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Alta Vista High School Reviews

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I have really enjoyed my two years at Alta Vista high school. The teachers are really engaged with the students and all faculty Ian aware of what is happening at all times. Overall AVHS is a great school and I would highly recommend it.
If you're looking for a small school that has great teachers that care about their student Alta Vista is the place to go. The Campus has cops that keep it safe. The principal doesn't have favorite and she cares about all her students. They could improve on school lunch and more afterschool activities and sports for kids to get involved in.
Over all Alta Vista is a great school. It is great for it to be a small school and the teachers are great. They truly make you feel like a family and give you one-on-one help if needed. They care about your safety and the education over everything else and they just want you to be successful. The food is not the best, but I believe that no student has ever said that school food is the best food their is, so in my personal opinion it is decent for it being free school food.
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During my experiences at Alta Vista High School, it had left me memories I will never forget. Be it academically or not It has truly made me feel like I belong here.The teachers here are nice and easy to cooperate with and the staff made me feel like I was at home. They do whatever it takes to prepare you for your future life and even take it step by step to destroy the burdens and walls that may block you from building your future life.They take time and listen to every student be it personal or not. But, the school also needs improvements on being less strict with its students with problems that can easily be resolved. This school has at least a few problems with fixing its problems.I truly did enjoy this school with the academic values they offer.
My experience in Alta Vista was overall good. I like how my counselor and principal worried about our grades and how we should be ready for after high school. In my opinion, I wouldn't change anything from Alta Vista.
I am a senior at Alta Vista, graduating in 2 to 3 months. I have attended Alta Vista for the last two years, and I can simply say it is an amazing school. Not only has it provided me with the education needed but the support from the staff in difficult times. I've gotten so close to the administration & the teachers, graduating & leaving will be hard. All the teachers are there because they want to be there and they truly care about every single students. Alta Vista makes me feel safe, the officers on duty and the administration make sure of that. I have stayed at school late, or arrived super early and it has become like a second home to me. They encourage all the students to have perfect attendance and reward them with a free trip to Knott's Berry Farm. Also if they pass all the AIMS at Alta Vista sophomore year they are rewarded a FREE trip to Disneyland senior year.
Alta Vista High School is an excellent school. The teachers have tutoring 3 times a week and sometime even all week when not busy. They have one-on-one communication and interactions with students. The staff at Alta Vista is always available when needed and are on top of everything. They have a PSEI committee which focuses on helping graduating students make a plan for after graduation. Alta Vista helps with credit recovery when failing classes at other schools. It also helps students earn credits faster and early graduation. Alta Vista is a great learning environment it has helped me plan for my future career.
What I really loved where the teachers at this school. They are some really really good teachers here that care about their students and actually teach the subject we are learning really well it sticks to you forever and what I didn't like was the excessive amount of rules like tardiness and dress code.
As such a small school, Alta Vista is able to offer a tight-knit community that involves all of its students with truly "no child left behind". Due to its size, though, it often faces the issues of limited classes offered and sports.
Everyday I walk into campus I truly feel welcomed and that is a feeling I just did not get when visiting other schools. Alta Vista cares about every student and ensures they receive the help and care they need.
Although it is a small school with limited opportunities, the teachers truly care about teaching and the students. The quality of education is always a priority for the staff and teachers at Alta Vista.
They have some clubs but none which I'm a part of.
Honestly it has been one of the greatest atmospheres I've been in education related like I said previously everyone part of the staff is there to greet you and attend all of your need and always exceed your expectations!
The teachers at Alta Vista school genuinely care about our well-being, always cheerful and every morning they greet you with an almost cheesy smile from ear to ear. They're always there when you need them and strive for your education. Teachers here are always trying to keep you on track to a bright future, always offer help and tutoring if they see you truly need it. They respect all ideas and opinions and always treat you with the greatest respect. Alta Vista is an overall well rounded school.
They teach you about every hazard thing that you may come across
They teach you things you will use outside of school
This school has many different clubs for every type of person! What makes this school different is that it's not only a school but we all are friends and treat each other with great respect
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Whenever I needed help they were there and outside of school projects they were just an email away!
The school always has a police officer on hand, they are gated and have both a bomb and lock down procedure in place along with a fire drill. The doors lock and students are required to wear an ID stating their identification. The school, I feel. is very safe and healthy.
Though the school has a limited amount of extracurricular activities, the ones that I have personally participated in were great! The school offers dance/cheer, National Honors Society, Creative Writing, and Student Council as extra curricular activities. I believe the most participation by students goes to Student Council. They are in charge of Pep Assemblies, Spirit Week, and decorating the school as well as garnering funds for activities like prom. National Honors Society is more exclusive, and pay more attention tov the happenings in the community. We have met up for park clean-ups, where we clean a local park we have "adopted" and volunteer, raise money for charities and toy drives, and various activities that give back in some way.
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