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Bullying was a little rough as it is a very rich area, but the teachers are good for the most part and the amenities are good.
The teachers and counselors helped me a lot through my time here at AHS. It has a wonderful system even with COVID. I would definitely want to go for round 2 of high school if I could.
Alpharetta is a great Georgia school however, the standards for achievement are very high. The school has a very competitive environment which prepares you for life beyond high school but can be a lot of pressure at times.
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Alpharetta is an amazing school! The staff and teachers do an excellent job in ensuring success amongst the student body. One thing that I would like to see a change in is the access to student parking.
One of the best high schools in GA but still lacking in quite a few areas. School is about a 1/10 on sustainability (very wasteful and not enthusiastic about changing their habits) and administration is not very keen to work with students on improving the school. There are good and bad teachers just like any other school. Cafeteria food is very poor. Bathrooms need updating. Counselors are constantly busy and not helpful/responsive to students or parents. It's not bad but it is not amazing. There are a wide variety of courses offered (though I wish they had an agricultural class).
This school has outstanding academics and is constantly pushing forward new programs, such as the International Baccalaureate program it added only a few years ago. There is a wide access to technology and resources for students to continue learning.
The students get a very good education and they have competitive athletics, but some of the teachers could up their teaching a bit and maybe their could be some more attention for all sports.
Alpharetta High School is an amazing school. I love its diversity, academics, clubs, and campus. The teachers are very helpful and kind. There are plenty of clubs and sports to choose from, and a lot of support from teachers and students. Parents can be very involved and the campus is always beautiful and clean.
AHS is a good school, to an extent. To do well, you cannot rely on your teachers, but instead consult your textbook for many hours a night. This creates a studious and proactive student body at the expense of their mental health and time. It is quite diverse but the mindset there is stifling and revolves around grades.
Alpharetta High School has provided so a wide range of wonderful opportunities both with academics and extracurriculars. The staff and teachers are helpful, caring, and kind towards their students. They put the needs of the students first before anything else. I loved sending my child there everyday!
I had a good time so far in Alpharetta High School. My time there was exciting challenging, and surprising. Many people have tried to bring me down there, however, my teachers adn the support I got from counselors and my few friends helped me a lot. The place is beautiful, with a big field and well taken care of buildings. The school is a great environment to learn.
I had a great time during my four years at Alpharetta High School. I feel that it prepared me for the future and helped me grow as a person.
Alpharetta High School has a diverse and large student body but many don't have school spirit. Pep rallies are always dreaded by the students of Alpharetta High School.
So far during my time at Alpharetta High School, I have greatly enjoyed my experience. I feel that many of the teachers make themselves easily and readily accessible if students need assistance with the learning material or assignments. I also feel that many aspects of the building and the services provided are very well maintained. However, I have often felt that if there is a message that needs to be communicated to the students--whether it be of school events or important updates--it is often unclear and difficult to obtain clarification of information.
I made good friends at this school and had nice teachers. Mostly, I was challenged and was able to grow. The school make it a very safe place to learn and was very inviting. Our principal was very involved with the students lives and she always responded to any concerns we would have. In this school, I was able to experience things I never have before and make memories I can take to college with me.
A good school for a specific person. Kids who are interested in STEM will find lots of support and well-funded classes and activities geared to their interests. However, it is not a great school for kids interested in liberal arts. Students are pushed by administration towards STEM fields, other students often belittle those who are interest in arts and humanities, and many activities and classes related to those subjects don't receive necessary attention or funding from the school and administration. In addition, there is a very competitive academic environment. For some kids, this is great. But if your child is someone who likes to do things because they enjoy them and want to savor learning and experiences, this is not the place for them. There is very much a do-it-for-the-college-apps mindset here, and there is little done by administration to solve it and make a place for students who don't fit with this environment.
I enjoy the atmosphere that everyone here has created. They have great classes and teachers who want you to succeed. The music and arts departments are amazing and have great resources. However, there is always room for improvement such as school spirit and school food.
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I liked the diversity at Alpharetta High School, as there were a lot of cultures being embraced. However, it is a highly competitive school, affecting a lot of teens and their mental health.
The teachers are very passionate and everyone there is trying there best to help you meet your goals.
Alpharetta excels in all academic areas, and it is one of the best places to get a high school education. The population is very diverse, and there are a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus. Teachers and faculty do a great job of preparing everyone for college, and no student is left behind. However, a flaw may be that school spirit can be low.
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