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Was at this school for six years and hated leaving. It was really easy to get on personal levels with most teachers, which helped me academically.
I love AltaVista High school the teachers work with you and if you need extra help they will set up a time to help you. They want to brighten the future of the students. The principals keep kids on track and treat them like there own and when you have assemblies they make sure that the kids know how much they care. They ensure our safety by taking many precautions! The only thing I'd change is the dress code rules but, they are understandable.
I felt the school should have focused more on academics than the importance of sports and extracurriculars. It is more important to help students in the classroom and I feel through after school remediation and tutoring, students could succeed at a much higher rate. I also feel if the guidance department assisted students in their futures and guided them, students could have a clearer outlook in what they want to do after high school.
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Not a very big school, but still has some drama. Administration is kind of bad, especially when it comes to planning events. For example, prom has often been scheduled for the day after Relay for Life, making the turnout at the charity event way lower. Does have a Science National Honor Society though.
I loved attending Altavista. There are many different classes and electives available to the students, so finding an enjoyable class is not difficult at all. I just wish that the principals cared more. So many students get away with bad behavior, because the principals do not discipline them anymore. I was forced to spend three of my class periods out of the day, watching my favorite teacher in the world put up with being cussed at and disrespected. It made me sick that everyday she would send students to the office, and the principals would just send them right back to class. Teachers are a privilege to us. They do not have to be there everyday to put up with us. They are donating their time to expand their students' range of knowledge. It really is unfortunate that they are so belittled in return for their sacrifices.
Altavista is one of the best schools I've ever attended. It has a great faculty and administration that does a amazing job at keeping people on track and getting their work done. This is an caring environment that makes you feel like you're safe, and in great hands. Altavista has the best education system and make sure everyone gets there education done on time enough for them to graduate.
Going into my high school year the teachers and administrators were very welcoming. My teachers taught me everything necessary to know for SOL's and life in general. "No child left behind" was always put into effect as many teachers went above and beyond to make sure everyone passed the class even those who needed the little extra push. Altavista had issues just like any school would with certain students acting up, but administration enforced rules that were fair to everybody. I can say without a doubt, anybody would be beyond blessed to call themselves a colonel.
classes are not very diverse and the teachers and administration have favorites and kind of leave all the rest of the students in the dust.
Altavista is great. There are many different type of people. Teachers do everything in their power to make sure that you succeed. There is a family feeling in the school that will never leave. New students are welcomed with a warm feeling and feel like they belong. One day i would like to see the courtyard fixed up, made student friendly, and used everyday by the students.
I transferred to Altavista High School as a Senior, but I was very surprised at the warm welcome I received and how the staff helped me to graduate on time. The teachers were very nice, passionate, and most are from the area, so they were able to give great advice about colleges. The guidance counselors were nice as well, however often needed tracking down. The principals were nice as well.
I like how the teachers are really hands on and active in the class room to thrive at seeing their students grasp the subject at hand. Although I would like to see more involvement in the school's cafeteria being more money for supplies and resources for a better and well diverse amount of food to choose from.
Altavista High School is a small, tight knit public school that cares for the needs of each individual student. Teachers go above and beyond to help their students and try their best to engage you in both academics and extracurricular.
It's actually quite decent. Of course 1 teacher will ruin it all, but that is with every school I suppose.
You either join Robotics, sports, or the Anti Bullying Club. Anything else you have to take a class for, which isn't very helpful. We have Journalism Club, Spanish Club, and Latin Club. Anything else was made after this post. This doesn't provide many oppurtunities for students who don't want to play in a sport or they don't take Journalism or a language.
I wouldn't say it's the worst, but it definitley isn't the best. A lot of the kids that I have met have no manners and seemed to have no clue what respect is. I see countless kids always pulling out their phone and/or eating candy during class which distracts me from learning. They do not offer French, I was lucky enough to be able to take it online, which really doesn't help kids learn the language that they want to learn. (Most of the kids that I have interviewed would rather take French than Spanish or Latin.) At thsi school it's a warzone. You either make friends with the popular kids or you're shot dead.

Most of the clubs that we have are for highschoolers or for Spanish and Latin students.
Most of the teachers I got were amazing, but some of them weren't, A few were just my personal preference, but the others, who weren't at AHS that long, were awful. They barely taught the class. My whole class, except me and a small minority, failed the SOL test we had to take in that class one time.
We have many different clubs offered at Altavista. We have Robotics, National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Spanish Club, and Latin Club. There are many people who are in National Honor Society and also National Junior Honor Society and those two groups are based on academics which is very impressive. Robotics is a club offered to many, but only few people join because it is very technology based. Future Business Leaders of America is offered to people who take a business class or have taken a business class. In FBLA, they take on multiple task and activities.Spanish Club and Latin Club are offered to those who take the language, in these clubs it gives people an opportunity to get more in depth with the language.Many sports are offered at Altavista, we have: football, volleyball, cross country, golf, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, track and field, baseball, and softball. Administration is willing to help in any way to make those clubs and sports successful. I happen to be apart of Future Business Leaders of America and National Honor Society. I was apart of National Junior Society in ninth and tenth grade. I also managed the volleyball and basketball team.
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Altavista High School is a school with only around 500 students. At Altavista High School, everyone knows everyone and everyone has respect towards one another. The administration at the school cares for everyone in the school. The principal knows every students' name and says "Good Morning" and "Have a nice afternoon!" Every afternoon before leaving school, our principal gives the announcements and at the end he always says, " In your #1 Colonel Country". Those five words will always remind me where I came from. If you go to Altavista or an alumni of the school you will know what that means and how special it is to be an Altavista Colonel.
Depending on the subject of the class some teachers go out of their way to help students. Some teachers have after school sessions to help students who are struggling in their class. Another way the teachers help students is by having study groups before tests or quizzes.
No one really cares about your problems.
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