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Wonderful teacher student ratio. Everyone really cares about you as a person and wants you to succeed. Lots of extra activities, new buildings, state of the art technology. A great school at a reasonable price
Great teachers and very God-centered. The school sets high standards for students. However the classes could be more rigorous for the price you pay.
If you consider the school is only twenty years old, the growth is phenomenal! In 1997, the school opened with 27 students in total. This past year over 400 students Pre-K thru 12 were enrolled. In terms of subject matter, the courses are phenomenal! Instead of learning how to take test, you are learning information. The subject matter taught is a constantly improving. I graduated this past May with a 3.8 GPA which was definitely earned. The curriculum is rigorous but manageable. A unique feature of this school is that the teachers actually care about their students; many of the teachers will seldom let a student pass them by without saying "Hi, how are you?" Although there were some issues, everywhere you go will have issues. Alpha is definitely a place for anyone who is willing to work and anyone looking for a family. Because whether you like it or not you will become part of the AOA family!
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I love going to Alpha Omega. My time there has been amazing. Alpha does an amazing job making the school Christ centered. Alpha does an amazing job preparing the students for college with the education that is put forth. I would recommend Alpha for anyone that wants difficult education and a Christ centered community.
It's hard to really participate in extra curriculars because it is an international school.
The school is an international school so the students and teachers are from all over the world which is really cool.
The teachers are willing to help you but are sometimes difficult to reach.
The school has always made me feel safe. The teachers would do anything to protect us
We are a tiny school so our extracurricular activates are a little sparse, but the school tries the best that it can.
Community. We are a school of about 365 students. It is not uncommon to see the seniors playing the pre-k students or the 10th playing cards with a 3rd grader. Many students come back even after they have graduated. The high school retreat is a time when the whole high school goes to a local camp and spend two days laughing, talking, and playing games. Another fun aspect of the school year is the graduation. Our graduation is not like others, each senior has a table and during the ceremony instead of having a speaker all of the students speak. It is a loving but tear-filled afternoon, because we have seen many of the students grow up.
I have been attending this school since I was 5 years old. The school is like a second family to me. Although sometimes the work can be grueling the teachers and the students make it more fun. Many of the teachers are like parents to me. I can talk to any of the teachers about anything whether it be school related or not. They make me feel like I am important and have value. The small class sizes (usually about 12-15 people) give the teachers more freedom in how they teach and the one-on-one they give each of the students. Many of the teachers even give the students their email and phone number. The school is a true family and the teachers are a large part of that.
Health is not applicable since Alpha Omega is an online Christian academy. However, cyber security measures are taken extensively to ensure the protection of student identity.
There is a lack of official clubs and organizations as well as a lack of communication regarding what clubs are available. Granted, the online school community makes extra-curriculars quite the challenge, but there is definitely room for improvement to increase student involvement and improve the student experience.
I love the schedule flexibility, the Christian worldview, and the quality of teacher interaction and assistance.
Teachers are all well-qualified and concerned with education quality. Teachers are typically open to working with each student's learning style and meeting students where they are.
There is a good mix of things.
There are not a lot of choices due to a low school population.
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Overall the school is average mostly lacking in technology.
There aren't a lot of extracurricular activities in the school. There's a couple but they aren't that diverse or fun. It's a small school so this is suspected, however, I wish there were more clubs to put on my college application.
I think it's ridiculous that we have to wear plaid skirts and plain polo shirts. Furthermore, we can't wear hoodies but we can wear jackets. This doesn't make a bit of sense seeing their reasoning is that they want us to look the same. We can't wear colored socks, which is also dumb. I understand the whole "Christian school" thing, but it's not forbidden in the Bible to wear red socks.
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