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I have a sophomore, an 8th grader, and a 5th grader. They have all attended since kindergarten. They love it! Acedemically they are excelling. My oldest was struggling and the teachers noticed and helped get him back on track immediately. No one falls between the cracks. The lack of bullying makes so refreshing. It sounds impossible, but you would just have to come to the campus and experience it. Alma Heights is really different than others schools. You can't put a price on your child's safety. When I am there I can't believe the respect from the children. The high school students make eye contact with adults and say"Good morning ". They don't have such an attitude like I've seen when visiting other schools.
I attended Alma Heights from freshman to senior year. I had a great experience attending this school. One of my favorite times of the year was fall retreat. Also, I made great friends throughout my 4 years of attendance. The teachers are great. They really care about the students. I don't think you ever find a high school where students actually have a good relationship with their teachers. For those looking for a good high school, Alma Heights is a great choice!
Too small to have any major clubs. The biggest extra-curricular this school has is its athletic department.
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It's a bit too small. For being small its atheltics are great. Almost everyone there participates in a sport.
Most of the teachers are lovely, educated, and kind. We came across 2 teachers that were not engaged with the kids but then for the most part everyone is different and the class size is so small that the level of homework and communication is very direct and present.
Again, this school is small and is family ran. They need to bring in more outside support and resources to address the deficiency. finally, bullying issues were being presented for the first time in 2015, and we have been there since 2005. There is no school nurse or counselors available for the children. However, again, the school is so small with the child ratio of 15:1 that the teachers and their aides can immediately manage most issues that arise.
This school is small and does not have enough to offer for extracurricular opportunities. There is not much to offer because the school is so small.
K through 8th grade was a great experience for my child. The school teaches the kids to be independent thinkers and is very Christ centered, which is consistent with our family believes. However, the school is lacking in providing adequate counseling for the kids, focuses too much on the uniform requirements, and is out pricing itself out of the demographics. The school is small and they need to bring down the prices to allow for diversity of families to enroll. Also, the school needs better music and extra curricular opportunities for grammar and junior high school.
very small campus with very little resources.
pretty much the only extracurriculars offered are sports related.
the administration does not know how to run a school.
There are multiple classes that are offered to the students. A week before the school year starts, students go to the school for registration to choose their classes. Students most likely will get the classes they choose. Teachers who work at the school are skilled in many different areas in which they are able to teach multiple subjects. For example, the Geometry teacher also teaches Chemistry and the Spanish teacher used to teach Calculus. The teachers are aware of the multiple things that go on in the students' life and provide an adequate amount of classwork and homework.
There is a wide range of sports programs available to the students plus a weight training class that occur twice a week. The school offers four sports selections in the fall, two in the winter, and two in the spring. Because of the size of the school, there is an understood rule that coaches will not cut a student athlete from a team. However, their are rules that the student must follow to be able to continue participate in the sport such as maintain a 2.0 GPA and attend all of the practices and games, unless they have a valid excuse.

Athletic facilities are well maintained and presentable all the time.

Fan support consists of other students, family members, and some teachers. Some family members who are really committed to the team travel with them as well as help out in the athletic department such as the concession stand.
There are not a lot of extracurricular activities that go around the school because of its small size. Most of the students either go home or find an organization to volunteer/work at after school. The main extracurricular activities are team sports, the school newspaper, and the drama club. Those who include themselves in these programs are always very committed to practice times or completing their article in time. The administration is always supportive of the students whether it be watching a game or a play or buying a newspaper.

The team sports are the most popular choice for students. They practice two hours after school everyday and have games about two times a week. Having played three sports for all four years of my high school career, I can say that being a part of these teams have helped me grow as a person and get close to a lot of people I wouldn't have normally talked to.

The drama club hold an annual spring play that seems to always outdo itself every year. They put so much hard work into memorizing lines, practicing stunts, and working together. I joined the drama club my senior year and I wish I had done it earlier. The people who participate in this club are funny, hardworking, and have a love for theater. They help each other get their lines down and get into character. There is never a dull moment during practices--or even during the shows.

The school newspaper was started up by some of my friends. They put in so much hard work to write, edit, and format each newspaper that is issued biweekly. The newspaper consists of student and teacher interviews, school sports updates, world news, and other topics that are relevant to the students. Although I am not part of this program, I do help them sell the newspapers once they are printed. The teachers and faculty are always so supportive and buy an issue each time they come out.
The teachers and administration are always trying to do their best to help their students and family. Teachers are easy to contact through email and respond quickly. Parents are able to keep conversations going with teachers and administrators through email. Although there is a school-issued uniform, the administration has allowed students to have a free dress day every Friday, according to the given dress code. The uniform, because of its multiple variations, is under a loose watch by the teachers and administration.

Other school-wide policies such as attending chapel every Friday, being in class on time, and respecting one another is understood throughout the school. Students are aware of their commitments while attending this school. Students who break these policies are issued a detention that occurs at the end of the week during their lunch break.

Administrators are always looking in the best interest of the students. The principal is hard working, but will also take the time to talk to any of his students or fellow faculty members. As for counselors, there are two main administrators who work with juniors and seniors to get all their college paperwork due on time. They are always ready to answer questions and give advice to any student. Even though there are only two official counselors, any of the teachers and staff would be willing to give advice, share a personal story about their college experience, or write a letter of recommendation.
Alma Heights Christian High School's application process is fairly easy. There is a no essay application that is to be filled out and sent to the admissions office. If needed, the student is given an aptitude test to determine the level of classes the student is to take. Because of its small size, chances for students to be accepted into the school is very high. In my experience, I was a part of a middle school, Highlands Christian School, whose high school merged with Alma Heights' high school. This made it particularly easy for me and my fellow classmates to be accepted. The school's majority comes from its middle school and the middle school of Highlands Christian School. However, there are a few students who have come from other school and have found the atmosphere much inviting.

The tuition is approximately $12,000 a year. The school does provide some financial aid, but due to lack of experience, I do not know the process. The easiest way to receive any information on the school is to contact the school directly via email or phone.
We don't have private security, we do have security camera's near the lockers and main courtyard. Bullying isn't a prominent issue because our school is so small that we know everyone very well and there's no use for bullying because we either get along or pretend to get along.
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The homework is appropriate for the lesson, never over-bearing, and always about what was taught that class period.
Our teachers really are the best; they help students out and know their subject extremely well. Their teaching methods are easy to understand and they make sure they start from the beginning so no one is left behind. They are always available by email and are very cooperating.
The coaches are very dedicated and very passionate about their sport and team. Team members are serious about their sport and strive to win every game. Alma has won several PSAL championships for example, varsity basketball 2013 and 2014, varsity softball 2011, varsity girls cross country 2014.
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