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Alta Aurelia High School Reviews

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A good school located in a small, safe town. It is your typical small town experience, including drama from all parties. The best part about attending the school is the faculty employed through the school.
The teachers are great. You can learn a lot from them about school of course but also life. The students are the opposite, though. They are what drag down the school's rating for me. If I could transfer schools and take the teachers with me, I most definitely would.
Alta-Aurelia Comm High School was an outstanding high school. Coming from a small community, the teachers, friends, parents & even grandparents were supportive in every aspect of high school. This included education, music & sports. The closeness of the community is like non-other. My twin brother and I were completely blessed with this dedicated to its student's community!
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I grew up going to just Alta so when we joined with Aurelia for school it was a little scary at first. But having an open mind and going in knowing everyone else was in the same boat really helped me out in the long run.
I really liked the classes, they weren't too hard and we didn't get overloaded with tons of homework. The teachers are easy to talk to and ask questions. I think there should be more clubs or activities the students can get involved in.
Small class size, safe environment, one on one help, sense of small town community, caring staff, great communication with parents, opportunities for growth.
Alta-Aurelia High School was a good enough school. It had decent teachers who seemed to really care and know what they were teaching about. The building itself is in nice condition, and the food wasn't horrible. They had some strange rules like you couldn't be in commons area during the school day, but it wasn't too bad. They upped their security recently too by having you buzz into the office to get into the building. Overall, nice small school.
It is a very safe school. Class is mandatory but they are understanding that things come up. The dress code is strict, but rules can be bent for uniforms of certain people. The high school in itself is a place for learning, academics are prized among all else. Sometimes this gets blown out of proportion and things can be taken to far. An example is different activities being taken away because it takes away from learning, or the dress code becoming more and more strict due to "distraction".
I love my school. The teachers and students are amazing. I can't imagine going anywhere else for high school. Being from a small town and joining with another school, I couldn't ask for a better transition. I would do anything to recommend this school to anyone. Best high school out there.
My experience at Alta Aurelia High School has really helped me prepare and focus on my future. I like how easy it is for me to contact my counselor and set up important dates concerning college visits or high school activities. The opportunities given to me are almost endless. I would like to see them upgrade or provide the students with a soccer program that really challenges them to become better players.
It's a great school with decent people, I don't get why everyone is so eager to leave! I, personally, like the atmosphere and the teachers are decent. Some have a more confusing way of teaching than others, but if you are able to adapt you will succeed. Our sports teams are celebrated and most of the students support from the student section at games. If you're looking for a small school with big personality, Alta-Aurelia is the place.
The school is a friendly environment. There is in school lock down no matter what. The doors are locked once school begins until school is officially done for the day. The teachers will listen and will help you when you are having troubles on a project or a homework assignment. The students in sports are very friendly towards each other. We have a good sportsmanship towards other teams. We welcome anyone in when their is a new student.
This is a very good high school had very few problems with teachers 90 percent of them re very understanding and can help you only if your willing to put in effort
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at this school and I wouldn't trade it with anyone! The people here are very friendly and welcoming! We are a small school so it makes it easy to be involved in everything that I want to be involved in! I would choose this school again and again if I had to go back.
The amount of technology they have available for the teachers to use is a good amount, but sometimes there isn't enough for the students. For example, if there is a class that wants to incorporate computers into the lesson, there may not always be enough for everyone. There is minimal college prep resources. There are a wide variety of college classes offered to students though. The school buildings are nice, especially the high school, but the elementary and middle school needs to be fully air conditioned.
There are a few clubs or organizations for people to get involved in but there could be more. Some clubs make you commit a lot of your time and others it's just what you have time to do. I think they should have more of the clubs where it is what you have time to do, maybe more students would get involved if they knew that on the days they have homework they don't have to go but if they have free time some days, they could go then.
The teachers are fantastic and for the most part are really good at teacher their subject. A couple of teachers expect the students to teach themselves and I don't personally believe that is the right way to teach high school students. The curriculum is very good in my opinion and the workload is doable. There are different programs put into place that help with studying as well as many teachers staying after school hours to help out their students.
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There is a weight room at the school but being in a sport that didn't use the weight room, I didn't personally feel like I could go use the equipment when I wanted to for my own personal use. The school spirit is fantastic and the competitiveness is good. Some of the coaches are fantastic while others are only coaches because of children in the sport and that isn't the right reason to be a coach.
I love my school. I would recommend anyone to go there. I love that we were a close nit community and the school offered the students a lot of opportunities to participate in community service projects. Some classes were at a way higher level than need be and some were too easy. That is really the only flaw I personally have.
The school does an excellent job teaching students what to expect in the "real world." There is a required class called On Your Own that taught subjects from how to balance checkbooks, to how to get insurance and what insurance is needed for what, and how to do your laundry properly. They could do a little better at preparing students for the classes and the class loads that come along with college.
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