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All throughout my four years, I had great teachers and coaches. Alonso provided many opportunities for me to be successful, such as through clubs and sports. There were a few things about it that I did not enjoy though. The school is very over-populated and because of this, it was sometimes very hard to be on time to classes and most people spent their entire lunch period just waiting in line to get food. It is also an outside school, so when it rained it would flood pretty bad.
Amazing school! Im in my sophmore year and I never thought I would have such and amazing year at this school. All of the kids are very nice and really make you feel like your apart of the Alonso family, the teachers are there to help you with anything academically or outside of school, and we're all so close.
My high school experience revolved around focusing on my academics. Ever since my sophomore year I entered the realm of AP classes and the teachers made it easy for me to understand the subject and even if i lacked off they would be there to explain and help me comprehend what ever i had doubts on. Besides my academics Alonso give me the chance to be involved in 25+ clubs and various season sports. My experience in Alonso was considered to be a great one so far.
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Alonso High School is a school that is better than its reputation. Some of the teachers (like Tancrell) are absolutely amazimg and go above and beyond in preping their students for not only the exam but life as well.
I love that they have a Rotc program and child development classes and I'd like for them to change the 7 minute time to get from class to class to 10 minutes because it's so hard to be on time without getting in trouble
Amazing place for high school students. Great diversity and involvement in the community. Teachers make sure students are given equal opportunities. Students develop close relationships with staff and administrators. Safe place to learn and enjoy your teen years.
it was a really good school i had a lot of fun being there the teachers are awesome and it was just a ton of fun
Well i graduated in 2012 and honesty my experience was pretty good. I was in the dance team for four years and became captain my last year. I was able to join the brand new ECE program my junior year and get some certification in that lining. But i do wish they pushed student more to stop by college or even try to guild us on looking for scholarships.
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11/10 would attend this school 👌🏼
Office management needs to be more helpful and involved with students. I encourage every student to take AP classes offered at Alonso- the teachers are attentive and will definitely make sure you are prepared top your full potential and pass the exams!!
I like how Alonso is so diverse and offers many courses according on what you want and does it's best to accommodate the students well beings when making decisions academically. I'd like to see change in areas such as faculty and administrative running so they are more open to students and listen to the students
I'm currently still enrolled in Alonso High School and i will be a junior this upcoming school year of 2017-2018, my experience so far has been great. I've made a bunch of new friends through the classes and the sports I play like flag football and talking about sports alonso has the best sports program in Hillsborough County in my opinion. Plus all the teachers i had so far have taught me a lot and push me to become a better student. Overall Alonso is a great school!
The students there are not the sharpest tool in the shed. Also most of the teachers don't seem to know what there doing and it gets frustrating sometimes.
I transferred from Blake HS my senior year and found the transition easy. I do wish that Alonso offered ASL (American Sign Language) as a course. I had to take it online after school, since I was not allowed to leave the school 8th period to go home and take the class.
One thing I really enjoyed about Alonso was how committed a majority of my teachers were to their students. I got the chance to see multiple students transfer into my classes from other schools and ultimately had to be removed because they were so far behind due to the fact that the teachers previously were not taking the courses as seriously as we were. However, the office staff is not nearly as involved in their students lives as they should be and are not easily accessible. Aside from that the student body is friendly, school lunches and cleanliness are about as good as they can be for a public school, and there's a good amount of school spirit that keep the student body enthralled.
This school actually sucks. They make it feel like a prison and with bigger class sizes it's hard to actually learn. Not to mention the amount of lazy teachers we have.
I loved this high school. All of the faculty were always so helpful and I feel safe at that school. This school taught me compassion and determination. I truly felt prepared for college at this school.
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Being the only public school I have ever attended, it has been the best 4 years I could have asked for. The majority of teachers care about their students. They are understanding of how the students learn and change the class activities to help the student be active in class. The administration does their best to provide a safe and easy flowing enviornment.
I really enjoyed my time at Alonso. When I first entered high school, I was very nervous but students there made me feel very welcome which calmed me. The AP teachers are GREAT which makes learning the material easier. I am thankful for all of the knowledge I gained the past four years. Somethings I wish would change, non-academically, would be senior privileges. I am a senior now and was looking forward to getting to lunch early as well as other things but they were revoked. I hope that changes for future seniors but other than that, Alonso was still a great experience.
Good resources for a public school. Teachers are amazing. If you take advantage of AP classes offered, can really get a lot from your time at Alonso.
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