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It is a very small school. Sometimes when a teacher retires they are not replaced, and their classes are not available anymore. I would also like some more clubs that build things or have more hands-on activities.
Well first of all, my graduating class this year will consist of 13 kids! Crazy, right? Well that is my favorite part about this little 1B school I have attended since pre-school. With such a small class throughout my years I got a lot of one on one teaching making my education and knowledge that much higher! I've made a million and one memories within it and have had zero problems. If you want a high education along with fun, amazing, unforgettable memories I recommend coming here! I mean come on, my senior class trip is going to Maui because of our fundraising..... beat that!
Almira Coulee Hartline High School is in a very small town so everybody that attends this school is very close. The teachers are amazing at teaching and many students learn the most amazing things. The students that have graduated have moved on and have really succeed in their lifetime.
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The security of the school is good but a little excessive for a small calm town>
The extra curricular activities are extremely under funded and pushed aside by sports.
Parents at ACH are very supportive and very interactive with the school system.
Overall my experience at ACH has been a good one. the additional opportunity to attend CB Tech. has been a huge benefit to me, as I am a very hands on learner. I have excelled in the advanced manufacturing program there.
This school is very strong in terms of athletics, but places too much emphasis on them and not enough on academics. Students come out of school unprepared for any of the more difficult degrees in college, because they are not challenged enough and are not allowed to take the classes most beneficial to them while in high school. It is difficult to find and make close friendships because of the preppy nature of the student body and the lack of students. If I could take high school over again, I would much prefer to go to another school.
This is a school of ~95 in the middle of farm country, so there is little diversity. Students tend to fall into two groups: those with wealthy farmer parents, and those with minimum wage parents. Student involvement is high. Peer pressure is a problem among certain segments. Acceptance among the student body is low, but it is sometimes difficult for new students to find close friends due to the lack of population.
This school is a very poor school. The students are not challenged. The majority of the students who care have a 3.0 or above. The curriculum is very limited; often there are only two choices at best. The principal is not willing to work with the students on alternative class options. Only a few students are even allowed to pursue such options. The workload is very light for almost all classes. The students effectively choose the classes with an interest survey at the end of each year, so often the classes that are offered are easy ones rather than ones that would benefit the students the most.
The school provides only two options at best: the standard cafeteria food (whatever that is for the day), and maybe a salad bar. Most of the food is only eaten because there are no other options. The cooks are nice, but are limited on their menu.
The school has an extensive policy list, which it selectively enforces. The rules that end up getting enforced tend to be minor ones that do nothing to improve the quality of the school. Some examples of theses are dress code and food in the hallways.
The majority of students are involved in one or more athletic activities. The teams tend to do well on the local/district level. There are always a lot of people supporting the teams, and school spirit is very high. The school maintains some very nice facilities, but is lacking on fitness programs for athletes.
There are about 8 different clubs and organizations to get involved with. Most of them are very poorly run, however, because they are run by teachers with other commitments that don't have time to put extra effort into the clubs that the clubs need. All of the clubs are popular, but they are not always well run.
There are some exceptions, but most of the teachers are also coaches, and are more involved with sports than actual teaching. Only a few teachers actually try harder than they have to.
This school does not prepare you for college in any meaningful way. The teachers tend to pad the grades and don't challenge the students enough. Especially in the STEM classes, the teachers have to teach to the lowest common denominator, which means that the high end students are not challenged. The lack of classes means that students who should not be in some classes end up there, and this harms the academics of the whole school.
The school is located in a small town with few threats, so safety is not a problem. The nurse is nice, but isn't always at the school, so that can be a problem
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This is a relatively new school, so the facilities are nice. The heating/cooling systems don't always work correctly. The counselor is nice, but is more involved with sports than counseling.
I cant really describe what its like here. But I can say we are mostly a white school but that's only because were we live at. you will always have that group of kids who bully others and even though we are small we still fall under that expectation. But students are very supportive and you can always find a friend or make new ones
Teachers will know you by name, so will the students. Here your not a number. If they note you are struggling on something they will take there time after school to help you through or if you have questions.
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