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I loved how there were are many different opportunities, ways you could get involved with the school. This made sure any student could find their place and really learn about what they are passionate about.
So far, my experience at Aloha has been amazing. I haven't met a teacher that I haven't liked yet, and neither has my older brother. They have so many different classes to choose from, and the AP class selection is exceeding my expectations. The teachers are helpful and really understanding and are so passionate about teaching. Ken Yarnell, the principal, works so hard to make aloha a great school. Yesterday, when I went to homecoming, I was astonished at the decorations. They were stunning. Ms. Livingston, the leadership teacher, who was the brain behind it all, manages to homecoming magical every year. The leadership students and volunteers who help with the decorations are always on top of it. I wouldn't choose another high school over Aloha, and am so glad I have the chance to go to such an amazing school.
Aloha was a very welcoming school that takes pride in the vast amount of AP classes it offers. Throughout the school district I felt that Aloha was less cliquey and had several opportunities to help you prepare for life after high school whether that would be job searching or college.
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my experience attending Aloha High School has been over all pretty smooth as fair as the class environment goes and with classes, a bit challenging but nothing no one can't do.
So this last year I was new to Aloha High School and I was extremely scared because of how big the school was and how many students there were. But the whole experience of being a part of this school was amazing! The staff are just super great and helpful and are always there to be apart of not only your school life but are even there for you outside of your school life. And fitting in isn't an issue here at all because there are all types of people and you find the group you fit in best with and just click imediately. Everyone I have ever talked to about this school has felt extremely welcomed. One thing I would recomend changing however is maybe having more discipline towards when a student is being disrespectful to a staff member.
Aloha is full of wonderful academic opportunities. It has tons of AP and Dual-Credit classes, so you can easily jam your year full of college-level courses and potentially wipe away your freshmen year of college while you're in high school.
I had a great time at Aloha High School. I made many friends that I still am in touch with even though we go to different colleges.
I have been enrolled at Aloha High School for 3-years now, and it's been an amazing experience. I have met a lot of different people. From its diversity to their religion, and many more things. But one of the things I really like is, its diversity. You feel comfortable going to a place where you know you're not the only one of that race.
It's not easy being new, sometimes there will be a person to talk to. I don't trust the counsuler here because they don't keep everything confidential. The teachers are nice but they give way too much homework, especially if a student is working 30 hours a week it can stress us out. Aloha only cares about the cheerleaders, they spend all their money on them so they can ensure a win because our football team isn't cutting it. There are only WHITE sparrows that we support, what about helping out someone other than privileged.
My experience was average. Not much to say , the school was well diverse. Most of the teachers care about your education and want you to succeed. When your at aloha you have this welcoming feeling, just as you walk through those doors.
Aloha High School was truly some of the best four years of my life. Aloha is a school excepts everyone no matter your race, gender, religions, or sexual orientation. I truly believe that Aloha high school is a no bulling zone. Not only will the teachers and other staff stand by you but other students will too. I love that Aloha not only helps its students in anyway possible but also has so many different races and its not at all in anyway segregated. One thing that I might personally change about Aloha High School is the lunches because more than once I have to wait for my popcorn chicken to thaw. I also stopped eating Bento altogether because the noodles became to hard to chew on. But you win some and you lose some. My overall experience at Aloha was amazing and i'm glad I had an opportunity to attend such a Diverse and welcoming school
Enjoy the art classes most of all & Spanish of course.
If I could change something it would be ,to recognize that their are other students that should be given attention to as well as the athletes.
Have been experiencing this for my 4 years here all stundents need attention & recognition for their accomplishments.
Overall Aloha High is a good school. Most of the teachers are understanding and care about their students. They are always trying to encourage them to succeed and do their best. Some staff can be a little negative and unpleasant at times, but can be avoided. Students are respectful to each other, generally, and don't bother anyone.
Aloha High School was a great school. Teachers are very welcoming. They come with bubbly personalities who motivate and help students stay on track. You can tell that they have a passion for kids, and treat everyone equally. Students are very involved with charity events and donations. There are clubs who get you involved to get more comfortable with your peers, and the sports teams are hands-down amazing.
I really like the great AP program as well as the hard working leadership community. The people at Aloha are kind and smart. They have created an accepting acedemic community at Aloha.
Attending Aloha High School has been one of the greatest experiences and impacts on my life by far. The facility genuinely care about the students and their education (even if some students don't care themselves) and often go above and beyond what their job descriptions lists to help students. While Aloha might not be the most well funded school in the country let alone its school district it makes up for all that with people at care for each other and the community. The programs offered by the school, such as architecture or auto-mechanics, are some of the best I've seen after going to four different high schools. The extracurricular activities offered and supported by the staff are simply fantastic with the theater program alone is out of this world not to mention the countless clubs students are encouraged to form each school year. The only negative aspect of attending Aloha was simply the food, while not the worst, was certainly not the best.
I am still currently a student at Aloha High School, and am on my third year. This was not my first option, because I had wanted to attend Westview High School because all my friend had transfer to there after middle school. But attending Aloha for 3 years now, I really appreciate it and do not wish to transfer to Westview. Aloha provides many Advanced Placement classes in all grades that many others do not have for upcoming freshman. But Aloha is also a very diversed place, and the many programs and clubs that they have is terrific. My favorite program about Aloha is "Sparrow." It is a program in which we chose a family going through a hardship with their daughter/son/themselves, in battling a medical disease, that would need lots of support and help to get through.
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The Aloha Community is so giving. As a leadership student, I am a part of the fundraisers and community projects we have throughout the year. Every year the we raise money and collect food, gifts, toiletries and necessities for 25 families in our communities. Teachers will do crazy things like sleeping over, synchronized swimming and choreographed dance routines for each amount of money we raise. Each year students will raise more than the year before and our current goal. This year we raised 9,500 dollars which surpassed our goal of 8,000 and last year's total of 8500.
I went to Aloha High School for four years and graduated along with my class in 2015. The staff are very committed and persistent on keeping students on track. As a student I felt welcomed and safe in a community with diverse culture. They offered advance placement classes to freshmen. The only school in the district that allowed it at the time. I still stop by once in a while to visit my old teachers and counslers.
I am on my 4th year at Aloha High school, and it has been a decent experience. I found that there was a wide range of student and staff diversity. There is a very large school participation in activities and school events as well as a high level of school pride and spirit. Aloha High prides itself on the manners and kindness of its students in the schools day to day life. Aloha has a very unique culture not widely known about or seen elsewhere in the Beaverton School District. I am very thankful I got to attend this school and would recommend it to others. I would like to see a better representation of IB and STEM programs other than AP at the school however. As well as a better progression through the science courses offered at Aloha. I feel that students are able to miss key classes that will later be needed in feature classes in and outside of the school.
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