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Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School Reviews

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Teachers, staff, and students really demonstrate the endorsement of teaching and helping to teach others. I highly recommend to other students to really understand what they expect from themselves, then be applied to their teachings. This is key to Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School.
What I like about an Alliance College-Ready Public School is that it’s a nonprofit charter management organization, is to open and operate a network of small high-performing 9-12 in historically underachieving, low income communities in California that will annually demonstrate student academic achievement growth and graduate students ready for success in college. The mission of Smidt Tech is to operate a small high performance school equipped to prepare each student to enter and succeed in college. The primary strength of Smidt Tech is the highly accountable educational model guided by our five Alliance core values, which include:
1. High expectations for all students
2. Small personalized schools and classrooms
3. Increased instructional time
4. Highly qualified principals and teachers
5. Parents as partners
I only spent half of my junior year and all of my senior year there, but I loved it. The counselors were great and they definitely helped me with anything I needed. The AP classes definitely prepare you for college classes. I loved playing sports and they helped me with the stress from school. They could improve the lunch and the lunch area.
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My time at Smidt Tech has always been a pleasure, because the staff and the students both know how to communicate well with each other. There's always a sense of unity within the students and staff, almost as if they're family. The school never looks down upon you for being less than some of the other kids, and they certainly don't let you fail when you feel like you want to give up. Smidt Tech by far is the best high school in the Lincoln Heights area. They have high graduation rates, astounding counselors, and most importantly, an approachable staff.
Where to begin about this amazing school is hard, but I'll start with community. The community makes the kids feel safe and secure, everyone around is nice, helpful, and very respectful. Now the teachers they are great, they help every child success an graduate high school. When a student is struggling to focus or understand a subject there are many resources they can take advantage of to better help there education, such as the teachers there. For example, I was struggling in my AP Chemistry class so my teacher held an after school one on on tutting with me every Monday so that I can have a better understanding of chemistry and it helped a lot or I was able to pass that class in the end. The atmosphere of this school is just awesome and great hopefully I can come back in the future and thank my teachers and staff.
Being a Smidt Tech student has been one of the best experiences of my life. School staff and administrators are extremely supportive and are always ready to help when needed. I never felt threatened or insecure and always felt safe when arriving to school. Being greeted with a smile from the principle himself makes me feel appreciated, which is something that other high school students can't say for themselves. I can truly and happily say that im proud of being part of the grey wolf family/pack.
I like about Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School was the fact that it felt like we were family.
The school really does prepare you for college. The teachers are there to help whenever you need help. It's not small but it's also big so it's a great environment to be in. Not only do the teachers help but as well as the counselors. They really helped me with college stuff throughout my senior year.
Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School is such a great school. The reason why I believe this is because this school offers so many opportunities. If you need help with speaking in public, reporting an unknown problem, help with grades, etc the counselors there are so helpful and trustworthy. You can speak to them about any problem your dealing with and they'll help you out in a postivive way. Everyone you see there uses a strong and appropriate vocabulary.The moment you step in the doors you instantaneously feel the positivity and love roaming in the air as well as getting welcomed with the most successful and loving people.Every student has gained a positive and healthy friendship with a teacher. The teaching is understandable and helps you challenge yourself beyond your capacity. I definitely would recommend this high school to others students and share how of a positive environment it will benefit the parents child's .
Smidt tech is awesome. The only issue people seem to have is the size, however, I find it beneficial for the reasons that our counselors are able to help us more, and teachers are less worried about calming down the class and can focus on what individuals/ small groups need.
At Alliance Smidt Tech, the teachers are amazing! The administration and staff are very nice and helpful. The counselors are also very nice and helpful, they provide a lot of help with the college process and guide their students through the right path toward adult hood.
My experience at Smidttech has been great. There is a lot of support to help you succeed and get you to college. The teachers, staff, and counselors are very patient and motivating. There are a lot of resources available to the students. Who ever comes to this school will enjoy and have a good experience at Smidt Tech High School.
I loved the student to faculty ratio due to the fact the school is an Alliance school. An organization of public charter schools who help students in poorer communities to get the same opportunities of charter schools. The one thing I would love to see change is the campus size. Despite this school only being 4 years open , an expansion of this school would give alot more people in the community a chance to attend the school. That's the change I would love to see.
What I like about Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School is that the teachers are always dedicated to their job. The teachers are always trying the get the best out of the students.
Smidt Tech helps you complete yours courses on time to graduate high school in four years. They have so many choices of classes to take as well.
Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Technology High School is one of many Alliance schools in Los Angeles and shows to be a College ready School. There are many resources like textbooks and online resources that help students achieve in the school and graduate. School safety is always priority at the school.
The change that I would like to see in this school is the food & having more clubs, for the well-being of the students.
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Attending this school was the right choice. The administrators and councillors are very supportive and understanding. They care a great deal for the student's well-being and offer students the tools they need to succeed. Though it may sound cheesy, it's true. They even computer literacy classes to the parents in the community.
Starting off in Smidt tech as a freshmen was a new start. The alliance district helps each student succeed no matter the persons background. Before I entered this school i had bad grades and didn't like school and gave up. Being here didn't just help me educationally but the school helped me find myself better and change my perspective on the world.
I felt safe and welcome at this school because it was a small charter school with people I grew up with. Because it's a small campus, counselor interactions were really effective and personal. Although there were no football fields or basketball courts with the schools' ownership, sport clubs still existed as coaches would improvise to fulfill the school's small athletic program.
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