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What a gem of a school! This is our 7th year at ACDS and my kids are absolutely thriving! Excellent Head of School and terrific teachers. Very strong, hands-on curriculum that has kept my kids engaged and fostered their love of learning. The school's focus on a "low-stress, high opportunity" environment has been instrumental in fostering their confidence. I have many friends with ACDS graduates and the theme is the same-- ACDS students were well-prepared for high school, and life! The wonderful community of parents and students is the icing on the cake!
We love Almaden Country Day School. Our oldest daughter graduated from ACDS last year and was completely prepared for high school. At ACDS, her love of learning was nurtured, she was offered many wonderful enrichment classes and she was taught how to speak confidently. Our youngest daughter is in 5th grade and is inspired by amazing teachers, offered opportunities to try new things in a safe environment and supported by a wonderful community. Great school!
Almaden Country School prepared my children for high school and beyond with a developmental curriculum that allowed them to express their unique selves.
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The teachers are encouraged to educate themselves to better serve the students
This has been a special place for my children to be educated. They are confident and secure in their surroundings because of the caring environment here. They are encouraged to step outside of the box, be challenged and creatives. As a result, they have become independent thinkers who have learned initiative here which is invaluable!
Any issues regarding bullying are immediately addressed and there are constant class discussions surrounding moral and ethical values. The students here are wholesome children who come from caring and involved families. This makes for a safe and comfortable environment. The dress code is enforced with a uniform. Middle school has free dress Friday's which also has a dress code. The office staff are very friendly and approachable.
Technology is used throughout the school as early as preschool. iPads are used by both teachers and students. Every student in middle school has access to their own laptop. The facilities are on the older side although there are plans in the works to update the buildings as well as add a gymnasium and new auditorium.
Football, basketball, volleyball, track and field are among the sports teams offered for both boys and girls.

Robotics, chess, and music are before and after school activities. Almaden Country School has a wonderful drama program for all grades and a phenomenal speech and debate program for the middle school.
Strict health and safety policies are enforced. The school stays informed regarding every child's medical needs and is diligent at maintaining up to date records of each student. Plans are discussed and in place regarding course of action in the event of any emergency.
The earliest grades are fantastic, but I wouldn't go there for the later ones.
I think they genuinely believe in what they are doing, but they don't support bullied students enough or challenge all of their students. They don't really get involved in conflicts until it's too late to do pretty much anything. Getting accommodations is an uphill battle, but you can get some. The principal isn't as well liked as the head of school, but he's not terrible. Their main issue is that they listen to the parents and teachers more than the kids, and they don't listen to everyone within those categories equally.
The elementary campus is a lot nicer. The middle school is just a bunch of old portables. I genuinely loved the library and the art room. The science rooms are also pretty great. To their credit, the administration are working on remaking parts of the campus and they do their best to make sure there's shade and everything.

The bathrooms aren't fancy, but they're better than your average store bathroom. They can sometimes smell.

Technology is slowly entering the elementary classes, but there are smartboards in middle school and middle schoolers rent a laptop during the day.

There are no guidance counselors or similar services. There aren't any college-related services.

Parents were VERY involved, but it was very social and political there too. It was hard for some of my friends' parents to join the community because a lot of the kids go to the school from age three through fourteen. Also, all school-related parent events were incredibly expensive.

There is no busing service. Drop off and pick up times are pretty strict. Older kids can take a bike, but nobody is allowed to take public transportation.
There are no actual nurses on campus, but the ladies in the office are alright with dealing with the occasional bee sting or scraped knee. Most of the time, they will give you a bandaid or send you home.
It was very political and really depended on how much the family that ran the school (the Hunters) liked you. I don't think that there were very many financial aid students or any black students. The school was definitely marketed towards upper class white parents.
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