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I wasn't a very big fan of high school but Alma High School was big enough to find people that you fit in with. Classes were average and some of the teachers were great, but others not so much. Although one thing I'd really like to see change at Alma High School is the amount of bullying that goes on.
Alma High School is a wonderful school! The teachers are great! There so many different activities to get involved in. Also, the athletic program is top notch!
Alma High School is a great school. They have a great variety of clubs/organizations and extracurricular activities/ sports for you to be a part of. The coaches will push you hard. Be prepared to sweat and cry, but it's all worth it though.
There is also a wide variety of classes from regular to AP classes for those who want to be academically challenged.
The people are friendly (for the most part). You will make new friends fast. Everyone is welcoming and make you feel right at home.
The counselors and principals really care about all of their students and want to see them succeed in life. They have a no tolerance policy. They don't want any bullying, no drugs, no alcohol, nothing bad. They help the students make smart choices and they want to help keep us safe.
And this is why my parents chose to send me Alma School District. They have great schools! I love it here!!
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My experience at Alma High School was nothing if not fruitful... Admittedly, my time was not spent wisely as it should have been in the classroom, I was easily distracted with my desires to be in the theater department which in very literal terms saved my life. Though I didn't care about my school work as much as I should have the teachers and faculty at the Alma High School did everything within their power to make sure that every student succeeded, regardless of their attention span, grade level, or behavior. However, the real portion of my time that I found wonderful was the time spent in the theater department... The magic, cooperation, and hard work that was put in by students from across all cliques and isolated social class were united under the beauty in artistic creation. As principal Jerry Valentine says "Every day is a great day at Alma High School." Though it did not seem like it at the time, it was ultimately true.
AHS has treated me well throughout the 4 Years I have been there. My experiences have been enjoyable and fun! I have met a lot of new people and created new friendships. The staff at AHS is very involved and helpful to the students.
Alma has pretty good curriculum overall, but it's just bad. Half the teachers are bad. Most faculty is biased and hypocritical.
It’s a great school with amazing opportunities and very nice facilities throughout the entire school district! I wouldn’t trade my time as an Alma Airedale for anything!
Alma provides several different organizations for students to participate in, or a student(s) can then found a new club as long as they find a teacher adviser. Alma offers many accelerated programs including: Pre-AP, AP, Honors, and Con-current credit from ATU and UAFS. Alma also offers several CTE certifications. The atmosphere is much like any other high school. Alma does offer students several services when it comes to financial aid whether that be for lunch programs to help finding funding for life after high school. The down side is that some of the faculty and students tend to be very closed-minded; however some are very open-minded, but both seem to be more the regurgitated opinions of parents rather than self-possessed opinions. Alma High School offers a chance to excel, but could stand a few faculty reforms and decisive budget decisions.
I have enjoyed the kind people I have met! I have come in contact with life long friends and am constantly supported by the most caring and motivational teachers!
Excellent teachers and staff. The campus is great with lots of opportunity for students to learn and try new things.
Good education and teachers. Great sports teams and complexes in Alma Arkansas. A lot of students though. 4 schools in Alma school district and each school has a tornado room
This school lacks diversity and culture. The schools athletic and academics have a great deal of funding leaving the other activities to fend for themselves. All and all it is the best school in the area.
I loved all of my teachers! They were very helpful and were always there to answer questions. The school always looks nice and is clean.
The teachers were always there to help when I needed. I was always involved in school activities and I never felt left out.
Programs are highly noticed state/nation wide.
The arts teachers are the best! Great programs!
Alma's teachers are of the highest quality.
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The teachers at this school are kind and caring. They care about whether you do well or not. They try their best to set you up for your college career.
My school claims to have a very prominently safe school, however I would have to disagree with that. They place many bans on drugs, alcohol, etc however they do very little to enforce said rules. They often bring in drug dogs, and have random drug testing and drills, however none of this is ever actually random. They have very ineffective means of protection.
My school offers an amazingly diverse amount diversity of extracurricular activity. When first walking in, I expected that due to the overwhelming amount of choices of school related programs, each one would be vaguely average, but as it turns out, each one is funded and taken care of in a very effective manner. This well organized fashion of things makes a wonderful environment for our students, encouraging them to partake in these extracurricular activities.
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