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I really enjoy the unique, family atmosphere here and the school offers lots of help to those who need it in several forms.
Overall, I liked my high school experience. The teachers truly care about their students succeeding in life. I enjoyed the activities held as well. Very safe school, security is friendly and care about the students.
I was very involved with my school, and the amount of help from administration was incredible. Our school has the greatest pride. Alta Loma High Schools whole primary focus was to ensure college readiness. There were over 50 clubs and activities to join. There were also many AP and Honors classes to choose from.
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Food and bathrooms were a yikes as well as some faculty! Mostly just office workers, as well as a handful of teachers were not up to par!
My high school prepared the students superbly for the rigors of college academics and taught us time management skills through the many AP courses they offered.
This is a good school overall with a few issues here and that are overlooked. The school has a great computer classes and social studies classes. In terms of the science department there, it is a bit lacking in terms of proper engagement with the students.
I liked how the teachers were willing to help and really wanted students to succeed. I wish the school focused a little more on clubs and academics rather than athletics.
The staff is super friendly and offer a lot of support for the students. It was recently awarded the status of a "Blue Ribbon" school. It really feels like a tight knit community that cares about every individual person there.
Attending high school at ALHS was the best high school experience I had from 9th-11th grade. I had the best teachers, the greatest classmates and I was always excited to go to school not only to see my friends, but also because I was eager to learn. If I could do it all over again, I would definitely do it and graduate from ALHS.
My experience the past four years has been absolutely amazing. Coming in as a freshman, sometimes you don’t know what you want to do. There are so many activities, sports and clubs to join that will be the right fit for you. I was lucky to be apart of the color guard team and the cheer team. Our school pride is always above and beyond supporting each of our sports. Our staff is best at motivating the students and help them make their future bright.
A amazing learning environment, with many opportunities to learn and get help if needed. The teachers and staff truly care about your success and strive to create the best learning environment possible.
Alta Loma is a generally accepting environment with some exceptions. Programs and involvement are really the only way to make great connections and friendships.
Alta Loma High School is a great high school. I have spent 4 great years here and made many great friends. I will miss it and will enjoy all of the wonderful memories that I created here.
My experience at Alta Loma High School has been one of the very highlights of my life. The teachers here were so welcoming since joining, and are very motivated to help students go in the right direction. The campus there is filled with students who have a common goal, but yet are so diverse.
I had an amazing experience at Alta Loma High School! The best four years of my life. I met so many amazing people, faculty, and administration that I still am in touch with until this day! I could not have had a better experience there because I was so involved.
Alta Loma High School has very good academic programs overall, the campus is beautiful and clean, and the library is filled with many books and computers for resources.
However, some teachers could do better for their students. Some teachers should improve their teaching strategies, a few must have a more positive attitude toward their students, and some favor students over others.
I have had a great time at Alta Loma High School. There is a great community at the school. Teacher and staff typically love their jobs and want to see the students succeed.
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My time at Alta Loma High School is excellent. I am very involved with my school, I participate in athletics as well as leadership. I swam for Alta Loma for 3 years and I played Waterpolo for 3 years. My participation for Alta Loma has continued throughout the 4 years I have attended. I was involved in Renaissance and A.S.B.
You always feel safe and welcomed at school. I never had to worry about ever being in danger. Teachers always gave 110% effort toward all their students. I had the best high school experience while attending Alta Loma.
Alta Loma High School was overall a great school. They have a good new program where seniors oversee a class of freshman for a short period of the day and help guide the freshman through high school and help with tutoring. Safety is great, drills were well organized. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is due to the teachers. I had severe juvenile arthritis until around 17 years old and had to use a 504 plan. Some teachers were not happy about the idea and I was often singled out in front of class. If there was more understanding in that area and cleaner facilities, the school would be a 5/5!
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