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I love Alta's student involvement. I started at Alta during the middle of my sophomore year and the students were so welcoming as well as the teachers. It didn't feel like a tough transition and I felt like I fit right in to the school. If I could change anything, it would be the college preparation. I wish we did more days to apply to colleges or have more preparation days.
My time at Alta High School didn’t just get me credits to graduate high school, but gave me a vision for my future. On top of that, it has taught me the skills to have vision, goals, and plans for my future. along with academic vigor and wide variety of classes to choose from you’ll also have fun, feel successful, and encouraged with friends and falcilty by your side. This school is changing the part that it needs to. The building was built back in the 80’s it looks like a prison from the outside. However they have developed the property and now it gives a more welcoming and inviting feel to the atmosphere inside.
Alta High School was really good at student involvement and success. I truly felt like my teachers cared about how I was doing and helping me succeed. While I was there the building underwent some excavations which helped the school to be a nicer place for the students to be in.
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Very good teachers, especially for AP and Concurrent Enrollment classes. The student body is nice, I personally have not seen bullying or anything of the sort. The advisory class is completely useless, but it does give thirty minutes to do homework if needed. I also liked the class options when enrolling into the new year, especially as a senior you have a lot of options to choose from, including CTEC and JATC which give college credit and hands on experience. All in all a very nice school in a nice neighborhood.
As I have spent four years at Alta high school I have learned a lot due to excellent teachers and hardworking peers. I have enjoyed my experience here, the students have a ton of school spirit! The teachers work with the students to keep them on track and the counselors are very involved.
The school has a welcoming environment and great teachers. However, their counselors work could be improved. As for the student body, they are kind and open. Principal McGill does a wonderful job and the Vice Principals are very efficient.
The teachers at Alta are good at their jobs but they seem to only teach in a way that just gets the basic requirements taken care of. Though they say they care about the students, but as a former student I would disagree with that. The counseling staff is less than par, my counselor made me feel worse about my schooling situation than I already felt. The school itself is great, but there's nothing that screams this school is extraordinary.
Alta is a good school with nice faculty and staff that know their respective fields. A decent sized building that is easy to navigate. Excellent sports teams and coaches.
The parking lot is a little hard to get in and out of, and the hallways get crowded. But, all in all a good place to learn.
Alta High School has the BEST school spirit. Everyone knows everyone & feels included. The administration is AMAZING and I learned so much from the teachers & coaches I had. I wouldn't have gained the knowledge I did without them.
I absolutely love alta. Everyone that I have met here has been great. I've made so many close friends that I would almost call my family.
Very white, mostly LDS school, but that's expected in Utah. Overall good school, physical structure could use some serious improvement.
I attended Alta High School from 10th - 12th grade, I personally had very few negative experiences (if any), but everyone is different. With this school, it was typically based off of "you get what you give." Teachers recognized effort and hard work, but also recognized laziness and genuine interest. Which I believe, is exactly how it should be. A big downside to Canyon's School District, was the school lunches provided. Having little to no healthy alternatives made it very difficult for students such as myself (in sports) to make good choices. Especially with a school known for their successes in sports, they should be fueling their athletes the best way they can.
Alta High School has been an amazing experience for me over the last four years. From the moment that I stepped into the school as a freshman I was engulfed in the traditions and school pride that are evident throughout the student body and the campus. Some of the facilities are dated and could use upgrades.
I was happy in high school. I learned a lot of things that I know I use in college. There is a variety of extra-curricular activities, and I was able to participate in several of these. It wasn't perfect, but I think the student will get out what he or she puts in.
It was fantastic! I really struggled with health challenges my junior and senior year, and the help I received was unbelievable. Not only were most of my teachers exceptionally willing to assist and work with me, but the administration was as well.
Overall, the teachers at this school care about the success of students with a few exceptions. The administration is fairly good and the staff are all very friendly. This is a great school for those interested in art or theatre or sports, but the academics are no slouch either.
I just recently transferred to Alta during my junior year, and I'm glad I did! I transferred to experience the wide academic opportunity and the diversity. I can't wait to take additional AP courses and join the various clubs Alta has to offer.
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I really enjoy going to Alta High School, I believe we have a great student body and have a lot of school spirit. Everyone participates in activities and supports the other students. We have some great teachers who are very qualified, and even though we still have to go to school and learn, there is always a bit of fun throughout the day.
Alta High School has an amazing school spirit that will help you find your closest friends. The teachers that I've been with are all passionate about their jobs and do an amazing job teaching. This school is full of traditions and welcomes everyone.
I have loved Alta so much. It has been an amazing experience and the teacher are great. I feel like I have learned so much and have been able to be apart of a student body that is caring and everyone is friends with everyone around them.
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