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I really love it here at Alonso. It is a very welcoming environment. It is an overall fun school to go to. Also a lot of the clubs and classes are helpful for getting into college. It is very organized here.
I enjoyed my time at Alonso High School. To make the most of your time in high school its better to participle in activities for example spirit week where you dress up according to the theme. When I was a freshman I didn't because I thought it would be lame if I did but then soon figured your high school experience is going to be as good as you make it so more involved you are in school events the better overall the experience will be. I played football for my school all four years and made a bond with people I wouldn't trade for the world
Alonso High school is one of the largest schools in Hillsborough County and is very diverse. There is a wide variety of clubs and sports students can participate in. Some teachers should improve on how they teach but other teachers teach us well. Some people think the school is unsafe due to certain reasons such as fights but it depends on what kind of crowd you surround yourself with. The school is diverse with many different races but mostly Hispanic. The administration could be better but they still do what they can to help us learn and keep us safe. Many parents are involved in their children['s sports. There are many sports such as football, track, and swim along with clubs such as FBLA, Key Club, and BETA. My experience with Alonso has been pretty well for my three years of attending there.
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Alonso High School has been my school throughout my high school career. We have been an overpopulated student body on a smaller campus. Whenever it rains, it floods everywhere and when it’s hot there aren’t many places outdoors in the shade. The students are very hostile and everyone tries to mind their own business. Our pep rallies hold no school spirit except in each year’s senior section. I have found my place in the theatre program and find comfort in my safe place. Most students try to keep to themselves in their own niche but their have been really nasty fights that have left people hospitalized. The administration all has an attitude and don’t seem to genuinely care about how you are doing rather than if you are inside the lines. Overall it wasn’t a terrible experience but it was very much your average high school.
It was very diverse and teachers were relatively helpful, hopever as an honors student we were pushed really hard to be competitive eith one another to the point that it was too much. It felt like they cared more about how many AP classes you took than your mental state
I love Alonso’s teachers when it comes to AP classes and regulars. However, most honors teachers are not well cut out for the job to be a teacher. I’d like to see better student and teacher involvement in class rooms to shape all the different learners in class. Alonso lacks diversity and with time it’ll become a bigger problem.
I like the school in general but i would bring back the senior privilages because we worked hard to earn them
Do you guys noticed which food waste more? And how much food waste in the school? What need add and what should delete in the lunch menu?
Grand knowledge experience, and education throughout well educated professionals, teachers, counselors, encouraging us to follow our dreams since day one, a well develop guide to achieve them in a 4 year term. A mix of rich cultures, safe, and amicable facility, with a brotherhood environment, wide diversity of opportunities like recreational, cultural, clubs, and sports. A well stablished program to create an sturdy foundation to succeed in life, and be our better self. Overall, it allows you to find your passion, and use it to make a difference for yourself and your community. You learn how to be a well organized student, to advance, seizing all opportunities to reach your goals, and become, without prejudice a great professional.
I have enjoyed my four years at my high school. I do feel there is a serious issue with overcrowding. The classroom has too many students and makes learning difficult at times.
Alonso Highschool compared to many other surrounding schools is subpar and aims to put their students first. Every day, many of the school's outgoing educators put all their efforts in forming future CEO's and Engineers.
All throughout my four years, I had great teachers and coaches. Alonso provided many opportunities for me to be successful, such as through clubs and sports. There were a few things about it that I did not enjoy though. The school is very over-populated and because of this, it was sometimes very hard to be on time to classes and most people spent their entire lunch period just waiting in line to get food. It is also an outside school, so when it rained it would flood pretty bad.
Amazing school! Im in my sophmore year and I never thought I would have such and amazing year at this school. All of the kids are very nice and really make you feel like your apart of the Alonso family, the teachers are there to help you with anything academically or outside of school, and we're all so close.
My high school experience revolved around focusing on my academics. Ever since my sophomore year I entered the realm of AP classes and the teachers made it easy for me to understand the subject and even if i lacked off they would be there to explain and help me comprehend what ever i had doubts on. Besides my academics Alonso give me the chance to be involved in 25+ clubs and various season sports. My experience in Alonso was considered to be a great one so far.
Alonso High School is a school that is better than its reputation. Some of the teachers (like Tancrell) are absolutely amazimg and go above and beyond in preping their students for not only the exam but life as well.
I love that they have a Rotc program and child development classes and I'd like for them to change the 7 minute time to get from class to class to 10 minutes because it's so hard to be on time without getting in trouble
Amazing place for high school students. Great diversity and involvement in the community. Teachers make sure students are given equal opportunities. Students develop close relationships with staff and administrators. Safe place to learn and enjoy your teen years.
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it was a really good school i had a lot of fun being there the teachers are awesome and it was just a ton of fun
Well i graduated in 2012 and honesty my experience was pretty good. I was in the dance team for four years and became captain my last year. I was able to join the brand new ECE program my junior year and get some certification in that lining. But i do wish they pushed student more to stop by college or even try to guild us on looking for scholarships.
Office management needs to be more helpful and involved with students. I encourage every student to take AP classes offered at Alonso- the teachers are attentive and will definitely make sure you are prepared top your full potential and pass the exams!!
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