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I have been going to Alma Bryant High School for four years and I have enjoyed it for the most part. I have had a problem with the bus transportation, there are too many kids on one bus leaving many left standing in the isle, as well has communication, they wait until last minutes to tell us things.
Based on my experience of being a student of Alma Bryant High School (2014-present), it has been an adventurous and daunting. The teachers are nice and understandable, and offer after school tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays for anyone needing help. The cafeteria food is decent most of the time. If there were something I would change that would be that the Bryant Marching band would be seen as something unique and essential in the school; therefore, receive more funding.
Alma Bryant High School is probably one of the best high schools in the Mobile County Publis School System. The teachers are phenomenal and so is the campus. I would like to see the football team improve so more students have a larger amount of school spirit.
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Alma Bryant High School has developed into a school where all sorts of students can find their home. The new Cambridge Scholars program is the first in Mobile County and brings the top students in our county to Alma Bryant. Along with the multiple academies Bryant offers, it also has many clubs, sports and organizations.
Alma Bryant High School shaped me into the person I am today. I really loved playing on the Tennis team there, as well as learning in the classroom. The only thing i'd change about this school is the uniform policy.
Alma Bryant is the best school for Academics. The school has many oppurties for the future. The principal is the best. There are many clubs for students to get into, no one is left behind. The pep rallies are best and fun. The drama department is very active they put really good plans. I would love for the school lunch to change to the food we use to have. Alma Bryant never is a failing school we are always on top and never give up. The counselor s are very helpful and understanding. The teachers help as much as they can, but you to be careful of a certain class and always go for what deals with your pathway. Alma Bryant is the best.
Alma Bryant High School's administration and staff truly care about the well being of the students. While the teachers do care, they lack the enthusiasm that gets students interested in need what they are teaching. There are opportunities for every student to succeed at Bryant, yet most do not take them. The environment of my high school is that most of the students will not attend college, so they do not take their studies seriously. I have always been in honor/ advanced placement classes, so most of my classmates plan on attending college. Many teachers believe that my fellow classmates are not ready for college or the real world. Bryant has a good atmosphere where most are friendly towards each other. The only flaw at Bryant is the lack of confidence in students and teachers.
I graduated from Alma Bryant High in 2015. I believe that the teachers and staff gave all students a certain readiness that nobody else could give. Not only did they prepare us for our classes, but also the transition that we would be making. Whether it was to a university or to commute to a small college, they prepared us. They prepared us on social skills and participating in any school function or activity.
I like the diversity of the school. The teachers really care about the students. I did well at Bryant, but was tardy a lot. The teachers at Bryant really care about the students. It's a great school & the staff really cares about all of their kids. The office staff even knows us by name.. im in advanced classes. Plus since your at your own pace, you have the opportunity to graduate early. It's up to you..
There are many available classes to take at this school.
There's not much diversity at my school. Usually if people are in a clique they all dress the same, have exactly the same hobbies/interests, etc.
There are lots of extra curricular activities and organizations at this school.
Most parents are involved with their kids, but some are not.
The teachers have more respect for students in the honors/AP endorsement than the regular endorsement.
Not everyone has parents who can be there at all times, much less when it includes an after school activity. In many cases, parents would rather stay home rather than watching their kid play a specific sport. Some believe they have better things to do.
Most teachers at Alma Bryant high do what needs to be done in order for students to succeed. On the other hand, there are also teachers who could care less. Overall, the teachers help students when needed and can help one who may need their help.
Scheduling classes at my school is fairly easy. The counselor meets with you to make sure you have your schedule completed.
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I feel like my school is not safe at all. It wouldn't take much for a visitor to come into our school unseen. Also my school is on a dead end road with another school at the end. If an emergency was to happen there would be no way possible to get every one out in a safe and timely manor.
There are many extracurricular opportunities at Alma Bryant. However, I feel like the clubs do not work well with other people's schedule.
My overall experience at Alma Bryant has been okay but definitely not the best. If I could go back and redo it I most certainly wouldn't. I felt as if I got short handed by attending this school and not getting the proper learning tools to prepare me for college. I felt as if each student was just a money sign for the school and that they staff wouldn't the students in and out. Alma Bryant wasn't bad when it came to students but most definitely slacked when it came to staff and learning materials.
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