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I have attended AHS for all 4 years of high school and there are many things that I would love to see change. I believe that the district should seek new teachers with a passion for teaching and actually taking an interest in the students. The food definitely needs some changes, along with the overall attitude of the school. However, the small town atmosphere makes it a fun learning environment and there is little to no bullying or "being an outsider".
There is not much variety available when it comes to the classes students can take. Many of the popular classes offered are those that students can take when they need elective credits
There is not many security measures put into place. This school does not have staff whose jobs pertain to keeping the students safe. There is no security guards for such things. The only safety services they give include that of fire alarms and an all-call for lock downs.
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Overall there is some variety of extracurricular activities, but they only deal with clubs pertaining to the class level you're in. There is not much chance to sign up for other clubs that include sports or that deal with people's interests.
To me this school is unique because due to it being a small community all the students are bound to know one another. Whenever a new student arrives, many are quick to make friends with them. I would most likely choose to attend this school because I am able to receive the education I need. Even though class variation is limited I was still able to take most of the classes I wanted.
The teachers provide the necessary information that we as students need. When they start teaching they find the best way to help us retain the information. If any student is struggling, they are always available after school. All the teachers are fully committed to helping students reach the goal of graduating.
I feel as though as I was relatively prepared for the real world because many of the teachers and my parents tell me about the real world and how it is harder than it looks. I have seen family members who have done well for themselves and others who have done poorly for themselves.
I have been in three separate clubs in a single year and help in each club as much as possible. I mostly help with decorations and audio speakers for each event that requires it.
While there are not many students toward playing sports at this school, the ones that do play try their hardest to win and have fun. Physical classes are few to the students but they are extreme to the students and leave them improving themselves. There is not a lot of fan support but each player supports each other.
Many of the teachers at this school want the best for all their students and help them whenever they need it or ask for it. It is a place where success is promoted and encouraged for everybody.
There is often hair's found in the food and at times it is not cooked or still frozen.
Even though the high school principal has always been a third grade teacher and this is her first year as a principal, she makes sure that the school roles and policies are implemented throughout the whole year.
At our school, the policies are not as effective as they should be. bullying always continues, despite law enforcement and their visit to the school. The school is not as safe as it should be. If a fight breaks out, whoever is closer has to stop the fight. If they get sent to a continuation school, then they are forced to be in class with the person they fought with.
When there are games, students do not support teams
At school, there are not many choices for students.
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