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It has been several years since I have been to Alpharetta High School, but it was an experience I am still grateful for to this day. On top of all of the social aspects like sharing classes with best friends, or singing in choir, the school provided an environment where students can grow and challenge themselves academically. I attribute a lot of my success to this school.
Alpharetta high school is a school where it challenges you to be better no matter how low of education you have had in the past. The teacher reall care about the well beings of students at the school.It is also ranked in the 20% of the nation also.The education that you get at Alpharetta is worth your second yalear in college that’s how hard it is and it is a great challenge. I’m not that good at math but with the help from my teacher Mrs.Davis I achieved it and passed the class. You can also take virtual classes which is just as hard as the regular class in the class room. If you are still having trouble in the virtual class then simply email the teacher and he/she will make there way out to the school to assist you.i recommend this school for any and everybody that wants a great education and prepared future.
The experience at Alpharetta High was different because of everyone's diversity and the different clubs one could join and meeting new people. Although Alpharetta High had its ups and downs the school was overall decent to attend. I would change some of the staff because they weren't knowledgeable about certain aspects when teaching students subjects they had degrees in.
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I liked how helpful the teachers and administration was no matter what you needed help with. They made everything at school so much fun, and they did fun stuff around the school for you to get to know. I made so many wonderful friendships at this high school. I felt like I was in a very safe environment at this school.
Alpharetta High School is generally a pretty good school. Most teachers are competent and aren’t super biased. Counslers and administration, however, aren’t very knowledgeable. You’ll be better off asking upperclassmates or your friends siblings for advice in regards to classes and college than them.
I transferred to Alpharetta high School my senior year, and I was there for three months. The months I was there it was a fun experience,, it was better than my last school.
The school does a great job of preparing students for college. However, I think there needs to be more understanding for the administration and counseling that AP courses and MOWR is NOT for everyone. We should not be pushing students to take classes they are destined to fail just because it says AP.
The teachers are awesome as well as the students. My son participated in soccer and had the most wonderful experience. The building is like a college. It is huge. My son took AP classes that help him to be ready for college. Safety is a priority. The principal really and genuine care about the students and staff.
I like the wide variety of class options at Alpharetta High School. I also like the academics as the courses are interesting and fun.
Nothing should change. It is a good school. The teachers and students are friendly. They get us ready for college well. Although there are some hard classes, they are taught well.
The teachers and administrators are great but the bathrooms, supplies, and food isn't the best of quality.
I entered the school in Junior year and the majority of the students were very friendly and helpful. The teachers are so nice and they care about their students, which I really appreciate.
Teachers are wonderful. They really care about one’s grades and well being. It is also very diverse. People from all around the world go to this school. Students are friendly to one another. Counselors take time to review their student’s need and they help with anything they can.
Alpharetta high school is generally a good school. There is a lot of diversity and parents who volunteer for the school. The staff is also always willing to students to prepare for college by giving advice and the sort. The school is generally fun and exciting, while giving students more freedom than most other schools in Fulton county. Such as leaving during lunch or having out of school classes.
Its a good school with a really good education program. Some teachers play favorites and others seem to not care. But over all a good school .
Alpharetta High School is a very good school academically. They put a strong emphasis on grades and student conduct which helps create positive learning environments. If I could change something about Alpharetta I would try and make the student interaction higher because they do not put a strong emphasis on making students excited to come to school.
Alpharetta High school is a very open and diverse school with a lot of opportunity to express yourself.
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I love that the school provides a wide range of electives. It really helps the students discover their passion and future career when they get to pick the classes that they are interested in.
Improve technology, acquaint teachers with technology beforehand.


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I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far at my high school. I believe that it has very high standards for success in academics, sports, and arts, as well as an emphasis on holding moral values. The campus is similar to a small college campus, with very nice facilities, rooms, common areas, fields/courts, trails, and even picturesque views. Many teachers can connect with the students and are able to adequately prepare them for assessments and connect content to real life. As for student involvement in clubs and activities, there is a wide range of clubs open from robotics to culinary or even from band to fencing club. This school has allowed me to grow as a person significantly and I am grateful for all that it has provided me with.
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