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Alpena High School is an amazing school! All of the teachers and the administration are so caring, encouraging, and supportive. The FBLA, FCCLA, and FFA programs have allowed me and many other students to grow as indivuals and learn life skills to help prepare us for our future careers. Not only do our teachers teach us the information on the curriculum and prepare us for college, but they teach us so much more. Because our school is smaller than most, there is more one on one time with teachers. Teacher and student relationships are stronger. My teachers at Alpena have taught me how to be a leader, how I can use what I have been taught later in life, and how I can make an impact on other people's lives just as they have on mine. The teachers encourage us students to do the best of our abilities, strive to reach our goals, and never give up! I'm so thankful that I am able to attend such an incredible school.
Mostly clubs are great and the only sport that I wish we would add is Softball
We do have some issues that could be improved
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Most of the teachers that I have had are very dedicated to teaching
I love the teachers! They are so truly amazing, and care about your outcome of your future. Each one of them are willing to spend extra time with you looking over a subject. Our FFA programs and other clubs rose to the top in size and knowledge about the club. However, traditions in a graduation is nothing to mess with. These simple traditions is what makes our school unique.
The teachers and staff are great.
It helps students become more involved
I don't eat in the cafeteria often. But hear it's good.
Not a lot of people enjoy the sports, but the ones that do are dedicated and hard working.
Everything is great at Alpena. The students and staff are nice, clean, respectable people.
They take our safety very serious
A lot has changed recently at the school so it is hard to judge, but it seems fairly good.
The staff at Alpena are amazing. They go above and beyond for their students.
The school is fairly well rounded in extra curricular activities
We have clichés, but we mingle a lot.
I do not eat school lunch much.
It has made me who I am, good and bad, and I would not change that.
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I don't think the altheltic department at Alpena can do much because of cost. They have Volleyball, track; which is running around the school, they don't have a track. Basketball which is a BIG deal at this school. Lots of school spirit in that part. They just started baseball BUT only for the boys. I don't think thats fair. AT ALL.
I don't know the new principal. When I went to school there the principal was very involved in anything.
Although I don't think the school uses their funding the best of ways, the student/teacher relations are good. I don't think by the time students graduate anybody absolutely doesn't like one another. The size of the classrooms are small so there is more one on one time. I think those are very important in a school experience.
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