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Alpharetta has seen better days. The teachers are too harsh on student and give tests and essays out everyday. You cannot have a life outside of school because all you do is your homework
There's no denying that Alpharetta High School has outstanding academics and credentials. They have done an amazing job at providing resources to engage student learning like providing free personal devices and study times every week. However, at the school there is a culture of perfectionism that everyone is trying to maintain and it is not healthy. It hinders student learning because students are just memorizing content to pass a test and hopefully if they pass enough test they might make it into a decent college. There is nothing wrong with encouraging kids to reach their highest potential but, when is someone going to step up and admit that this culture of high stress and anxiety can do more harm than good.
Academically, AHS is an excellent school. The offerings are varied and include APs, Honors, TAG and Move On When Ready classes. Like most high schools in this region, sports are emphasized over the arts.
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Alpharetta High school has many great things to offer. The student population is diverse and there is a club or team for everyone. The academics are rigorous but I have learned a great deal as a student at this school.
I would like to see the facilities such as bathrooms and locker rooms be maintained more efficiently. For example, there is more than one bathroom containing a stall or more with no door, the sinks are always clogged, and the paper towels are never stocked or functioning. While these seem like minor inconveniences, they majorly affect the sanitation and hygiene of students. This lack of hygiene could lead to the spread of more infectious diseases throughout the student and staff community.
I like some of the activities that Alpharetta puts on such as senior snack day, anchor time enrichments, I do wish they could improve the care of the school like fix the doors in the bathrooms, put soap in the dispensers etc.
I enjoyed the welcoming environment and open school campus. I easily feel safe and confident at this school.
Alpharetta High School provided me with the best resources to succeed in college. From freshman year to senior year, the faculty and teachers taught me the necessary skills such as note taking and time management so that college would be ever more easy. In junior year, I took AP Computer Science and the class was so great that I decided to make Computer Science my major in college.

If there was one thing that I would change about Alpharetta, it would be the amount of different classes a student can take. An example would be the science department. In Alpharetta, you can take either Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I found that I do not enjoy any of those, so I would have liked to see other science classes such as astrology, geology, or ecology.
I love going to Alpharetta high. The academics are one of the best in georgia and its the most diverse school ive ever been too. The lack of obvious cliques make the experience much more enjoyable.
This was my absolute favorite school of all of them since class K. I loved the University type environment surrounded with great and dedicated teachers. I got great advice and guidance here and this motivated and helped me to move forward in life.

It ended with an awesome graduation ceremony which left me speechless. Everybody is helpful there right from front desk to PTA to the Principal.
The school has a good learning environment. The rigor of the courses keeps student challenged. Having a longer Anchor time was one of the best changes made this year.
Alpharetta was a great high school all around. The academics were pretty good and they offered a decent amount of classes for students. Most of the teachers are good, but I've had my fair share of questionable ones. The school is well-kept for the most part and the buildings are nice. They have tried to integrate a lot of technology within the classrooms in the last few years. My favorite part was the morning show every friday.
My experience at Alpharetta has been one that I'm sure many others have had. In terms of Academia, which AHS prides itself on, it is a school to be at. In terms of school spirit however, there is very little. The pep rallies are lame, and everyone seems to care less, and I feel that it all goes back to the teachers and the administration, who seem as if the school spirit factor of high school is of minimal importance. For myself however, Alpharetta has done a fantastic job preparing me for college, by offering a multitude of AP and honors classes, with the majority of the teachers being superb and well trained. All of the students in the class are very competitive academic wise, and challenge each other to perform better.
My experience has been well, the only thing i would change is more diversity and less racial discrimination
Teachers are very kind and create a friendly and welcoming environment for students to learn. School is kept clean with administration patrolling to ensure safety. There is a large variety of courses for students to select based on their personal preference.
Over all it was a great experience. The study body was very open-minded and quite diverse. Teachers were always encouraging and pushing students to achieve academic excellence; however, they were never dishonest. There were never any false praises or undeserving grades handed out. There were countless opportunities for students to get involved with the community along a long list of clubs available to join. Sports teams were not rigged... every student had equal opportunity to be part of any sports team they desired as long as they performed well at try-outs. The arts were given just as much importance as academics were. Drama club, band, orchestra, choir, photography, along with many other artistic expressions were encouraged to allow students to express themselves. The school building is full of windows allowing lots of natural light making it easier to have a positive learning environment for all the kids.
I have been attending Alpharetta High School for two years now and I love it. It's an amazing school that has teachers that care about you and your education. The rigor can be difficult however, with hard work one will be successful here.
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I would like to see more appreciation for the variety of students we have at the school. There are people from all walks of life that attend my school and I feel that not everyone receives their due attention and recognition.
Alpharetta High School is a great school. It has a very diverse student body. The teachers are super nice and understanding. Alpharetta High not only focusses on academics but also focusses on extra curricular like Art, music, Film, Sports, etc. My overall experience at Alpharetta High has been amazing. I am in the graduating class of 2017, and Alpharetta High has helped me so much in my last years of high school. I was a new student who had just moved from her country to GA, in her sophomore year. Alpharetta High is very welcoming to new students.
I think Alpharetta High School is probably one of the best schools in the state of Georgia due to its high academic standard, very involved administration, and innovative technology. The recent adoption of Microsoft Surfaces into our classrooms has really changed the classroom dynamic for the better, and we've never been happier. If I could change a few things, I would honestly change the food, which is a bit sub-par, but not terrible. Other than that, there's really not much I would change; the school is simply that good.
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