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Alsion Middle/High School Reviews

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The dual enrollment program is the best and most beneficial at Alsion. It definitely prepares you for college and leaves you with many transferable general education credits. It is a very small school so you get really close with the other students and teachers. A bit unconventional but definitely worth it.
It's a nice school! It definitely helped me write essays and we go on two biome trips per year. Last year, we went to Happy Valley and Cambria. Also, in civics lab, we've done Model UN, model congress (and stayed in sacramento overnight! we presented our bills in the actual building!), model elections using sesame street characters, and so much more. Everyone is friendly as well. They let the kids be very independent on our trips as well.
The only sports we can do are anything that fits on a basket ball court. So we play basket ball, kick ball, , Dodge ball and jog up, down and around the school. ( it is on a hill)
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They have solar power club, running club, Art classes , field trips to art museums. There is also Math Club and Socrates

Teachers will leave a 7th grade kid @ school alone. Only one gardening vollunteer stays ( if she is there that time of day) if there are kids still there at

All the teachers are really good at getting the info in and giving us the tools to keep a hold of the info we learned.

I always feel good at the end of a normal school day. I have never had detention or even bee in trouble.

Kids that that do get in trouble may have a different feeling on this matter.

My group of friends just didn't do anything dumb, so we never get in trouble.

I really love my teachers. I know they care 100% about my future success. Even now I can go back to my middle school science teachers to ask for a reminder need be.

I was asked to teach one of her classes on environmental science.

It was a real compliment to be asked and easy as well as fun to teach the class.
N/A one more year in high school to go/
if we ever get hurt we are cared for
most put in consistent effort and care
The academics in this school are relatively good. Although the school may be lacking in other aspects, you can rely on the academics to make up for that. For example, we have a 100% UC acceptance rate.
We have no extracurricular activities. If you want to be involved in something, you will have to look outside of the school for opportunities.
There are not very many policies in the school, the teachers are generally lenient about dress codes and attendance. However, when it comes the bullying the faculty is extremely stringent. Bullying is absolutely not permitted.
My school is amazing. From the teachers to the friends I have made in my years there, everyone has been so supportive and helpful. I regret nothing about my experience there, and would do it all over in a heart beat.
Our school is very advanced as far as resources go. Since we are a Montessori school, it is all about hands-on learning. Although the principle is not the same as traditional Montessori schools, the teachers still provide us with many helpful learning tools.
We rarely have a problem with health or safety at our school, due to the fact that there are less than 70 students in the middle and high-school combined. However, we regularly have fire drills and school meetings about what to do in a situation where our safety is at risk. Overall, our teachers prepare us well for any potentially harmful circumstance.
It's a really small school, so we don't have an official cafeteria, per se. We have a small table set up outside with a few snacks, ranging from Fritos, to small grilled cheese sandwiches. Basically, it's pretty poor. Everything is student run too, and most of us don't know how to cook.
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