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It is a good school. I moved in my junior year. The teachers are, in a general sense, all very nice. We do have many types of teachers, going anywhere from rather chill to the types of teachers who could use a chill pill. There are many events the school puts on through “KAPUT” and those events are cool. This school also has 3 annual school dances. It is a nice environment and I love it there.
My overall experience at AHS has been pretty average. I am not a super social person, so to me, school is only a place to learn. I enjoyed my learning experience at Alpena High School.
Does try to support bullying but does a poor job with it. Does an okay job with teachers but some should not be teaching because they more or less do not help the kids but also bully them by calling them degrading names as well if they dont know an answer.
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My experience at Alpena High School was awesome overall. I was the first in my family to attend this school, so I was a bit timid as a freshman. With school pep-assemblies and clubs/activities, school was a fun place to go to. I believe the best part about AHS was how well it worked with Alpena Community College on helping upperclassmen advance their educations further by taking college credits that would double as high school credits. I also cannot forget about the "Senior Lock-In," where we go-karting and bouncy-housing at 2:00 am to end our senior year. Something that I would like to see changed would be the politics in sports. My family believed that sucking up to any coach was wrong, and it ended up hurting my playing time significantly.
My HighSchool was okay. They had a great education system and a wide variety of programs for most students needs. Would have liked to see a film class
Alpena high school was an okay school, but they cared more about their sports teams than their other students. It seemed that all of the athletic kids got a free ride and the rest of us had to fight our way to graduation. I would like to see these views change and there be more equality brought to this school.
Could be worse. Could be better. Classic small town high school with an extremely homogeneous population.
My experience at Alpena High School was great! Of course, at every school there is that one teacher who you just really don't like who I came across but the majority of my teachers were friendly, helpful, and understanding. Whenever I had a problem or was in need of help I always knew there would be someone to go to. It always felt like a safe and secure learning environment and offered many extra things to get involved in. We had everything from Culture Club to National Honor Society and everything in between. I really cannot think of many things that I would say wow I really wish my school would have offered me.
The school is full of great teachers that are able to help you out. I would like to see more electives that have to do with your life outside of High School to prepair us.
School grounds are well kept and cared for, as well as the students. Teachers work well with students and their goals. Would like to see a wider variety of electives.
Everyone was helpful and encouraging.
Over all I didn't enjoy the school very much but as a student going through high school not very many enjoy there time there. I did make my place at AHS; I made friends; I joined sports and group, and over all use my time wisely at the high school. But if you ask me to do it all over again, there is absolutely no chance I would say yes. I am glad to be out of there and doing more important task for my life, like college and getting a job.
the academics cover all students those who need extra help and those who need more of a challenge
peer pressure can be a problem for some students
I have never felt unsafe at this school
the staff is great and will take time out of their schedule to help you
what makes this school unique is that we had a utility technology program and we had a climbing lab inside and outside
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the classes are smaller so you can ask questions and really get the help you need
Students are involved in many school activities. Peer pressure is sometimes an issue and it is not always good peer pressure, unfortunately.
The teachers are all exceptionally caring for their students and are always there to help them. The scheduling process I found was stressful and confusing, but my coucellor helped me get through it. The workload for all my classes are tolerable.
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