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Alta Loma High School was overall a great school. They have a good new program where seniors oversee a class of freshman for a short period of the day and help guide the freshman through high school and help with tutoring. Safety is great, drills were well organized. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is due to the teachers. I had severe juvenile arthritis until around 17 years old and had to use a 504 plan. Some teachers were not happy about the idea and I was often singled out in front of class. If there was more understanding in that area and cleaner facilities, the school would be a 5/5!
Alta Loma high school is the perfect school for outgoing, goal oriented, school-spirited kids. The teachers are very involved with the students and culture. There are always sporting events to attend, art shows, fund raisers, and many more. There is something for everyone's interests. The teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful, you can tell they really love what they do. It's a safe campus, the security guards are always on top of their duties and very friendly too.
This high school provided a lot of opportunities to anyone and everyone. Anyone who applies themselves can succeed. This school focused on college and future preparation.
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Been a student here for all four years of high school. Nice school with good teachers and good facilities.
It is fun, but there are so many different types of teachers. Some are nice, fun, strict, and some are just there as if they have to be, but u get a lot of opportunities to get involved.
Alta Loma High School is great academic school that prepares you for college and beyond. The teachers care for the students and they always have good relationships with each other. The school always looks for different and unique ways to get students to be successful and achieving in many ways
I enjoyed the teachers. They are very helpful. Special needs children can get accomdations easily. Teachers are accomdating to their students. If one thing needs to change it's the security at lunchtime.
Alta Loma allowed me to build a strong foundation and being involved in sports and continuing to have a good academic standing allowed to learn to handle and deal with stressful circumstances.
The campus is very clean and organized. It is a small school but we have a great academic program and are listed as a gold ribbon school. Everybody has so much school pride and the football games are full of spirit. The teachers truly care about your education and will provide help whenever needed to students who show they want to succeed. The school provides so many resources for the students to assist them in graduating and being ready for college.
I have enjoyed my high school because they give me the attention I need and I have had opportunities to excel in academics and in sports. Also, being a dyslexic student I have had the support I needed to be successful and to pursue my dream of attending a 4 year college when I graduate. I was just accepted with honors at my preferred college and will begin classes in the Fall of 2018.
Most teachers I've had don't teach properly. They seem to be unprofessional at times, and offtrack. Plus, the guidance office consist of employers who seem volatile and unkeen to answering question (in a unfriendly tone). Plus, the bathrooms need much improvement.
I liked that the teachers wanted to see us succeed, although I wish it was a more personal experience.
At Alta Loma High School you can expect a modest sized high school that is quite diverse with its staff and students. There's little problem with bullying and the people are generally nice. So far I am quite content with my experience
I wouldn't say I always loved my school. In fact, I hated every minute of it. The majority of my classmates are privilaged and white. And my fellow latinos and I were essentially cast out of the picture. This is when I decided to take matters into consideration and took action. I applied for ASB and many other clubs, and got rejected. So I decided to make a club of my own! Latin Moves. It was the best thing I could've possibly done. Not only did it unite my fellow peers but it made me actually have a little sense of school pride. I couldn't imagine what I would do without that tiny little club that meant so much to me.
My experience at Alta Loma High School was one I probably wouldn't receive at any other high school. The environment is nothing but safe and positive. The campus is maintained by security and kept clean everyday. The student body acts as one as they show unbelievable pride. As a former varsity volleyball player, I can say that the athletics program strives to be better every year and the support the teams give each other is unconditional. The school is successful academically and employs passionate teachers which most are alumni. They all not only love to teach, however they truly care for their students. It is because of this family feel Alta Loma radiates that I consider it home.
Alta Loma has its ups and downs. My favorite part is how diverse it is. There is no pressure to be someone your not, everyone is super down to earth and just themselves. The downside is, it was a very old campus and may not have the funding to modernize the utilities and resources the students may need.
I liked the teachers and their dedication to helping students learn. They really push you to your best potential and allow for substantial growth. The school spirit is booming and the faculty are dedicated to their jobs.
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I really enjoyed my first 3 years at Alta Loma. My freshman year I was able to have the best link crew leaders that helped me become acoustomed to the high school setting. Now as a senior, it would be my second year as a link crew leader. Link Leaders are a great addition the the Alta Loma family. They help the freshman and allow them to have other people to come to for advice.
Alta loma is a California gold ribbon school which is a great honor to be apart of a school with such a title. It contains a beautiful campus, friendly staff, and contains much academic and sport competition. Something minor I would like to see change from my school would just be the dress code.
I liked the diversity of the school as well as the way that students were treated by the teacher. The principal was very in tune with the students and was always around and showed them that the staff cared.
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