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Alma High School, although a small town school, has a great community and a great educational experience. The small town feel is a great experience, and the close linked community is a very supportive family. The educators are very knowledgeable, but a few have retired since my days in the halls of this school. The educators that are still there are great teachers and overall great people. The new educators are also good teachers from the praise of younger students.
Alma is a close knit community, with a great school supported by parents and community members.
Small class sizes ensure that no student gets left behind.
I love how hands on all the teachers are. However, most teachers let some kids get away with more than they should.
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We have cameras at the front doors, so the secretaries can see who they're letting into the school before unlocking the doors. Bullying is always going on, but the staff act like we're just kids fooling around. They make a huge deal out of one thing, but then don't care about others. It's obvious they only care about the kids getting bullied whom they have a bias toward. We have a school nurse but I don't think she does much. I had mono a few years ago and the nurse wouldn't allow me to go home because she didn't think there was anything wrong with me. I have never felt scared for my life in school though.
I'm involved in sports and the girls' teams are okay, the boys' football team has gone to state the past two years in a row so obviously they were doing something right there.
I would not go to this school again because I feel like a lot of time was wasted with busy work, I don't feel that I actually learned materials, I just learned how to pass classes. I also don't like how small this school is. Because we're so small, everybody seems to think they can gossip about each other. I wish I had the option of choosing my friends because I genuinely liked them, not just because my school is so small and I had no other option. The atmosphere in this school is very gloomy and depressing. More often than not, the lights aren't even turned on all the way in the hall ways, making everything dark and sad.
A lot of the teachers here are coming close to retirement, so they tend to slack. Although that's not true about every teacher in this school, a lot of the teachers I have this year just seem to pile on busy work and make us watch videos; they don't really teach. It doesn't take a college degree for one to hand out packets and search youtube videos. They just seem lazy. However, I do have one really good teacher who explains lessons very thoroughly and seems to genuinely care about our well-being. She's understanding and easy to approach.
Only a few AP classes are offered, most of them online. Very little opportunity to earn college credit unless one travels to a university for classes, which often means quitting an after-school activity.
I want to go to college for music theatre. There have been far less opportunities provided at this school to prepare me for this major compared to other schools in the area. If I could choose to go to a different school, I would.
If you played the sport in high school, you are eligible to coach it at this school. School spirit is pretty bad. Nobody but the athletes playing and parents and coaches care who wins.
Some organizations have no funding. There is no money for the drama club to order sets, props, or costumes. The track and field team has to run on the highway or sprint in parking lots instead of an actual track. When the volleyball team wanted to fund raise for new uniforms and nets, we were told that we could not because "it would make the school seem poor" and "we can't keep asking the community for money because it makes people uncomfortable".
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