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Altamont High School Reviews

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Altamont's sport teams and the student section are great. Every sport team supports the other sport teams. The coaches are lacking though in skills and being able to teach those skills.
Altamont has a local lady who is the main chef at the school. She is pretty well educated on what is healthy and what is not, but she does have a hard time having a variety.
Altamont High School got a new building 2 years ago, which is now one of the most advanced buildings in the Uintah Basin. All classrooms have the capability for all technology uses and to further educate students. They also started doing college prep courses this current year.
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Being a 1A school, Altamont has plenty of sport teams that need people to play. There aren't many cuts on sport teams. Altamont also has many diverse clubs for every person's hobby they like.
I am currently attending college and using the skills I learned from my previous teachers in every day situations. I was very nervous after graduation, but by having certain deadlines through out my senior year in highschool I earned many scholarships and use them to help pay for my college and to earn my degree.
All the staff at Altamont try their best to help struggling kids and they try to do this by enforcing policies, so those kids stay out of trouble and don't struggle so much. They are very prominent in making sure all students follow these procedures and if not they will allow certain consequences.
Teachers at Altamont are all from the rural area that the school is located in. All the teachers have good teaching skills and can stand on common ground with students, due to the same values that everyone has in the community. These include religion and their livelihood.
I think the teachers care more about us than our counselors do.
It's not the best school, but it's not the worst.
They do have clubs, but some are pretty expensive, or you just have to miss a lot of school.
Bullying is a prominent thing at Altamont high SCHOOL AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT
The grocery store across the road is the best to go for lunch
Monica, Melanie and Carrie are the best teachers here hands down.
THe only good things at this school is Jane the secretary, Monica the FFA advisor, Melanie the FBLA advisor, Carrie the FCCLA advisor. We used to have way good teachers that included Becca, amber and Lori, but they didn't want to stay in this school
Our new school is great. I wish the school counselor would help out a bit more. We share our counselor with another school. Parents are involved with a lot. We do have some college prep classes. We do have some tutoring. We have special ed help also.
We have an open campus. We can go across the street to a restaurant or the store. We can stay at our cafeteria also. We have a lot of options. Everyone ends up back in the cafeteria to hang out for the last part of the lunchtime.
I think I am prepared for school. I will attend a technical school out of state.
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Our principal monitors halls and classrooms daily. She is very involved in every aspect of the school. We have bullying policies, dress code policies and attendance policies. Our secretaries love all of us and help us a lot. Our guidance counselors are kind of helpful. I wish they would help a little bit more with college info and scholarships
All of our teachers are involved with a grade and their activities. They are each involved with a sport or club also. We have FFA, FBLA, FCCLA, Art, Sports, Band, Drama, Speech, Academic decathlon, Drill team, Cheer.
Students are involved with all the activities. I don't think there is a major peer pressure problem. We do not have a lot of diversity in our school. It is a small school in the country. On average I think we get along pretty good.
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