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Entering A.T.M. was surprisingly not like High School Musical, it was a lot like middle school making friends, yearbook, pep-rallies. However, we're always here for each other, in the terms of a crisis we comfort each other and encourage each other. We make memorable memories, that's the best part about high school, the people you share it with. The only thing I wish our school would be is a magnet school, I feel only till then would we a 5-star rated school.
What I liked most about Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High was the teachers. They were extremely kind and understanding especially when a certain student had a family crisis such as myself. They let me know that they were there to help. I felt like I had support not just from my family but from my school.
Introduce more class opportunities for students in all grade levels. Increase the food options for students.
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It was a good school, but lacked the traditional high school experience. I would love it if the school's student body and teachers would actually have pride for the school. The teachers don't have much interest in their students and are not always available to help the students.
I very much enjoyed the diversity and academic programs that Mourning Senior High had to offer but there is too much emphasis on security.
Highschool was a hell of a rollercoaster. There are ups, downs, loops, sometimes it even feels like you're going backwards, but the best thing about ATM is the Education. The teachers connect well with their students and really care about your personal life and education.
My experience at ATM was excellent. I loved how we developed a relationship with our teachers and the different cultures of students in ATM.
It's a relatively small high school, so there should be more involvement in the students' wants and needs.
My experience at Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High was amazing. I was a member of the flaggete team. We performed along side of the marching band. Administration was very understanding when you were late or got in trouble. The teachers really cared about the students and always made sure we were completely ready for graduation. Teachers really taught so we can actually learn rather than teaching to pass a test.
Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High is excellent when it comes to college preparation with its rigorous courseload. However, it also has an unhealthy competitive culture.
Though ATM is not a bad school, there are some things that could be fixed that would help a lot. It's very rare that you get a good teacher that wants to teach their students. More than likely, you're going to end up with one or two classes in your schedule where you won't learn anything.
Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High, is your average high school. It is a small school, so everyone pretty much knows everyone. Although I can't really complain about the four years that I've spent here, I wish there were things that could've changed to see the school grow and the students engage and want to engage more with the school and each other. I wish the school, had more school spirit, and administration wouldn't be so boring compared to other schools like Micheal Krop. I believe administration would try and handle certain situations better, instead of having students write on a paper what happened and not really doing anything about it. The facilities a long with the food could be better, but I guess repainting the walls are more important then the students health.
I have not yet graduated from Alonzo Tracy mourning senior high, but my experience so far has been great. The classes at ATM are highly educational and we have some of the best teachers that really work hard to make sure you succeed and graduate.
During my time at this high school, I became more academically involved and college ready. The teaching is rigorous and that's what makes it an amazing school - it gives you the option to challenge yourself. An improvement that could be made is the food service and willingness of the administrators to help the students out. Overall though, this is a great school and I would definitely recommend it for high-potential students.
This school isn't terrible, but it definitely isn't great. The teachers range form spectacular -Ms. Diallo, Mr. Portnoy, Ms. Oneil and Ms. Ikeler -to absolutely horrible and there is very few in-between. The classes are alright and there is tutoring after school if needed but not for every class and often with the same teacher so if their style is not working for you, there is no other option. The library is almost never open and there is no nurse but when the library is open, it has a good selection. The school is very diverse and the culture is pretty good. The counselors provide good college advice but take forever. There is a good selection of clubs and sports. The food is horrible but there is a healthy section which is nice.
Overall the school is alright -especially under Mr. Shinn's guidance- but there are many things that can be fixed.
It's an above average school; the teachers are involved and do their best to give students a high-quality learning experience. There are many clubs and opportunities to get involved both during school and after as well.
The past 4 years have been great. My teachers have made a lasting impression on me. I feel like i’m ready for college. We have the best college counselor around. We also have some of the best teachers in their subject at this school; for example, our biology, chemistry, human geography, and calculus instructors are top of the line.
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I was really impressed with the diversity at ATM. There are so many people from so many different countries and backgrounds.
Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High School has become a part of my family. When I entered as a freshman, I had just moved to Florida from N.Y.. I had no friends and it was just me, my mother and sister alone in a new state. The teachers made feel welcomed and were in contact with my mother weekly. Two years later I have found my calling in life thanks to my AP Psychology teacher. She has made psychology a part of my daily life and not for just 2 hours a day in a classroom. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.
Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High School - Biscayne Bay, has been and is constantly changing with time. Ever since the new principal came in -- Mr. Shinn, the school has been improving... greatly. He's added more aesthetic to it, more organization, cleanliness, and a much better staff. There's a large variety of students, from low to high-income families, from Russians to Haitians, and both good and bad influences. One just needs to find the right people, it may seem hard to find the right friends at first but it is not impossible. Academic wise, if you are not in honors or AP/DE, there won't be much learning... Overall, it is not a great school nor a terrible one, especially considering all the other public high school options, but if you are able to afford a private school or get into a more prestigious school like MAC or DASH, you should definitely take that path.
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