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Alta Vista High School Reviews

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The teachers were willing to put in extra tme for students. The counselors were always there to talk about school or home situations. If you needed a ride to or from school they were willing to help. If you needed a ride on the weekend to sports they were always there for you. They really cared and supported students success.
The diversity of people and ethnicities at this school was very diverse. Everyone treating each other equally, we were all friends.
They offer a gym to workout in before and after school, they have ceramics which was really fun.
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The teachers at this school were there to help you succeed. They always took extra time to go over anything you didn't understand as well as get to know the students and help them with any other problems that were not school related. I enjoyed going to Alta Vista, it was like a small community. Everyone was there only to help and encourage students to be the better version of themselves.
The High School would be better if the had Financial resources from the Government.
The Teacher are good helper it just depend on the student asking their teacher for help.
Dress Code should be more Strict
I never been to the nurse office except one time but it was to give her my vaccinations, but everything was well organize in my opinion.
cooking is great I got to taste the most wonderful of sweets
Since it was small and compact it was very helpful that the teachers were there
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