decisions I made. The teachers have been pushing me out of my comfort zone for the past couple years. Not only can I go to them for academic help but also personal things. I'm not just a number in their class. They know me by name, who I am, my family, and some even my life story and background. My classes require critical thinking, and I have been able to grow in subjects I was once not the best in. One of my favorite parts about Althoff is the family relationship we have with each other. When I walk in the hallways, I know about 75% of the students walking through there. We are all there for each other whether it's personal, growth, sports,or faith etc. I would like to see Althoff grow in size and our new stadium, we are trying to raise money for, being built soon. I believe an athletic complex will be essential in our growth and size.
This is a great school. The teachers are willing to go the extra mile if you need help with lessons or just to talk. The entire staff is helpful. Students are willing to work together to help with in the community and the parents are always their to help with fundraisers and helping to keep the school going. I would recommend this school.
Student-run clubs tend to dissolve by the end of the school year, although ALL of the clubs have participation and many people passionate about the subject.
I transferred from a nationally ranked high school (Niche rated A+). This high school allows me to stand out in a smaller crowd, although it does not quite offer the opportunities of a larger institution.
Teachers are very caring of their students. They want their students to be successful in high school and in college. Every teacher engages in the lesson they are teaching.
I'm sending my kids here in the future
Adjust their teachings ways to cater to each student
There is nothing better then Althoff Catholic. Alumni, current students, and people around the area would agree. A lot wish tuition was cheaper so they could also attend.
Most of the clubs that are ran by students aren't taken as seriously as ones that are run by a teacher/administrator. Clubs such as band, drama, and student council are more well established and are more likely to continue to meet throughout the year while student-run clubs are more likely to be abandoned during 2nd semester, especially since many of them are run by seniors.
I'm not sure that it's terribly unique, but I love that Althoff provides so many opportunities outside of school and that a lot of students tend to take part in these events. From volunteer opportunities to supporting teams (and not just athletic ones), there will most likely be at least a sizable handful of students present.
Each teacher has their own unique teaching style, so the quality of teachers can really only be based on the students' preferences. I, however, think most of the students may agree that the science department is lacking a bit in overall quality. The rest of the faculty are really great people.
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There are many extracurricular activities to be a part of. Many students attend football and basketball games.
This school is very safe. I never feel unsafe here.
This school is pretty easy going. It isn't too hard to maintain good grades.
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