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This school is perfect for someone who wants to be in a small school environment. you can definitely feel like a family at acs because the school is so small and you feel safe.
this school needs a lot of improvement both internally and externally, and i dont know which is more important
Altamonte Christian School is absolutely terrible. I've been going to this school for years. I am relieved to be finally transferring to a new school. Teachers are extremely bias towards students and the grading system is very unorganized. Grades are based on not only quizzes/tests/hw, but also tardiness, respect, etc.. The "christian" school staff members treat students very unequally. The rules at this school are to the extreme and are unnecessary. Students that have left ACS have needed help through counseling because of the way the school had treated them. There are very few electives for highschool students to choose from.

There is a lot more problems with this school then mentioned, but this school is one of the worst.
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I've been at altamonte christian for about 7-8 months and from what I have seen it is a terrible school. The staff is made up of people who genuinely don't know what they are doing and just teach you out of the book. There is so much favoritism at this school and it is not fair that if someone who is favored says that you did something even when you didn't you will still get a detention. I thought it would be a good christian school but boy was i wrong.
the school is a very old school. with what i have seen it needs to be torn down and re built. the faculty is very helpful in keeping a safe enviroment but the school is too old.
there are not many extracurricular due to the fact that is is a small school..
needs to think of the students needs more then theres
I started Altamonte Christian school in the beginning of middle school. I had high expectations, I thought that it would be different than most schools because of its 'religious' term. However, I had extremely difficult times here during my middle school years. I was depressed and had no true friends to rely on. The school spent the money they had on things that wouldn't benefit the students as a whole, or even at all. ACS has some good quirks, though, beside other schools. They enourage different social aspects within the student body (such as Spirit Week--a week of games and fun) and get-togethers at restaurants for fundraising. If you are supported by close people, you are academically grounded and you are extremely self-confident and think through your response to others before acting, you will do well. A vast majority of the teaching is mostly just from the book, some teachers don't have general knowledge of the subject that they are teaching, and some haven't majored in that subject at all. In the year 2015-2016 class, the staff says that they will get a new roll of staff members within the higher-ups, so perhaps the teachers will change, too. One or two teachers have encouraged me and truly had a heart for the students they had and didn't just do it as an after-retirement sort of job. The students here are very judgemental, and tend to be nosy, but being a small school, it's easy to guess. Asforementioned, as long as you have high self-confidence, you will do fine. Religiously, the school is confusing and hard to understand. Coming from a non-denominationational home, I learned certain things coming from there. The school is very strict with the rules, as there are very, very many, and punish unfairly (Detention for vapor cigarettes, suspension for bullying self-defense) based off just one witness. They only allow King James Version, and studying it is a very serious task. -- Overall, it is okay.
I think our school is relatively safe. It is the environment that makes me feel that way, not really anything to do with police or health programs.
We have a team of principals that are involved with different aspects of the administration. They are all helpful and known around campus. Our office staff works very hard. The middle school section of our school had some issues with bullying earlier this year and I know that our administrators had several meetings with them about it. Dress code is strict but they have rules and enforce them, which is fair. There aren't really problems with attendance or controversial policies.
Since the school is so small, there aren't extensive amounts of extracurricular activities, but there are enough. We have SWAP, Service With A Purpose, who does service projects around the school year round. I am a coordinator of that organization. SWAP is very popular because it is based on character and not grades, so students who struggle with grades but still want to be involved have somewhere to go. The commitment level for regular members is moderate but is very high for coordinators. We have National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society as of this year, which are very selective academic clubs. The commitment level there is pretty high because the students basically are in charge of different activities on their own. There are various boys and girls sports teams at my school but they aren't rigorous; mainly just for fun, exercise, and relationship-building. We have a praise band that plays music in our chapel services every Thursday and practices weekdays after school. Our administration is very supportive of all of the activities going on around campus.
The school works with various companies that give scholarships to families in need, making it very practical for students to attend. There is a basic test for each grade that students have to take before admission and our academic principal sits down with the student to help with anything they may not know or remember. Depending on how well they do on that test, the academic principal can determine how well they will do at our school and go from there. Getting financial aid is really simple, just talk to the front office at the school and they can help you with applying. A lot of students that go to ACS are there because of financial aid.
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