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I came to this school my senior year of high school. The entire town is only home to about 1,000 people so I wasn't expecting much. However this school is home to some of the nicest and accepting people. The teachers know each and every one of the students and they care about your education. There is a class for seniors called senior survey. It focuses the seniors on applying for college and scholarships. Without this class I don't think I would have been accepted into my college of choice. In my one year of school here, I have been involved in more than I ever was at my old school. I'll miss it here.
Alma High School is in a small town of about 1200 people in the state of Nebraska. I was born and raised here and have attended Alma ever since I was 5 years old. Honestly, this school, from what I have heard from others who have moved here, is one of the best schools around. With its loving and kind atmosphere, where everybody knows everybody, I can agree with that statement.
Alma High School has a lot of opportunities to become involved in a variety of activities. For example, they encourage students to participate in sports, drama, and extra academic activities such as quiz bowl and science olympiad. They also give students the opportunity to take college courses. If I could change something I would decide to make classes more challenging and more fit to certain levels of education. At Alma, a lot of times you have to slow down your learning because the other students aren't on the same level.
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I started going there this year and it's amazing! I would not change one single thing. I would do it all over again if I had too.
The school is very involved in keeping students and all who pass through the building safe. We have lots of security cameras and have lots of school rallies to help prevent bullying. There is always a school nurse on hand, and the administration and counselor is very good about making sure you always feel safe and welcome at the school.
We have lots of organizations to be involved in. From FFA, Honors Society, Student council, choir, drama, and band. There are may to choose from, and they are very available for students. Grades are very important to each of these clubs and organizations. They stress that each student needs to apply themselves in school, before they are able to particpate. Also, if you need help in school, the director will let you get help during the club's normal time if other times do not work for you.
This school has been a great experience for many. This school is always trying to find ways for you to be more involved so you can find thigns that really interest you. From the drama department, to music, sports, academic events, and other social events this school is great at opening up a person's eye to new things. This school has a great counselor and good administration to help you get ready for college, and is very helpful when you are in a bad situation. Overall, great support comes from this school and the community!
There are great teachers in this school. You can ask them questions about anything and they will help you when you need it. Even offering their home for tutoring. Many of them are very helpful and knowledgeable about the subject they teach, and genuinely care about the well-being of the people who come through the school. There are a couple teachers here and there who do not always give 100%, but that is maybe 1 or 2 teachers. Overall, great teachers and great lessons.
Academics available are plentiful and accommodate student interests and needs. Curriculum is easy to apply to schedules. Workload is normal with students having complete input as to what they want and need to accomplish goals. Resource along with help from the Teachers and Tutoring is always available. Every student is encouraged to be a part of both academics at their personal level and also extra curricular activities that are offered.
The school uses monitoring both inside and out and is both visual and audio. The school and parking lots along with sidewalks and are access around the school are monitored constantly. Bulling is NOT tolerated and dealt with if it happens immediately. Personal safety is a must and complied with meeting all regulations for the handicap as well as the traditional student. Security is always in effect with people coming into and being monitored as one walks into the school. There is no access to the classrooms or students before signing in and proving ID. Students have regular drills on how to react to a situation whether it be a human life threat or weather related. Our local police department and the State Police are randomly at school also. We do have a School Nurse on Staff all the time students are present in the building. Teachers are also trained on protection of students and have work shops in dealing with a crisis. Our school I would say is safe and I feel comfortable when Im there.
Our school offers many extracurricular activities. We have FFA started recently by a past AHS grad. WE have a superior rated Musical department both vocally and instrumentally that continues to receive high rewards. We have very active Quiz bowl teams. Speech and Performance groups. Our school has Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Golf and Cross-country running teams. We have a bowling team. The U. S. Government Class has a City wide clean up day through the school that is wonderful for everyone in the Community. Mini Cheer camps are held and performances following the camp. The wrestling team also holds a camp for our elementary which is always a great turn our and good time for everyone in attendance.
My experience has been quality. I have enjoyed my 13 years a APS. Teacher to student Ratio is good and allows individual time for each student asking for help or guidance. I have excelled in my classrooms and in my athletic endeavors. I have dedicated my time here to being the best I can be, academically devote and athletically strong and being someone to look up to. I get along with my teachers but am also not hesitant to talk with them if I have concern or disagree. I am also not afraid to talk to them if I have an Idea or suggestion. What I really like is that most of the students like and respect each other, bullying isn't tolerated and would be dealt with immediately. Our Community supports both the school and us students of which we are very thankful and appreciative of. People are moving to our community so that their kids can be apart of the School system. Our School facility is constantly being changed and updated to meet the current needs of ALL students and to stay modern in both structure and knowledge growth. We also from Junior High and up are given a Lap Top paid for through the school to keep with us at school and home during the school year, this promotes constant contact with teachers in doing assignments and allows us access to help all the time. K through 6th also have lap tops but are kept in the classrooms for students to use during class and on an earned basis for free time. Our janitors keep the building spotless and we are complimented constantly on our school and its appearance. Our Football field has been said to be the most beautiful in South Central Ne. We have a mentoring program of outside community members who are at the school regularly to mentor and spend time with assigned students, the student and adults look forward to the times together and it has made a impact both in the community and also outside of school. Our administration is also there for the kids, support and attend activities and will listen. TY
It's a small town school so we try to do our best. We don't have a lot of students so everyone has to be involved in everything for their to be any activities. So everyone is busy all the time.
Always practicing safety emergencies, making sure children are well taken care of and happy.
Good healthy options with very few meals that children do not like. Great salad bar.
Keep the school very organized and make sure everyone is being safe.
Lots of great facilities at this school to improve your athletic game! Plenty of good coaches available to help become a better athlete. Overall good programs in general.
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The teachers at this school are very easy to get along with, and care about your individual development as a person and student.
There's are plenty of ways to get involved in different organization for you personality. From yearbook, photography, volleyball, basketball, track, golf, drama, music, and many other clubs. It definitely keeps you busy and helps you become a well-rounded person.
This school is small but it is pretty involved in keeping things available for students
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