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Alliance high school has always been a welcomeing place in which anyone is welcomed doesn't matter what background culture, or even past you have YOURE WELCOMED! My experience with alliance have been kinda rocky since freshman year I'm a senior as of now and things are just beginning to turn out smooth. I wouldn't have gotten the drift off things if it wasn't for the teachers mostly ... Every teacher of the alliance high school works with you in various different ways EVERY TEACHER provide for you in different ways. They provide in ways from managing, supporting, COMMUNICATION, imagery, circle keeping/facilitating and even games. Alliance is a school that embellish you from the person you very first came as to a greater elevated person. My overall experience with alliance would be very satisfying. Alliance is another home, every thing comes included and that's what's loved most about it ... It's another home
I like how it gives the student a bit more freedom than other school. Everyone learns at different paces and we are not all rushed to learn something.
It's a safe place (or was, depending on how you view it) for a lot of people, but I feel it has become less so.
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I find that the current mode of reward/punishment system isn't going anywhere.

You get green slips if you are bad (this is more evenly monitored); late to class, disruptive, not doing your work.

And you get purple slips if you are good; class on time, putting up chairs. The problem id teachers have a tendency to give them out more when they see good behavior as 'improvement' instead of on a case by case bases and there is a large chance of if you are quiet about your deeds you get overlooked.
As I said, it's starting to get over run.

There is a strict no bullying policy which has worked very well, instead there is a large amount of small groups that doint intermingle very well.
It's a very small school which is quietly turning into a mess. The current school board director doesn't like charter schools and is doing his best to close it down. I've graduated but I'm still active around the school and they don't have many resources. Most of the kids don't think of going to college, and the ones that do have a tendency to get funneled into UWM.
No sports, no gym, no physical exercising of any kind.
If want to be a a art major go for it otherwise stay away.
Prison food is five star compared to what we got served.
It was a school mainly focused on being gay or being yourself that at least was well promoted and well taught.
I can only say that there is one teach at this school that cared others were in for the fame of being gay teachers teaching.
You got a A just fir showing up. There was no homework and we just go outside to eat Wendy's down the street.
Its a average inner city school sex, drugs, and gangs are not a uncommon thing.
For me it was my last year and I just wanted to get out. If the teachers cared a little more about the message of the school rather than being cool and hip people would not come out of that school not ready for the world.
The School tries to hard to have everyone be friends. Even the teachers friends students on facebook. It seems the school is trying to teach more in ways of peace and understanding, versus knowledge and common sense.
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