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Alma d'Arte Charter High School Reviews

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This high school provides others to be themselves within the school. It has small classrooms that help the students and teachers have one on one time.
The experience was rewarding, the small student body created a tight knit environment and friendly teachers encourage growth and learning. However, overtime there were tighter restrictions placed on teachers that only harmed the morale of the students, rather than increasing quality of education.
Alma was a wonderful experience, it was small and friendly and lovely to attend. The culture is probably the only thing I would change. A school's students and culture is ever changing, but I felt in my time there it lost it's focus on the arts, and kids were attending not because Alma was a good school for them but because they didn't want to go anywhere else. While it's laid back attitude is a gift and a curse, all the students need to realize its a school for art and has wonderful opportunities not available anywhere else and they should take advantage of that, not simple go and neglect everything available, especially since it is an opt-in school.
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It's pretty great here. No bullying, students and teachers are open minded and atmosphere is friendly. As an art school we accomplish integrating art into almost everything and have excellent art programs.I will say academics are kind of weak here and could use some adjustments. Both science teachers are absolutely amazing though. I love Alma and highly recommend anyone to come (unless your close minded, homophobic and racist.)
Alma is a great school! The staff is wonderful, there is a great supportive atmosphere among students, I wouldn't choose any other school. The students attitudes can often be too laid back about the academics, and that needs to be worked on by the students themselves.
The teachers really make or break your experience in my personal opinion, and so far, the majority of the teachers I've met/ had are really kind people and will offer help if they see you're struggling.

What really needs to be worked on is the environment.
Out of my entire time at this school, there's been dozens of occasions in which an entire class lesson was stopped to divert and correct the behavior of a student; that's not a good way to go about it at all.
But at the same time, it seems more occasions than not when a student/ students display such disrespectful and inappropriate behavior, nothing is done or said about it in or out of class; this can make it a very hostile environment at times and feel very unsafe with what is said.
The staff could work on diverting that behavior better by pulling the student out for a quick second or talking to them after class instead of disrupting the entire lesson.
I loved the diversity of the school. The students are kind and respectful to the staff and students. The relationships that are able to grow from a small school make school so much better and I think you get a better education out of.
Its a great art focused high school with a small student body and best of all its free.I have gone here all four years and its great.its a very close community and prepares you well for the future. In your senior year you are required to do an apprenticeship which prepares you well for the future.
Overall, the school is amazing. There are many amazing artists, and the environment is much more open and discussion based than any other school. There are some gaps in the academics, as there is a total of only 4 AP classes, two of which are English courses, and some of the teachers can be prone to putting on movies rather than discussion. Overall, the school cultivates a strong bond between students and teachers, students and faculty, and students and students. Alma is the type of place where if you meet an alumni whom you've never met, the bond will be instantaneous. The community aspect is indescribable.
I believe that attending Alma d'Arte Charter High School was less stressful than attending a regular public high school. I made several friends and enjoyed some of the classes. Most of the teachers were very nice and seemed to care about their students, though some exhibited moody and unprofessional behavior.

Alma was not a very good school for academic improvement. There were very few Advanced Placement classes, and the grading standards were very low. The faculty only seemed to care about making sure seniors graduated on time (regardless of how well they fulfilled graduation requirements) rather than preparing students for college.

The art program is decent, as expected. However, I attended to improve my writing abilities, which Alma did not help with. During the time that I attended (2013-2016) there was only one literary arts class (Poetry) and I don't believe any will be added for a long time.
The teachers are passionate and educated about their fields, and so are the staff. The students usually are equally interested in learning more about their art form and appreciate the new perspectives Alma gives them. The workload is average and so is most of the core curriculum and scheduling process.
Alma is a small school with a tight community of staff and students who focus their studies around the arts. Since it is a small school with a tight budget the tools and resources available to the school is rather poor, but the passion for which the teachers instruct their students is beyond the efforts put in by most teachers at normal schools.
Because Alma is a small school, not located in the same areas as most community or public schools, the attention they receive from the city is rather small compared to most schools. The teachers are usually well educated in their fields and very experienced, good quality, but due to lack of resources probably aren't able to teach the students as well as they would want. The workload and curriculum, along with the scheduling process, is fairly average. The school offers many opportunities for students to put in extra time after class to improve their grades if needed. As for the variety of classes, the school focuses around the arts so a lot of classes are art oriented.
About 50% of the school is either gay, lesbian, bi, or other, and almost all students are accepting of any sexual orientation. As for ethnic/racial diversity, there is some diversity, but most students are locals and so are Hispanic. Students who are involved in school clubs, or classes that require after-school performances are very involved and devoted to their club/class.
Again, the school's staff try to give their students the best care and support they can but due to their budget's constraints are not really able to provide it. Alma is a very small school which is trying to petition the city for more financial support and acknowledgement.
The school tries to offer a variety of clubs and school activities to the students, especially those centering around the arts, but the school simply lacks sufficient funds to help the clubs grow beyond their current size. The quality of the clubs depends on the students and the staff, which both try really hard, but lack proper financial support to expand their club's activities beyond the school's social reach. Many participants in these clubs and activities take them very seriously and try hard, but the school lacks the type of funding needed to support these groups on a larger basis.
Most of the teachers give consistent and strong effort in helping their students pass their classes, and the school administration takes special interest in encouraging their students to succeed in their schooling; in fact many programs have been implemented to help students succeed in school. However, the school desperately lacks sufficient funding to expand their ideas. The classrooms are a little worn down, the school campus is reasonable but small, there is insufficient parking available, and most teachers, even though they try considerably hard to help their students pass, don't have the means to properly support them because they lack sufficient funding. The only thing keeping this school from being of excellent quality is the lack of funding and financial support they receive for their school. But the quality that the staff show themselves is rather encouraging to students and is excellent.
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While the school may not have the best security, the staff members ensure that students feel safe and are safe.
There aren't many clubs here. Rarely are there any after school.
The teachers go above and beyond to teach us. Including the English teachers and even the History teachers.
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