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I am parent that has 2 kids that go there . They are very good with kids that have special needs or that is slow learning.
It is small. Nobody is not known in the area. Everybody knows everybody. The people set an environment that makes a person feel at peace. It is also easy to adapt to and the teachers are very friendly.
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Nurse: "It looks broke, slap a bandaide on it and you will be alright." (This sums up our school nurse)
Our coaches take the job not for the love of the game, but for the extra money. The students have horrible school spirit because the school lacks a teen worth getting rilled up for. When the fans do get involved the teachers or administration attending put an end to the chaos.
The majority of the office staff are more concerened with what they brought for lunch, rather than the students.
Most of the teachers hate their jobs which they in turn take out on the students. Teachers at the school take away the joy of learning.
When you are in clubs you get to go on trips to learn more about the club such as conventions.
We have a very small school. There is a small percent out of each class that does everything. You are either involved in a lot or not involved at all.
The extracurriculars are great! Whatever you are interested in, there is a club for you! There are several activities to be be involved with after school!
The school could use some work. Our main building is over 100 years old. There are cables holding it together at the top. It is two stories with no elevators. So, if you have a broken or hurt leg, there is no way you can get to the up stairs classes.
The athletic facilities are okay. We only have a gym, softball and baseball field, and a very poor track. We are greatful for what we have though. We have the best school spirit around!
The food is okay. It is nothing special. If I were you, I would bring your own lunch! The lunchroom staff are very helpful though!
I love my school. I have a lot of close friends. The teachers are great and always helpful. It is a small school but everyone is close and helps each other out. I would definitely choose to go here again!
The academics offered include Anatomy and Phisiology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, as well as many duel enrollment courses including ENC1101, ENC1102, Math for college readiness, world history.
Awesome weight lifting room!! Need bigger gym and baseball field.
The cafeteria needs to be bigger and more variety of food.
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All schools have different types of people we just have to adjust. That's what makes us all special.
The main building is very old. It has been declared a historical monument. Not a lot of technology available.
Nothing serious goes on at this school. We are pretty safe and staff is well trained.
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