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Altamont High School Reviews

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The education system and athletic system at Altamont High School have a lot of effort put into them.
This school has allowed me to be very involved in numerous activities. In a small community like Altamont, our high school thrives on building relationships among peers and teachers alike. I have had some of the best teachers in the world from this institution.
My teachers were very kind and approachable and helped when they saw I needed it.
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I always brought my lunch because I was not a fan of the food.
The guidance counselor is the best around. As for other administration it is average.
There are several teams that students can participate in. Boys basketball games are normally packed.
I loved most of my teachers. They really knew the information they taught and were very friendly and caring.
Through the extracurriculars I was involved in I was able to host a 5K, play basketball and develop a passion for high jump.
Being from a small town allowed me to find out about more opportunities. I was able to be involved in multiple things, so I found what I liked and did not like.
Although our school offers quite a bit of electives, I feel like there are certain classes that we should have that don't. One, for example, being a business class.
Our school is not very diverse. For the most part I don't think there is too much peer pressure. A lot of students have good peer pressure in striving other students to do their best in school.
The condition of the building is very good. Our school's technology is very advanced. Each student has his or her own chromebrook that they can use for their classes. This makes it very easy to do homework and research.
Our administration isn't the greatest. I feel like they put things out to do at last minute, but they are very friendly. Our guidance counselor is easy to get along with and talk to, but also isn't there a lot. I don't think our school is very strict on attendance, they will let people leave for basically no reason.
My overall experience at this school has been great. Our school has a very good education system, and a lot of activities to participate in outside of school.
Most of our teachers are very good at what they do. There are a few teachers that are not good teachers, in my opinion. All of our teachers are willing to help you if you ask them, and they all seem to truly care about their students.
My overall experiences are that I love this school. If i had to pick one high school to go back to, I would pick Altamont every time. The students and teachers make you feel like you have a second family. If you ever need to talk to anyone, all you have to do it go up to someone in the hallway or walk into someone's class room. It's an open feel environment. No matter what issue you may have, big or small, theres always a person there for you.
I would like to see more options or a bigger salad bar. It gets old eating the same thing every week.
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Our school has a great set of rules, all the students know how to behave well, and know the consequences if they dont. We first get a warning as verbal then after that, we either get detentions or suspended.
My school takes sports extremely serious, especially basketball. All the students have pride and spirit for our teams and love to make sure they know they are supported!
I'm better learning by hands on. Some of our teachers prefer just to read straight out of a book or just take notes and thats harder for me to understand and actually focus. A few of our teachers are great at their work, letting us engage with projects or websites or even going on trips to give us the real world experience.
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