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The best part of this school system is the teachers. They all truly care about the success of their students and will do almost anything to help them get to where they want to go. One part of this school system that needs work, especially at the high school is a better connection between the administration and the students/parents.
What I like about Alma High School is that I have had some of the best teachers at Alma High School than anywhere else. You will always have more than one nice and helpful teacher that bonds with you and really cares about your progress. Some things I would like to see change is a better handling of bullying and more attention given to all sports and school sponsored groups.
The teachers are really nice and helpful at Alma Senior High. Students are friendly also. But I wish my school would allow more diversity among the school by letting there be more clubs, for example, religious clubs, and more options.
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Alma High School’s Health Occupations CTE program allowed me to find my career path as a nurse and get a head start into it while I was still in high school. Junior year I even got certified as a CNA!
Very much a small town atmosphere. Committed educators with a lacking at best administration. The big extra curricular are well run but there aren’t very many options for students to choose from.
At Alma Senior High School, I have enjoyed my experience somewhat. I enjoyed the atmosphere of sporting events, but the staff at Alma Senior High School don't have or show much pride which doesn't make for a exciting year. The school also focuses more on athletics and the importance of their upgrades rather than academics and the student's needs. I would like to see a shift towards the importance of the students.
Alma Senior High school has provided a well rounded experience for their students. They have many clubs that are open to any students to attend. Additionally, many teachers are advocates for their students. Though every school has their "lemons", the majority of the teachers at AHS work thoroughly to provide a quality education for the student in their classroom. AHS also has a very large, and well maintained food pantry. This is something unique to our school as it is a no questions asked resource where students can receive food, clothing, toiletries and even school supplies.
The students are very involved with school spirit as well as the administration. There is a great learning environment.
The Alma High School is a pretty good school to go to but some of the teachers teach their own way. That means students like me who need to be shown how to do things more and in different ways struggle in school.
Great school and Staff! I would reccommend this school to anybody. This school has a great staff, great food, great facilities, great support, and great academics.
At my time at Alma High School I have thoroughly enjoyed the teachers, athletics, and the atmosphere. Alma is tight-knit community, but very welcoming and accepting of everyone.
I love Alma High School. Spending my last 4 years here I have learned a lot. The academic opportunities are fantastic. I really love that they offer a college and career readiness class. It really helped me with the SAT. However, not a lot is done about bulling or PDA in the halls. It is not a bad school, but more can be done to help students. All students should feel safe and be happy to come to school, sadly that is not the case for all students. I'm sure Alma is not the only high school that feels that. Over all school is what you make it. So the students recieve what they put in.
Scheduling for classes is actually really easy you just pick classes you want or need to take soon in with the required classes and the counselors will do their best to fit all the first pick classes you want in your schedule! I'd say some popular classes in my school are art, gym, and dual enrollment(college classes).
We have a wide variety of students from each grade that participate in different clubs and sports!
We have tons of extracurricular opportunities such as a bunch of different sports, BPA, student council, forensics, science club, etc.
Some of my favorite experiences were in math class. My teacher was great and I would take him for all my classes if I could! I would pick this school all over again because my school has a great environment everyone is really welcoming to new people and it was just a great place to spend my last four years of high school.
The teachers here are very encouraging of their students!
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The community is small, knowing more people in the school helps and some of the teachers are like having another parent because they are so nice. The teachers are probably the best part of the school. I would choose this school again because of the constant support systems from the staff and the students at this high school. My favorite experience would have been my advanced placement government class. The class was fun and very helpful with understanding politics.
The teachers are very friendly and help with any questions anyone has. They make learning a good time and make people want to come and learn in their classrooms.
The school lets a lot of random people in sometimes and other times students do it by there selves.
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