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The teachers at Alta High are very concerned with the success and happiness of their students. The general morale of the school is upbeat, and from my experiences, there is not much I felt I missed out on.
I think this school is so welcoming and the want to see you take a step forward into your future, giving us opportunities like the step to the U it really helped some of my fellow classmates to take classes at the university of Utah and saving them so much money
I loved the involvement in athletic events and school dances. I would wish to see the administration more actively involved with the students. I feel like since the school is so big a lot of kids seem to fall through the cracks. Overall I had a great experience with my teachers and my time there, but I knew a few too many kids who weren't given a chance.
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I loved going to Alta. I went to a different school before attending Alta, and the comparison was outstanding. The teachers care so much, the student body is so friendly, and the atmosphere is just GOOD.
I like the classes and teachers. This school is helping me prepare for college & my future beyond. It is easy for anyone to get involved, & there’s a positive & healthy atmosphere most of the time. The people are really great, the programs are really great, & Alta has great opportunities that many are able to get involved with.
I love Alta! It has been home for 4 years now and I can’t say enough good things about it. It truly has been an experience and has lead me to some great relationships that I will forever cherish. This school and the people in it have made me who I am today, besides my parents.
I loved the many different clubs and after-school activities that were open to students! I feel that the teachers, in general, were interested in helping the students to learn the material and subject as well as supporting the students in other activities too (such as clubs or AP classes). There is also a range of classes offered from technology focused to art to the normal subjects to AP and concurrent courses. Alta High is trying (on multiple fronts) to prepare students to go (and do well) to college or trade schools or into the workforce according to the student.
I love the accepting atmosphere of the school and all the advanced classes they offer. I wish that the Arts programs were better funded.
Good teachers and a awide variety of classes. Like every high school, it's a hit or miss on the people there. The building needs some renovating but I have never felt more connected to the students there. Strong School Spirit. So so many activities.
Education seemed adequate, made good friends, fun sports programs. Pretty big class sizes, probably sacrificed individual attention.
Alta is a wonderful school! The faculty and staff really are there to help the students to progress in life. I had many teachers who really wanted to help every student to enjoy learning and to do well in school. They have also recently done some renovations on the school so they could better accommodate everyone in attendance.
I liked the atmosphere Alta had. The students have a lot of school pride. Pep rallies, dances, sporting events, and their wide variety of clubs made my experience there so much more exciting. The administration has never really been all that helpful, and the educational system screwed me over a lot, but all in all, I had a really positive experience attending this school.
The School needs renovations. There are too many students but, overall a good school. The Air conditioner/Heat does not work .
alta high school is a great school with great students and teachers. there is a lot of diversity and it is welcoming to everyone
I love how involved the teachers are with their students! Alta is a very useful and helpful high school! One thing I would like to see change is the athletic program. The athletic program is good but can be better!
Best 4 years, great education with lots of opportunities. They have a technical education center that I have attended and will graduate with a MA degree. And also concurrent credits. I have been a member of numerous sports teams and yearbook staff
I had an amazing experience at Alta High School. I never had a friend group, or was involved in any sports or clubs, but everyone at Alta was very including and nice. I honestly believe that everyone is very genuine with each other at Alta. There are lots of activities, dances, and clubs. There is always something to do or a club for you if your'e interested. The only thing that Alta High School lacks is diversity, but thats not something that Alta can change its just because the demographic is mostly caucasian in the draper and sandy area.
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Alta High School has great faculty and programs that help prepare students for college. There may be a little too much emphasis on sports .
I am a freshman at Alta and I find this school to be better than middle school, but not as great as I would like it to be. The principal isn't great and a couple teachers aren't either.
Alta is a great school, with a fairly diverse community of students, teachers, and staff. I have enjoyed my time at this school, made fantastic friends, and had many chances and opportunities to make advances in my acedemic experience. I have been involved in extracurricular activities that have given me very good life experiences and lessons.
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