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I love school now! Used to want to drop out before coming to Alternatives In Action. Gave school one more chance by coming here, for my parents, and so glad I did. I look forward to graduating soon and college after that.
This school will push you.Even if you give up on certain classes.They will do there best to put you on your feet again. They point you in the direction of success.Teachers build relationships with students becoming like aunts and uncles.There is no favorite students but favorite teachers and staff.The school is a family and I'm going to miss it once I graduate.
Most students does not Revolution Foods.Our last semesters food provider was much better however there was issues with arrival because our kitchen is not operational enough to have a live cheff.
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The rules at the school are straight forward.The teachers give warnings and if you break a rule they tell you which rule and the consequences of doing it.
My school does not have the funding support to have such benefits since we have a fully operational sound booth. However we do use the tools around us and have fun.
Teachers learn how to teach by the studentts reactions to the project.For an example in math classes the teacher teaches about APR and interest rates.That is usually a project in which majority of the class will pay attention or speed up and finish their projects with high grades.
My school has four after school classes;Sound recording studio in which students learn about media and sound,3d art class where students express their creativity through art, debate and law where students do actual cases for the school,and a daycare where students gain babysitting and teaching skills.There is a also a school soccer team.
It's okay we have to improve many sections of the school.
if you stay focus and do all your work and participated you get an A.
Bay Area School of Enterprise is one of the school I like the most. I love our community you really wont hear about any problems. This school is like my second home teacher's care about student, and try to build a relationship with students. Even though is a very small school there are many afterschool programs and also you could get tutor and support. I will like to come here again and recommended to many other people.
Video Production is one of the best after school program I have done. You could do your own video and submitted to a video contest. If it's one of the best video it will be primer into Project Youth view hosted in Alameda, CA theater. I got the opportunity to attend project you view and host V.I.P. No other school have give me an opportunity like this. many people learn many skills like how to interact with other people and many other skills.
this school offers everything i need. they offer a health clinic with counselors that you can fully trust and a school counselor that you can easily talk to. when one of the students have a bad day, you're allowed to step outside with an option to talk to someone or not. and talking to someone about the situation you're in always helps. its always good to have someone there for you.
im sure the answers i have answered so far have resulted this school as being a great school. i have changed high schools at least 4 times just because i have been bullied, or felt discouraged by the teachers. but this school makes me feel at home. i never feel endangered or unwanted. each month of the second semester the principal takes a group of students to Ukiah where we make music together, make pizzas, hike together, eat breakfast together, sit around the campfire together, make smores and tell stories about each other. this is the best school ever. this school is all about building relationships together. i would definitely choose to go to this school again.
the teachers and students at this school build relationships together to help build a safe community. all of us get along. sometimes the teachers take students to lunch and eat lunch together. i wouldn't imagine doing that in any other school. we even have student staff! the staff in this school are very supportive and nice.
I personally love the principal and vice principal at our school. They hardly say anything about what we wear. although if the clothing has profanity, they either tell us to put it away and not wear it to school. but thats reasonable.
the academic in this school is most of the time fun and interesting. our teachers are each unique and teach in their own way. we don't have an honors class, which kinda sucks. but we have the ability to take college classes to get ahead at the college of alameda. thats always fun, to get a college experience class in high-school year.
most of our food consists of salads, soup with bread bowls. i see a lot of my peers eating the lunch. i have never tried it, i bring my own lunch because i don't want to suffer a stomach ache.
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Everyone in this school gets along. never have i heard anyone get bullied inside the school. This school is a community, if we fall we all fall, but we brush it off, and get back up.
Since we are a non profit organization, we don't really have the money to provide sports at this charter school. But during lunch, everyone hangs out in the court and I see some people play basketball, soccer, catch. I see a variety of girls playing with the boys in football. Its great to see the engagement between the two sexes.
The extracurricular activities in this school are very hands on and engaging. Lots of students participate in our after-school programs and the level of engagement is high. The teachers at this school are very passionate in what they're teaching the students. These extracurriculars do not only benefit me, but they benefit my community and the world around me.
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