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I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far at my high school. I believe that it has very high standards for success in academics, sports, and arts, as well as an emphasis on holding moral values. The campus is similar to a small college campus, with very nice facilities, rooms, common areas, fields/courts, trails, and even picturesque views. Many teachers can connect with the students and are able to adequately prepare them for assessments and connect content to real life. As for student involvement in clubs and activities, there is a wide range of clubs open from robotics to culinary or even from band to fencing club. This school has allowed me to grow as a person significantly and I am grateful for all that it has provided me with.
Overall, I believe Alpharetta High School is a great school, and it undoubtedly has rigorous courses intended to prepare you for college. The food is alright some times, but usually tastes bad, has very small portions, and the occasional spoiled milk. Our school spirit isn't the best and is usually the source of many jokes on campus, however, it isn't that unusual for high schools. There are many quality teachers who genuinely care about their students at this school that creates a very friendly environment. The school administration is pretty average, but makes some poor decision with bad weather conditions and off campus privileges for seniors/juniors.
Overall this is a very good school. The teachers at Alpharetta High School are very good at their jobs and do an excellent job of connecting with students. I felt very prepared for college upon graduating from Alpharetta High School.
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I have been going to Alpharetta High for four years. Overall the school is good, but resources are not always easily provided. The administration is pretty bad and teachers are only good if your taking mostly AP or Honors. Best bet is to take Dual Enrollment courses at a local college. It will easily increase your high school grade and also give you college credit for when you graduate.
I think Alpharetta is a wonderful public school. They offer tons of AP classes and opportunities for dual enrollment with nearby colleges. I was also able to do an internship with a local veterinarian and this counted as one of my class credits for graduating, which I think is an awesome program to provide for students. I learned all about how to build a resume, write a cover letter, make connections, and do well in interviews. I also learned that being a veterinarian was definitely the career path I wanted to pursue and was able to get some great experience and a good future recommendation. However, when I was there, there were a lot of very strict rules put in place by the principal that I found unnecessary; for example, we could get detention just for using our phones in the hallways between classes. We also weren't allowed to walk around the school or eat anywhere other than the cafeteria during our lunch break.
It is a good school, some teachers are obviously more vested in their students than others. They do not have a formal 'career' path for taking classes like in other high schools.
I have been a student at Alpharetta for four years now and I have loved my experience. Since my mom works for the school system and I can be hardshipped to any school, other family members have asked if I wanted to go to another school, both my mom and I loved Alpharetta and did not feel the need to move schools. It has a nice blend of everything we are looking for in a high school; sports, arts, good teachers, and a strong rigor.
Alpharetta High School is one of the best schools in the state in regards to academics. The school is extremely competitive. Students who are ranked 100th at this school, could be ranked first in their class at high schools in other areas. You have to try extremely hard in order to stand out because the expectations are so high. If you take eight AP classes, you are considered average and in order to stand out, you have to join dozens of clubs and extracurriculars. It is really hard to stand out.
This is my freshman year in Alpharetta High School, as of first impressions it exceeds standards in academics and faculty. The diversity and flexibility of this school is at an impeccable point and I personally would recommend it to anybody as it is adaptable to the students and not the teachers.
Alpharetta has seen better days. The teachers are too harsh on student and give tests and essays out everyday. You cannot have a life outside of school because all you do is your homework
There's no denying that Alpharetta High School has outstanding academics and credentials. They have done an amazing job at providing resources to engage student learning like providing free personal devices and study times every week. However, at the school there is a culture of perfectionism that everyone is trying to maintain and it is not healthy. It hinders student learning because students are just memorizing content to pass a test and hopefully if they pass enough test they might make it into a decent college. There is nothing wrong with encouraging kids to reach their highest potential but, when is someone going to step up and admit that this culture of high stress and anxiety can do more harm than good.
Academically, AHS is an excellent school. The offerings are varied and include APs, Honors, TAG and Move On When Ready classes. Like most high schools in this region, sports are emphasized over the arts.
Alpharetta High school has many great things to offer. The student population is diverse and there is a club or team for everyone. The academics are rigorous but I have learned a great deal as a student at this school.
I would like to see the facilities such as bathrooms and locker rooms be maintained more efficiently. For example, there is more than one bathroom containing a stall or more with no door, the sinks are always clogged, and the paper towels are never stocked or functioning. While these seem like minor inconveniences, they majorly affect the sanitation and hygiene of students. This lack of hygiene could lead to the spread of more infectious diseases throughout the student and staff community.
I like some of the activities that Alpharetta puts on such as senior snack day, anchor time enrichments, I do wish they could improve the care of the school like fix the doors in the bathrooms, put soap in the dispensers etc.
I enjoyed the welcoming environment and open school campus. I easily feel safe and confident at this school.
Alpharetta High School provided me with the best resources to succeed in college. From freshman year to senior year, the faculty and teachers taught me the necessary skills such as note taking and time management so that college would be ever more easy. In junior year, I took AP Computer Science and the class was so great that I decided to make Computer Science my major in college.

If there was one thing that I would change about Alpharetta, it would be the amount of different classes a student can take. An example would be the science department. In Alpharetta, you can take either Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I found that I do not enjoy any of those, so I would have liked to see other science classes such as astrology, geology, or ecology.
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I love going to Alpharetta high. The academics are one of the best in georgia and its the most diverse school ive ever been too. The lack of obvious cliques make the experience much more enjoyable.
This was my absolute favorite school of all of them since class K. I loved the University type environment surrounded with great and dedicated teachers. I got great advice and guidance here and this motivated and helped me to move forward in life.

It ended with an awesome graduation ceremony which left me speechless. Everybody is helpful there right from front desk to PTA to the Principal.
The school has a good learning environment. The rigor of the courses keeps student challenged. Having a longer Anchor time was one of the best changes made this year.
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