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Alliance Tennenbaum Family Technology High School Reviews

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As a student who has been going to this school for 4 years in 2 weeks, I can gladly say that this school was the best choice for me. A great aspect about this school is the interaction between student and teachers. Since it is a significantly smaller school than a traditional high school, student-teacher relationships can prosper very well. This means that whens students are having personal troubles or academic difficulties, they can go to their teacher and talk about it..
In academics, the classes are exceptional. In a lot of schools, the teacher usually teaches out of textbooks and give lectures a lot of time; however, at Tennenbaum, teachers create activities that make learning fun. yet it stays focus on the idea of preparing the students for college. This way of teaching makes the students want to learn and not get bored out.
However, even out of all these great things, I think improvements could still be made. One is the food. But overall, it is a great school.
I believe being a student at Tennenbaum prepared me well for the college application process and college itself. Since freshman year they made sure we understood what colleges looked for and made sure we challenged ourselves with our classes. The counselors are extremely helpful, and the teacher often have at least 2 tutoring sessions a week for any students with questions about class material. One thing I wish would improve would be the school spirit and club involvement.
Alliance Tennenbaum is a great school! The staff and teachers are kind and go out of their way to help you. The school prepares you so much for college and you truly feel at home here.
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The school has only been in operation for about 4 years, so the school is still opening up new curriculum (AP classes, music) for students.
The school has a majority population of hispanic students, so getting along is not an issue within the students.
Staff was amazing, but the small population of students sometimes lacked school spirit unlike traditional high schools.
The school was a small charter school, so everyone knew each other like a small family.
Teachers are very helpful and thoughtful of their student's ideas.
The school is safe for the most part of keeping security among the students to be safe
The extracurricular opportunities at the school comes in many varieties for schools that want to stay after school. Their is many different kinds of clubs during lunch or after school. The clubs give each student a different experience of being into these clubs.
The school is unique for educating their students on a college ready level. Most of the students at the school are ready to go to a 4- year university in their senior year. The experiences was amazing to meet astonishing teachers to teach about college and life examples.
Every teacher are willing to go beyond their own needs to help each students get the best education.
This is a great school, it is a college ready school and they teach you to be ready for college. Teachers give you there attention when help is wanted and do the best they can to teach so you can succeed.
I enjoy having young teachers but they are not mastered in their subjects as older teachers may be.

The counselors can be helpful but it would be better if they are actively engaged with each student.

I wish there was more variety in classes so that I can pick the ones that interest me and would benefit me.
Our school provides all sorts of opportunities.
I think school has been good so far, but being a senior has really brings a toll on me. Whether I decided on a major of my choice. That I don't know what I want to do, but I want to do something.
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