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Alta Vista High School Reviews

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This school helps students get ready for college and academically they are good School as well. Just have dumb policies ( no non school sweaters.
The thing about Alta Vista is that it's not diverse. Also, as administration changed the teachers that actually cared about students began to leave since they began having problems with the new administration. Overall, I liked the fact that they do have a lot of college readiness.
Though All four years of Alta Vista (AV) high school, It has overall been a really great experience. I have had many different opportunities that other high schools don't have such as Senior seminar as a class. The community is majority hispanic but no matter what they bring anyone in as family. Senior year of AV they had changed a lot within the school also hired many new teachers witch had caused the students to adapt differently to the new teacher community. AV looks for teachers that truly cares about their students and want to help prepare them for the future.
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What I liked about Alta Vista is that it has a welcoming feeling. It is small so it feels like home. Something I would change would be the food.
Terrible school to many new teachers that don't deserve the job very cheap school. It is very diverse although most students are Mexican because it's a Mexican school. The school is pretty small too. wouldn't recommend it until good teachers are brought back to the school. This school is to focused on college readiness instead of basics.
What I really like about my school is how it gives everyone second chances. It does not leave anyone behind and on top of that is really competitive academically and athletic wise. One I would change though on my school is for students to have their voice heard more often because I feel like there is a lack of that.
Alta Vista is a very good school where the teachers and other staff truly care about their students. It is different from the 'typical' high school experience. They not only want to make their students college ready, but also life ready. They make sure to tell you and inform you on other choices if you feel like college isn't for you. They make sure that you are on track by making you stay for help when you need it. My favorite part is that the school offers an early college program where you can take college class on an actual campus while still in high school.
The previous years that had amazing teachers that would help you a lot and actually care about you. This year they have practically all new teacher and a lot of them don't teach as well as the ones before. They are very unprepared and don't take the time to care about students or get ready so they can teach appropriately.
As a student its a pretty great place, Teachers are passionate and work hard. It's mostly a latino school but they accept and are inclusive of other people. Staff make sure to let you know that they work hard for you and love their jobs.
What I like about Alta Vista is that they have really great teachers trying to push you far away because they would like to see you going to college or any university. Teachers are always trying to encourage students to do homework, and encourage them to have good grades because later on it going to help them in life to find a great college which means that they need to have a great GPA. Alta Vista it a great school because they try to prepare all students to have a good ACT score which makes them get a great college.
Well, we only have a nurse on tuesdays. There is always an officer at the end of the day who stops cars so we are able to cross the street to get to the bus.
Students have not suggested any clubs, so it can only be assume that they enjoy the current clubs. Most students who are in a club are commitment to the club unless there's an emergency. I know a few of the girls that were in basketball who are now playing soccer.
There are good and bad moments in this school.
The teachers in our school have and teach differently from the rest.
It's not a very " we'll funded" school, so they don't have a lot of equipment and facilities. Also, the school is pretty small compared to other local campuses, so I can't really judge them too harsh because they are so limited.
This high school prepares students to be successful after they graduate from high school. I feel this school is strict with the students, but I think it helps the students to adapt to the real world.
The school has a very good reputation!
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