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Almont high school is small school of about 550 students and there are typically small class sizes which creates a personal relationship between students and teachers.
I am currently a senior at Almont High School, and I have had some good and bad experiences throughout my 13 years attending Almont Community Schools. In my family, we have one child in every school, and from what my siblings say, the food is not the best in theirs either. I have the option every day to get free lunch, and have not yet done that because of the poor quality food that is provided. On an academic level, I think that Almont has done an exceptional job at preparing us for the SAT as well as college in the future. We are also provided with Chrome Books and even though they are not the best quality, they are a great resource to be given as a high school student.
I have made the best friends ever. I enjoy school each day. I have had great coaches and some great teachers!
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I like that Almont has a friendly community feel. There are only 100 to 150 students in each grade, so you become familiar with almost everyone. I wish they would fix the parking lot though.
Most kids are involved in some sort of sport or club. Many students are involved in so many extracurricular activities and advanced academics that the school year can get very stressful. Teachers sometimes expect more from the students than they can give, by not taking into consideration that students have lives outside of school.
The best part of Almont High School is how small it is. It feels like being a part of a family. There are always people who don't get along, but for the most part, everyone gets along and works together. Having such a small high school keeps all the students together, sharing every experience year after year. Some of my favorite high school experiences were a result of being a part of groups like Student Council, Youth on Main Street, and marching band. It is easy to form close relationships with people and have fun.
While there are some teachers that are outstanding, there are also some that are teaching things they aren't passionate about which changes the way students learn, and effects the amount that the students care about that class. The teachers that are passionate and caring have engaging classes that students learn from, and enjoy going to, while others only provide irrelevant, stressful environments that don't teach students as much as they could. Many teachers try to incorporate new technology into a lesson, which never goes as planned.
Felt safe, but only because it's a more out of the way school.
It's more clicky than I would have preferred. It was a challenge to make new friends.
The parents could be over-bearing, but some were great people.
The teachers were wonderful, and many did their job above their requirements.
There are several ways to get involved with extracurricular activities. There are a lot of activities, including a wide variety of sports, NHS, Student Council, robotics, and a few others. If a student is in a club, they're very likely to be dedicated to that club, but there are always some people who just don't care and want to be in a club to brag to their friends. The most popular sport for guys would be football, but the girls tend to like volleyball. The really fun club would be Student Council because we're really good at working together and having fun. The administration tends to just let the clubs do whatever, unless there's something behind the scenes that I'm missing. The after-school activities are mostly limited to sports practices or events.
Overall, attending Almont has definitely been frustrating, but it's been mostly rewarding. Being affected by all of the budget cuts and standardized testing changes lately, it's been slightly frustrating, but it would really be happening at any other school anyway. But being part of so many clubs and organizations such as Student Council, NHS, tennis, and choir, I have made a lot of great memories. My freshman year the Student Council went on a retreat and we bonded at a ropes course, in the lake, and in the woods. Being a tennis player is a lot of fun because I can be with my friends and be close with my team. We work really well together, and it only makes us a stronger team. Our team dinners and practices have been really helpful for team bonding and being able to work in a large group while still pursuing individual goals. A lot of the teachers make their students love going to their classes, and I think going to a different school would have taken away from me the chance to meet and learn from several great people.
We have several excellent teachers at our school, but some are just mediocre. Many of the teachers are friendly, but only a select few honestly care about the well being of the students and take that into consideration when giving assignments. Those are the best teachers, and they often have the best and most interesting lessons to teach. The teaching style varies a great deal from teacher to teacher. One might teach directly from the book, another might make notes from the book and teach us by having us read through and copy the notes, and others might know the course material so well that they can lecture about one subject for days and still be providing interesting information in a way that makes the students want to learn. The teachers are usually really good about answering emails and a lot of them take a good portion of their class periods to answer questions that students will have. The teachers are also pretty consistent about grading, and they are really fair and honest in the grades they give students so that the appropriate grade is awarded to every student.
We have a backpacking club which is cool. We don't have much else unless you include drama and sport and the robotics club.
There is no diversity at this high school, and is a typical small town experience. Racism, homophobia, etc. is normal to hear. If you are like me, this will bother you. If not, this is the school for you, many students have conservative ideals. I wish I would have attended a larger high school, but going to Almont has taught me a lot about how to talk to ignorant people. Most people are also very friendly, everyone knows each other since it is not a large school.
Mr. James is the only teacher that goes out of his way to always help his students out. I have never met a teacher that cares as much as he does, he will work with you on turn in dates if you have a legitimate reason. He asks students about their days regularly. If the quality of your work drops, he asks why and tries to help. He is also extremely passionate about history, which keeps the students interested.

The only other teacher who is interesting is Mr. Stroh, who teaches English. He uses real life stories and deep talks about life to relate to different literature. His explanation of different novels has been a highlight of my high school career. I have learned so much from his classes.

Other than that, the teachers are okay. Many extremely talented teachers have left the school recently.
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I just love spending time with my friends and doing great in sports
The overall quality of our teachers is good, but they could use work
Some parents are involved in everything involving school for their students and others. Other parents don't do anything or care about the schools or other students besides their own
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