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Excellent teachers and staff. The campus is great with lots of opportunity for students to learn and try new things.
Good education and teachers. Great sports teams and complexes in Alma Arkansas. A lot of students though. 4 schools in Alma school district and each school has a tornado room
This school lacks diversity and culture. The schools athletic and academics have a great deal of funding leaving the other activities to fend for themselves. All and all it is the best school in the area.
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I loved all of my teachers! They were very helpful and were always there to answer questions. The school always looks nice and is clean.
The teachers were always there to help when I needed. I was always involved in school activities and I never felt left out.
Programs are highly noticed state/nation wide.
The arts teachers are the best! Great programs!
Alma's teachers are of the highest quality.
The teachers at this school are kind and caring. They care about whether you do well or not. They try their best to set you up for your college career.
My school claims to have a very prominently safe school, however I would have to disagree with that. They place many bans on drugs, alcohol, etc however they do very little to enforce said rules. They often bring in drug dogs, and have random drug testing and drills, however none of this is ever actually random. They have very ineffective means of protection.
My school offers an amazingly diverse amount diversity of extracurricular activity. When first walking in, I expected that due to the overwhelming amount of choices of school related programs, each one would be vaguely average, but as it turns out, each one is funded and taken care of in a very effective manner. This well organized fashion of things makes a wonderful environment for our students, encouraging them to partake in these extracurricular activities.
I am glad the school is continuing to offer more concurrent classes. This only helps our students to succeed in college.
The new security buzz in system continues to try to keep our students safe.
The students have a lot of extra curricular opportunities, sometimes too many to choose from. Directors and coaches try very hard to let students do as many as they can.
The teachers are good at the high school. I am glad the school is continuing to increase the number of concurrent credit courses to offer. This only helps our students further succeed.
The high school continues to try to make the school as safe as possible, with new secure buzz in system and cameras Alma continues to put the safety of our students first.
Alma High School is one of the best kept secrets in our area because it has the small town feel because everyone knows each other but it has incredible facilities for athletic and arts programs. It is a privilege to be part of an athletic team, performance choir or musical because you are able to perform in such a state of the art facility. Most high school students never get that opportunity.
Review Alma High School
The teachers continue to try to increase their knowledge to be up with the current best practices in content and technology. We have some of the best teachers in our area.
The school provides plenty of measures when it comes to health and safety
A pretty good and diverse kinds of extracurricular activities
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