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Alta Vista Early College High School Reviews

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What I like about Alta Vista is that we all became a family. When freshman year started I remember we were a lot of students but as the years went by we became a smaller class but that made us closer to each other. Now everyday we greet eachother in the mornings as if we were family. I mean we are.
My mom has always told me to make memories because your school years are always going to be the best and they’re going to go by flying. It was true, I never really believed it until now, a senior. She’s always telling me how she reunites with her friends from school 20 years later and how cool it is to see everyone become what they wanted to be and reached their dreams. I want to be like that. :)
I entered Alta Vista Early College High School so that I can graduate with my Associates Degree. It gets you ready for college and university because you take college classes for most to all of your junior and senior year. It is a small school but everyone works together. All of the teachers and faculty work to help our students succeed. I cannot think of anything that I would want to change at the moment for the school. Everyone has their own opinions and Alta Vista is and always will be my second family.
At Alta Vista, the greatest attribute that I witnessed was the high expectations our faculty had for their students. Having come from public school beforehand, I can honestly say that there was a dramatic change in what was expected of us. It was nice being expected to pass with high academic standing because it pushed us to do the best that we could do. With that push, we were able to graduate with an Associates and honors.
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What i liked is that we all get to meet other people from other schools. Aswell as getting the associates degree with the high school degree. And there is alot of diversity so i feel likes everyone will feel very welcome.
What I am most pleased with about my school is how well it prepares its students for college by giving them an opportunity to obtain an Associates Degree in Arts. It teaches students how to be responsible and gives them a basic understanding of what college life is all about. The best part is that the program pays all the class and books for them so they may attend 2 years of college for free!
This school had various complications allthough they did ther job at times it could have been done more effectively
Alta Vista Early College High School, lovingly called AVECHS, is a school aimed at teaching students from the area what a college education feels like and the responsibility involved with earning an Associate's Degree alongside your Diploma. This program has gone through many evolutions since being established in 2012. Despite its lack of extra-curricular activities, AVECHS is enabling students to study college alongside their high school courses; not to mention, once you get in, tuition is free. After your first three years, you're trusted to go to class by yourself, and earn the credits without the same "push" to complete schoolwork and other activities that typically comes from high school teachers. Overall, the campus is still growing and I'm certain changes to ensure the comfort of the student body are made, and AVECHS will become not only a high school, but our first Alma Mater.
Alta Vista is what I can describe as a school for hardworking lazy people. Meaning they work rigorously to complete their education faster. Here you learn how to truly appreciate education and how to work hard to achieve one's goals. The teachers are very supportive and caring, they will do all they can to help you in any way. The facilities may be limited but the possibility of making long term relationships is infinite! It wasn't easy but not impossible either, after all it was high school.
Alta Vista is small school in which everyone helps each other and they work together. I like the support of the teachers and the dedication of the students.
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