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Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High School - Biscayne Bay Reviews

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Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay campus is an overall good school. The students are very accepting of everyone and most teachers are helpful. There are a lot of courses offered including AP and dual-enrollment classes. The school offers many opportunities and there are many after school clubs like Key Club, a community service club. A wide variety of sports are offered at the school; sports like baseball, football, soccer, badminton, water polo, basketball, bowling, and cross country.
This school has really encouraged and challenged me to go above and beyond in my studies and my preparation for college. I have worked with amazing teachers and have been lucky to have an amazing counselor to help me along the way. I believe this school has a lot of potential to be even more great, like providing more assistance to underprivileged students through more tutoring sessions. The school has already done a great job of providing computers to students, I just think it has to be more known.
Alonzo and Tracy Mourning High is a well developed school for your child. They're a family you cannot detach from. All problems will be solved to the best possibilities there can be. I've grown so much from the school. I wish high school didn't fly so fast like this. The greatest school I ever been to.
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Through my 4 years attending “ATM”, as we refer to ourselves, it is safe to say that it was a great high school experience. There were lots of surprises along with friendships made along the way that will never be forgotten. Overall the campus is small and there isn’t much appreciation out into their best team, the soccer team, there must be some changes making the school appreciate sports more and invest more thought into them.
I had an amazing four years of high school here. I graduated in May 2018. It definitely changed a lot through the academics, administration, sports. I never saw a large amount of diversity in all the students attending. It's a very safe school, and the staff is so supportive and fun to talk with!
Alonzo and Tracy mourning has great diversity and dual enrollment programs to prepare for, the athletic programs are sub-par and the school has few organizations.
The school is very good, a lot of challenging courses are offered and there are a lot of extracurriculars. There are over 20 clubs and there are a lot of opportunities. There are a lot of college level courses offered for students interested and there are a lot of different elective courses for all sorts of interests.
I would like to see more variety of options in elective class and also I would like more organizations sometimes it is almost impossible walk in the hall in class changed.
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ATM is a great school, focusing on academics simultaneously with sports and extracurricular activities. Being involved in clubs and on the boards gave me great leadership experience, especially being in the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism. The academies this school offers add unique, crucial value to our high school years, teaching us valuable real-world experience. Through the academy, I visited a vast number of schools across the country, spoke in front of audiences, learned how to act professionally, created and perfected a resume, and much more. The school overall has excellent teachers that prepare you for life in college. I am so grateful to have attended this school and would not change it for the world.
This year is going to be my 4th year at Alonzo and Tracy mourning senior high school. Overall, the school is great it's very diverse and most of the teachers help you get where you want to be. The school offers a variety of ap and dual enrollment classes. The school also has plenty of sports to choose from including bowling and badminton. Me personally, I ran cross country and track for 3 of my 4 years here at alonzo and Tracy mourning. Throughout my years I've made many new friends and learned a plethora of things from my teachers. My overall experience at Alonzo and Tracy mourning senior high school was the best I think I could have personally had in Miami.
Although many people may not find smaller schools to offer big things, Alonzo Tracy Mourning is just that. This school offers competition unlike any other. The majority of the students are well-rounded and close knit that its impossible to not be competitive in grades. This causes students to push each other to do great things and be better than what they perceive. Along with that the school offers such great programs like the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism or Academy of Information Technology that show the wonders of certain fields and create that interest early on. Even if you aren't interested in that field it still helps build necessary tools to help students be competitive and ahead of the curve.
Entering A.T.M. was surprisingly not like High School Musical, it was a lot like middle school making friends, yearbook, pep-rallies. However, we're always here for each other, in the terms of a crisis we comfort each other and encourage each other. We make memorable memories, that's the best part about high school, the people you share it with. The only thing I wish our school would be is a magnet school, I feel only till then would we a 5-star rated school.
What I liked most about Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High was the teachers. They were extremely kind and understanding especially when a certain student had a family crisis such as myself. They let me know that they were there to help. I felt like I had support not just from my family but from my school.
Introduce more class opportunities for students in all grade levels. Increase the food options for students.
It was a good school, but lacked the traditional high school experience. I would love it if the school's student body and teachers would actually have pride for the school. The teachers don't have much interest in their students and are not always available to help the students.
I very much enjoyed the diversity and academic programs that Mourning Senior High had to offer but there is too much emphasis on security.
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Highschool was a hell of a rollercoaster. There are ups, downs, loops, sometimes it even feels like you're going backwards, but the best thing about ATM is the Education. The teachers connect well with their students and really care about your personal life and education.
My experience at ATM was excellent. I loved how we developed a relationship with our teachers and the different cultures of students in ATM.
It's a relatively small high school, so there should be more involvement in the students' wants and needs.
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