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Alpine Academy college prepatory high school is tuition free public Charter high school . The class room sizes are small around 13 students per class. They also offer Jumpstart through TMCC so a student can take duel credit collage classes while in high school. The teachers are amazing and dedicated. The entire staff know the students by name. The students are very polite and respectful of each other and the staff. If you are looking for high a school that goes above and beyond this is the place.
Alpine Academy is a very open, personal, bully-free high school. The teachers are very eager, accessible, and motivated to help and prepare one for their future. Academics at Alpine Academy can be fast-paced, and some students are on the path to graduate early because of this. Although, I'd like to see more freedom in the dress code, as there is a uniform and strict rules on females' raiment which can reduce morale.
Alpine Academy is great in a lot of ways. Their school is small, which means that you get a lot of one- on -one time with your teachers. The school only gives jobs to the best, most qualified teachers, and they all have the same goal, to help you. I never walk into Alpine scared of what my day might have in store for me. Over all, Alpine is amazing! But, I would like to see more organization with fundraisers, and other events and important information.
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Amazing teachers that develop positive relationships with all students. Alpine has a welcoming culture in which all students received individualized attention and support.
Alpine Academy offers my daughter an amazing opportunity to prepare for college and to let her personality shine! The teachers are engaging and talented. The students are kind and the school has a positive culture. My daughter loves school!
students have extracurricular activities, but only a few. we dont have any team sports, however we have an archery team.
I've made a lot of awesome friends, and I like the classes I take. Not everyone gets a long with one another and sometimes my school work gets hard.
My teachers in my senior year are by far the best teachers I've ever had. They're incredibly smart and easy to get along with.
Since Alpine is a Carter school and is very small so it was easy to communicate when I had a question or needed help. Another plus side was only having 3 classes because I had all the credits I needed and I was working in the afternoon/evening so it was nice that they offered that. I liked the school. It was a fast and easy graduation and helped me get straight into college the summer after I graduated.
There's enough teachers for the students and the students and teachers are pretty close to each other. And the workload wasn't bad at all. I would finish my class and homework in class.
We had different people come in and talk to the classes, for example, we had a Army recruiter, TMCC counselor and police officer come in.
Administration seems to try to be involved, but rather than interesting themselves with what the students want or need they are too focused on pride. They want their school to be the best, and it just isn't. They push VERY strict and unnecessary rules on students that often don't even make sense (ie: students cannot stay in the building after school even if they have nowhere to go until their ride comes, students cannot wear leggings even under clothing, etc.). Not to mention, the vice principal seems to have a very strong bias for and against certain students. However, other policies and practices are fairly standard and they do try to connect with students, so I gave them a B-.
While I absolutely love this school and all of the teachers, I had to give a B. This school has helped me grow into who I am. I used to be very shy and quiet and even afraid of people, but Alpine has helped me to grow beyond that and now I have confidence in myself and I have found my voice. I also have had amazing opportunities in leadership, yearbook, and the various clubs. However, a lot of the school's policies did not make sense, especially a lot of last-minute dress code changes that even required me to buy more clothing (when my family is struggling with money a LOT as it is), and these happened several times in a year. I feel as if the administration was a bit inexperienced and did not know how to handle certain things and ended up making rash decisions for small issues. But, all in all, I would definitely choose to go here again. It has become somewhat of a home for me with the small class sizes and amazing teachers.
The building itself definitely needs some work, simply because the school had just started and its current building was simply to get them on their feet so they could purchase a bigger, better building. The school did not have a cafeteria or means by which any student could purchase food on-campus. Bathrooms were of poor quality and often not very clean. The school also has no bus system. These problems, of course, will be eradicated as soon as the school can afford a building of its own. However, the school also does not have any guidance counselors, thus in turn, no college prep resources. College prep was squeezed into senior English classes, but it was not enough personal help for seniors and juniors looking to apply for colleges and scholarships. However, tutoring was very easy to find. Because of the small student body, every teacher was often available to help nearly every student whenever they needed it, and there was even a math tutoring center after school twice a week. Technology such as laptops were readily available to students and teachers to check out as needed, and a small library was even available for students to access.
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