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There are no sports or fitness opportunities at Middle College. You are able to participate in Santa Barbara City College athletics, but you are not able to preform or compete.
In Middle College, you are given a Time Magazine each week. In the magazine you relate current issues with history, english, government, politics, and economics. You don't realize you are learning all of these subjects at once, until you break it down. You work on all of the assignments on your own time and review it with your teacher in your middle college meeting. You are also given the opportunity to take classes on the Santa Barbara City College Campus. This is the best attribute of the school because you are getting your high school requirements done, while you are getting college credits out of the way. By the time you graduate high-schoool, essentially you could transfer to a 4-year college instead of applying as a freshman.
There isn't really a "social scene" at Middle College. The student body is never on campus at the same time. You individually meet your teacher once a week for an hour. There are usually 3 other students in the building at the same time. We do have a few gatherings, but everyone is very friendly and open to making friends.
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At Middle College, you meet one on one with your teacher. They are always devoted to you and understanding. They are willing to do what it takes to push you and give you an excellent education. This is an alternative way of learning, and you don't realize how much you've learned until you reflect on your semester. Even though you only meet your teacher once a week, they are always willing to meet with you (even if they have another student at that time) or you can reach them via email or phone. They always make sure you have a clear understanding of the information and push you to get deeper into the situations.
At Middle College, you can choose your own after school activities. You are only required to go to your high school meeting once a week, so you have an great deal of time on your hands. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and participate in activities you never thought possible while in high school.
For those who don't fit into the traditional high school model and are ready to move on to an academic environment that more resembles college, Middle College is the perfect choice.
Middle College's independent study based curriculum means that students are not able to be monitored in the same way as a traditional high school. Instead they are mostly subject to the policies of SBCC, which, as a college, assumes a level of student responsibility in general. However, if services are needed the campus has the resources to help.
The food on campus is supplied by the school's culinary program, meaning there is always a wide selection of fresh made food.
Santa Barbara City College was recently recognized as the top community college in the nation. It deserves that designation. With an extremely diverse offering of courses, subjects and programs, abundant tutoring services and knowledgeable teachers it is a rewarding experience for those willing to put in the work.
Santa Barbara City College has a wide variety of clubs that middle college students can be a part of. We also have the opportunity to enroll in classes that pertain to our more non-academic interests such as music and drama.
One of the best aspects of middle college is the individualized attention each student gets from their teacher. They work hard to meet the academic needs of every student are always there to offer assistance when we need it.
I am able to get help from any tutor or teacher when needed. There has never been a problem
I am a part of an advanced program through alta vista highschool. For high school I go to Santa Barbara City College. Therefore I am able to use all of their resources and facilities.
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