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Some changes would be having friendlier staff for people who dont speak English so parents can communicate with staff and teachers. Another change would be focusing more on teaching students how to find useful scholarships.
Aloha High school is a very diverse and culturally rich school! The teachers and faculty are super helpful and actually care about the students and their well being as compared to other schools. The entire school feels like a family and students are well supported.
Aloha High School has had its moments. I feel like some staff shouldn't be working there due to how uninterested they seem. Some of the staff don’t seem to care if we succeed or not. On the other hand, I have grown a bond with some staff that I believe help me grow as a student and a person in general. I would like to change the counselor's involvement with their students. The counselor's do not seem to see their students and help them unless the student comes in, but even then they sometimes are too busy or not in their office. I believe the counselors should make time for their students and occasionally pull them out of class such as access tutorial and talk to them about their goals and help them work up to achieving their goals. I also believe our school should talk about college more. As a senior enrolled in Aloha High School, I feel lost and unprepared for college. Even though I have gone to college planning nights and have talked to a few adults, I still don't feel prepared.
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I love Aloha. The people, students and staff, are incredible and fun to get to know. They are always willing to help out. I also love the diversity both in the people and the courses offered.
I made some friends there that mean the world to me and I’m so glad I got to meet them! The academics are challenging if you take AP classes and there are places you can go to get the help or resources you need.
The high school experience it really all about the opportunities that one chooses to take advantage of, and in that regard my experience was about as good as it could be. I got involved in clubs, activities, cheer, and Student Leadership, and with those groups embraced the spirit and culture of Aloha with open arms. No matter what it was, my team and I were always able to bring together the extremely diverse student body of Aloha High School at dances, at football games, at school assemblies, and in the hours after school.
Aloha High School is overall a very good school to go to and the diversity is amazing. The academics are easy because we have many supporting teachers to help us out. The lunches are alright but could be better and the bathrooms could do better but it's basically a good school to go to.
Aloha high school is not a school I would recommend to incoming freshman. There is a lack in academics as well as culture and the overall preparedness for college.
Aloha High School is just like any other public school. It has class options for advanced students, average students, and below average students. Aloha has an incredible number of AP classes available to take. Students who take those classes are well prepared for college. Students who don't do AP are much less prepared.
Great staff. My counselor was very helpful, I struggled to get back on track when i left to mexico and came back late to school. She was able to help me through my struggle and help me graduate on time and teachers were very understanding as well. I love Aloha High School and their staff members.
The administration was very helpful. When I would go into the office for resources, I would be helped in a timely manner. Faculty is kind to students and overall school environment is enjoyable.
A wonderful place to attend High School, so much culture and ability to connect to make it truly feel like a family! A place filled with staff members who care and a place where you are safe to be you.
I absolutely love this school. I love that we are able to come together and the community is just great. I love how each of us have so much school spirit and each of us try to get involved in some way. One thing I would change is the security because people can just walk in to our school and sometimes students worry about their safety.
This school has been very a accepting community. I've been able to find what I enjoy doing and how I to do the things I want to do in life here. Most teachers care about their students and will take the time to get to know them.
Our school is so diverse and that’s what I love about most, it’s not about the color of your skin or what you where it’s about who you are and if there’s one thing my school knows how to do it’s coming together for our community. We raise thousands of dollars every year for the people in our very own community and it’s amazing to see everyone come together for the people around us.
The teachers and counselors are always willing to help. The administration is a little concerned with issues that aren't super important like going off campus for lunch rather than addressing current social issues with students.
Aloha has a good system for preparing students for post high school readiness and many volunteer opportunities, internships, and career related activities. They also offer a huge variety of AP and Dual credit courses. However, they can be pushy with students and expect a lot more from than they should. Exceptions typically aren’t made for students having a harder time, and PE especially is a pushy class. If a student is not fit to be working out, in most cases they don’t care. The school is also very strict, offering no open campus and signed notes from appointments to excuse absences.
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There is so much diversity at Aloha! The faculty at Aloha has made it a priority to turn the school and community into a family. All races, sexual orientations, genders and religious affiliations are celebrated here. I moved away for a year and a half and had to attend a different high school during that time and I am so excited to be back. It is so open and welcoming. Aloha warriors are my family! (Plus they have a killer AP program with a bunch of different options!)
My experience at Aloha was fair. I had my up and downs with teachers and staff, some were understanding to my health others not so much. I would like to see a change in the hiring of a better teaching staff that is more involved in how students learn and trying multiple ways to teach.
I am currently attending Aloha High School. I am a junior and have enjoyed going there. I love the teachers there. They are so fun and full of energy. Although I kinda want to see more clubs added in the future I think it has a good amount of resouces and sports available.
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