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Aloha has a good system for preparing students for post high school readiness and many volunteer opportunities, internships, and career related activities. They also offer a huge variety of AP and Dual credit courses. However, they can be pushy with students and expect a lot more from than they should. Exceptions typically aren’t made for students having a harder time, and PE especially is a pushy class. If a student is not fit to be working out, in most cases they don’t care. The school is also very strict, offering no open campus and signed notes from appointments to excuse absences.
There is so much diversity at Aloha! The faculty at Aloha has made it a priority to turn the school and community into a family. All races, sexual orientations, genders and religious affiliations are celebrated here. I moved away for a year and a half and had to attend a different high school during that time and I am so excited to be back. It is so open and welcoming. Aloha warriors are my family! (Plus they have a killer AP program with a bunch of different options!)
My experience at Aloha was fair. I had my up and downs with teachers and staff, some were understanding to my health others not so much. I would like to see a change in the hiring of a better teaching staff that is more involved in how students learn and trying multiple ways to teach.
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I am currently attending Aloha High School. I am a junior and have enjoyed going there. I love the teachers there. They are so fun and full of energy. Although I kinda want to see more clubs added in the future I think it has a good amount of resouces and sports available.
My experience at Aloha High School was amazing. At aloha I was able to learn in a very supportive environment at the same time as I was being pushed to always be my best. The staff at Aloha genuinely care about each student and that helped to create an environment us students could really thrive in. My favorite memory of Aloha was how much support we got from not only our teachers, but our community as well. We had multiple fundraisers per year raising money for families and children in need. My experiences at Aloha have taught me so much about hard work and persevering through whatever challenges I am faced with.
Aloha High school has a strong sense of community. There is not much of the stereotypical popularity, instead people accept and respect others despite the differences we may have. Aloha also offers a wide variety of classes that prepares students for college. Most of the teachers are passionate and truly good at their job. They form good relationships with their students so we are not afraid to ask for help if we need it. The only changes I would like to see would be structural changes. Though Aloha is a wonderful school, it has a bad reputation for being "poor" and "bad at the important sports." I wish the bathrooms and sport fields could receive the funding they need to be renovated. I attend a couple classes at Beaverton High School too and I can see a HUGE difference between the funding of the two schools, despite them both being the "poorer" schools of the district. Even though Aloha High School has a bad reputation, it should still receive funding to renovate.
Very good community, leadership team. Sports teams never really win. Bullying still happens and it doesn't get fixed without parent involvement.
Aloha, is quite an old high school. Therefore, it does not look as fancy or new compared to other schools. We are known to have the most students on free/reduced lunch in the district, however, we are also well known for our spirit. Many students from schools would always want to come to our homecomings and events because of how well prepared and decorative they are. We have a Sparrow child every year and raise thousands of dollars. Another "tradition" is raising money for Holiday Sharing. Holiday Sharing is about supplying our current and old sparrow families, as well as, 10 families in our community that do not have stable money to use during the holidays or regularly. We raised over $10,000 this year and usually raise more than $8,000 each year. Even though, Aloha is poor, we have spirit and I love that I am a part of it.
Aloha High School has great community-involvement and spirit. College readiness isn't always the best, but with lots of great teachers and resources, it sure comes close.
Going to high school there was a great experience for me. The best part of this school would have to be the school's spirit and the school's kindness. Everything from Holiday Sharing, to Sparrow is what made me proud to be a warrior!
Aloha high school has been a decent for the most part. One of the things they lack in is college readiness. I had to retake several standardized tests because we don't do them often and my scores were lower than expected. Moreover the teachers don't make it a big deal for students to want to achieve success which has created a a culture that is lack luster. Many students skip school and don't take it seriously which is a shame. The money is allocated incorrectly and some of the art programs do not get proper funding because of this. I will say that the English department is a plus as well as the math, and social study departments.
Aloha High School is a great school to attend. It provides great facilities and education as well. There is a warm environment in Aloha High School which creates a comforting feeling. There are many clubs that are fun and committed. Also, the school dances are always the best. The decorations at the dances are always above and beyond and it always surprises you how the school transformed beautifully.
Football team sucks, couldn't win a game to save and speaking of saving lives when we do our sparrow donations the sparrow is always a white kid, I might sound heartless but when we stop funding white kids and funding diverse kids ill donate. The cheer team is good I guess and everything about this school sucks - 2018 Graduate
I loved how there were are many different opportunities, ways you could get involved with the school. This made sure any student could find their place and really learn about what they are passionate about.
So far, my experience at Aloha has been amazing. I haven't met a teacher that I haven't liked yet, and neither has my older brother. They have so many different classes to choose from, and the AP class selection is exceeding my expectations. The teachers are helpful and really understanding and are so passionate about teaching. Ken Yarnell, the principal, works so hard to make aloha a great school. Yesterday, when I went to homecoming, I was astonished at the decorations. They were stunning. Ms. Livingston, the leadership teacher, who was the brain behind it all, manages to homecoming magical every year. The leadership students and volunteers who help with the decorations are always on top of it. I wouldn't choose another high school over Aloha, and am so glad I have the chance to go to such an amazing school.
Aloha was a very welcoming school that takes pride in the vast amount of AP classes it offers. Throughout the school district I felt that Aloha was less cliquey and had several opportunities to help you prepare for life after high school whether that would be job searching or college.
my experience attending Aloha High School has been over all pretty smooth as fair as the class environment goes and with classes, a bit challenging but nothing no one can't do.
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So this last year I was new to Aloha High School and I was extremely scared because of how big the school was and how many students there were. But the whole experience of being a part of this school was amazing! The staff are just super great and helpful and are always there to be apart of not only your school life but are even there for you outside of your school life. And fitting in isn't an issue here at all because there are all types of people and you find the group you fit in best with and just click imediately. Everyone I have ever talked to about this school has felt extremely welcomed. One thing I would recomend changing however is maybe having more discipline towards when a student is being disrespectful to a staff member.
Aloha is full of wonderful academic opportunities. It has tons of AP and Dual-Credit classes, so you can easily jam your year full of college-level courses and potentially wipe away your freshmen year of college while you're in high school.
I had a great time at Aloha High School. I made many friends that I still am in touch with even though we go to different colleges.
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