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AFE is perfect for students who don’t “fit in” in a comprehensive high school. you get the chance to participate in clubs and sports on a smaller scale, so if sports are your thing a bigger school might be better. you can take classes online, on your own, with a parent teaching you or at AFE or the community college cabrillo. I love it because I didn’t have a great time at a big school and AFE made me feel welcomed and gives me the opportunity and time to do the things i like during the day. It’s a public high school, but also a homeschool.
I love this place. I recently graduated, and am so grateful for my time there. This school promotes a very accepting, loving view of the world. Prior to attending AFE, I went to a different school nearly every year (due to difficult social pressures, or teachers), but I remained here for five years. Another notable boon is that the school lets you tailor your education to your interests. This is excellent for autodidacts. This also results in a community of involved parents who care.
Is your kid in elementary school? Go to AFE. Middle school? Go to AFE. High school? Think twice.

AFE is a great school in many respects. You'll meet some amazing people. You'll be able to take classes at community college once you're in high school. But if you want to go to a four-year college, I would not recommend AFE. Resources for college are abysmal, and many teachers know nothing about it - Jasmin is the blessed exception.

Colleges require you to have taken a certain set of courses to be a competitive applicant. AFE offers very few of these as teacher-led classes, and there are *no grades*. The website claims that only B-quality work and above is given credit, but that's not true. You can get away with a lot. Colleges may know this.

AFE is a small school. Resources are limited, but you have freedom to explore and do whatever, even if it isn't conducive to a fruitful future. If that sounds like what you want, I highly recommend it.
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Options are dependent on current student interest and initiative and are thus variable and limited based on the small student body, but teachers are very supportive of students who want to start a new club or activity, and students can generally find activities they're interested in. Of course, the strength of AFE is that they have the opportunity to participate in clubs and activities outside of school as well.
AFE is not for everyone, but for students who are committed to educational exploration, independent study, and autonomy thrive in this environment.
Teachers at AFE are devoted to their students and committed to working with each student individually to meet their unique needs and strengths.
The school itself does have a volleyball team that competes within a regional division but other than that, it has an extremely limited sports program.
Given that this school is an independent study program it is very easy for students to set the intensity of their own studies. I personally chose to challenge myself whenever possible but I knew of a few students that chose to skate by on the minimum amount of effort.
The one saving grace of this school is the abundant amount of after-school groups available to students. They range from self-started student clubs, to charters of national groups.
This high school does not provide students with any sort of prep for college life. The office officials don't even know how to send away school records. I was even told by a teacher that "it wasn't worth it to apply because you won't get in." I was left to my own devices when it came to college admissions and most students who attend this school either do not go to college or attend community college.
My experience at this school was a mixed one. My freshman year was the best year of my life, and my teacher was amazing. After he retired, I was switched teachers and it went downhill from there. The teachers and I clashed constantly and one teacher had such a large disdain for me that when I asked her for assistance filling out college applications she told me: "There was no point in applying because you won't get in. You're just not good enough." I was more appalled that this was coming from a professional educator than I was that she had even said it to me. I honestly don't feel as though this school prepared me for the college world in the slightest. If I could do it over again, I don't know if I would go there again.
The overall tone of this school is one of acceptance and its students certainly adhere to that. The student population in itself is quite diverse, with many students coming from very different backgrounds. In my time there I never saw any instances of peer-pressure or discrimination, nor have I heard of any since my graduation. This school, while lacking on many fundamental parts of an educational institution, can certainly pride itself on the accepting nature of its students.
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