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Alta Loma Junior High School Reviews

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I was really happy at this school. I felt like I had teachers that supported me. I was sad to leave the school. My teachers really helped me in preparing for high school.
The teachers are really devoted to their jobs
The teachers that are there to help their students are great!
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The school is okay. They are lucky there are actually teachers that want to do extra to help the students. However, due to the economy and budget cuts it is almost ridiculous how much extra curricular activities have been cut. This school needs to cut more of their "catching up" student programs. This school seems to help out the disobedient kids and ignore the obedient students.
Nothing amazing about this school, and nothing horrible about this school. A little outdated though. I will say going to this school and it being so small everyone seems to know each other. Everyone and their class is almost like a big family.
For the most part the faculty and administration is okay. The problem with this school is that you find some teachers and staff members that really care for students, and you get the other half of teachers and workers that don't really care about the well being of students, they're just trying to get a paycheck.
This school focuses way to much on wrestling and football. They need to start focusing on other sports and facilities. The gym is horrible, and there is really no one regulating on who is in and out of the gym. ASB and other student council groups kind of wander around and do what ever they please, and they don't really take care of the sports equipment nor facilities. This chool is just too small.
They focus way too much on students that are falling behind to get them to graduate.
I think they can do so much better as far as safety measures. However, the school does a pretty decent job considering the area it is in. I will say that this school does a great job approaching the bully issue.
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