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As a student at Alpine High, I saw many of our resources dis-proportionally allocated. Our Academic UIL teams are stellar and with proper materials would make it to state yearly. In my time at leas 70% of our competitors make it to regional competition. Our sports never go past bi-district. Yet, the budget for sports is much larger and the focus much greater than academics.
Some teachers are great, the others are awful. There's not really an in between. The school is old and serves as a hazard to the students, yet the town refuses to pass a law allowing a new school to be built because they're afraid of taxes. A kid literally got hit in the head with a ceiling panel two days ago, yet I doubt no one will care enough to realize that a new school is necessary. You can have success at this school, but you have to actively want it.
I like how the school focus on your gades and do there best to provide the education for us. i would like to see them build a new highschool since we cant keep trying to add on new things to keep a old building running.
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I love the opportunities to take classes that will benefit my future career. The resources provided by the school allow us to use technology to enhance our learning. However, the high school itself is very old and run down. The food provided by the school is mediocre at best, but the lunch ladies are very friendly. Overall, my experience at Alpine High School has been a very pleasant one to say the least.
I love my school!! There many be flaws or little problems, but the love, support, and unity make up for them.
Everything is great at Alpine High.
Alpine High School has a lot of extracurricular activities and the teachers work out the times and dates to wear you can be in several.
I would chose this school again because it is in a small town so everyone knows everybody. We are a close knit community and most everyone has your back.
Teachers often put in their all and truly car for their students. Most of their teaching styles include lectures. Teachers involve themselves in the students lives and make each of us feel special. Some teachers grade papers faster than others, but overall they seem to return the assignments pretty quickly.
Getting to know everybody is pretty easy because it is a small school
We have a good variety of classes you can choose from and the teachers are great and are ready to work with you.
I believe my school clean and the janitors do a good job of cleaning it. The security is pretty good.
The teachers here at Alpine High School are strongly supportive with students goals, extra-curricular activities, and student organizations. Even though every teacher is different, they all have one thing in common and that is they are continually mindful of each student's needs.
We have a great band organization, We have 3 great clubs.
I love my little school! I love how I know everybody's name in my class and majority of the school. We got a lot of love when it comes to certain things.
Majority of our teacher are awesome! Those teachers go the extra mile to help their students succeed!They generally care for us and want the best for us!
Being a small school has pro's and con's. Pro's: students can be involved in as many extracurriculars as they please. The small school ensures small classes, which means personal time with teachers. Cons: the school lacks funds, so is in poor shape. Cafeteria often runs out of food, students often have to provide supplies. Education takes the backseat to sports and other extracurriculars. Students are discouraged from attending big colleges, so receive little to no help for out of state schools. Test scores are more important than learning.
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Great school with accepting students and teachers.
It was okay nothing to great or to bad
Every year they call the entire student body out on multiple occasions to give us the talk about drugs and sex.
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