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Alliance Renee & Meyer Luskin Academy High School Reviews

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I would highly recommend this school to friends and family. This school provides all the needed materials for each and every individual to learn. Teacher and staff go out of thier way to make sure everyone who attends this school is being taught all the proper standards assigned.
My experience with this school can be described in one word. That word is Family. I say this because this school can make anyone feel like family and welcomed in this school. Our school might be small and not big like others. We might not have a gym or a big field but, we have diversity and humbleness at our school. Everyone knows that we want to succeed but, we all strive to push ourselves through it.
This school has nothing to offer the students. The teachers are okay but, most of the material is repetitive and new material is not taught good at all.
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Who has been eating this school so high? Have they not audited the classrooms? This is one of the worst charter schools I have observed. The work is not as rigorous as other LA charters, but even with the ease on academics many of the students still don’t do their work. I feel sorry for the kids who have the drive to thrive academically, but their parents sent them here. There’s no way they’ll be competitive when it’s time for college, a trade school or getting a job out of high school.
Being at this school caused me to be a better person and to learn to be open while my teachers were so friendly, they also cared about our lives outside of school and our future, sometimes even more than we did ourselves.
I like the school environment. Things that can be improved upon is the resources at the school. Things are limited which means education is limited.
When I'm at Luskin Academy, I feel very comfortable with all my teachers and students I interact with. I can rely on teachers if I need assistance with anything, whether it be academic or a personal matter, or even for just a casual conversation, as teachers here do not feel as if they're above the students. However, sometimes the teachers are not able to teach us students to their full capabilities due to the lack of resources available to them, and it is not their fault. The school serves as somewhat of a haven for students to enjoy themselves after school with the few after school activities available, once again due to funding.
The school is fine if you don't mind not having no variety in the classes. The counselors are great and genuinely care for the students. The school is getting more diverse so it should get better in the future.
what i liked about Luskin Academy is that it's a small school. The staff throughout the time gets to know you. It's like a small family. Teachers are very supportive. I've seen some teachers stay until 6 to help the students with what they need help with. The teachers care a lot about our future and you can see it, with the dedication they put towards every lesson. Apart from the academic part, the sports is another family. I've played soccer for this school ever since freshman. Everyone in the soccer team supports one another and pushes them to their best potential. If I had the choice to go to any high school in LA, I would choose Luskin because people here are hungry to success. They can improve this school by making the area more safer because sometimes there's people getting jumped or robbed. But other than that, teachers make a great effort for the students to receive the best education.
My school is small and has a two floor building. We have a soccer field and a sort of volleyball court.
My experience at Luskin has been good. I made friends and the teachers care about your education, if you prove it with paying attention and participation. What I like about the school is that the staff members and teachers care about you and your education. What I dislike about the school is the lack of activities. There just needs to be more afterschool activities like clubs such as drama, art, photography and a cooking club.
This school helped me prepare for college and gain more friends. I was able to come out if my shell and become more social. This school helped make me a better person and I am glad that I went there. I have made many friends over the year there and I will miss seeing them. Even though this school is not widely known or a wealthy, it is still a good place to learn and prepare you for college.
Luskin Academy is structurally a small high school, but it holds most of the best teachers I've ever known. This high school is like any other regular school, but it differs in the sense that everyone gets along. And if some students don't get along, they manage to resolve their differences without getting violent. Ever since I entered Luskin, I noticed that everyone minds their own bussines, and there is not a problem of bullying. There isn't always a wide variety of honors or AP classes offered, but teachers always go outside the box to make us college-ready, which is something that many schools do not emphasize on.
Amazing high school. Really good people there and help students a lot. Always responsible and keep students on check. They always look after the students and take precautions when they are needed. They always protect every student and make sure that they are safe.
Alliance Renee & Meyer Luskin Academy HS was an interesting place to be. It was very small, which was one of the schools disadvantages. Privacy? Never heard of that. Fun? Never felt that. School spirit? I would not even know where to begin, the school spirit was very drab & non-existent. The only thing good about the school was the people I surrounded myself with & a number of teachers I could count on one hand.
I've been going to Luskin Academy for 4 years. I am currently a senior at Luskin, and I graduate this year. I love the school so much because they know every single person in the school as an individual rather than a number in a school system.
I liked the teacher in the school and some of the school activities and the pers at mu school. But there are certaim parts of the school i dont like. Like certain things the teachers do like how they talk to students like if they were friends and not students. But other then that some teacher's give choices to the students to make up work and to actually be able to catch up but it's their own fault for not being able to do things like that.
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The principal and the assistant principal are very kind and approachable. The office staff is hard working and polite, but a handful of them are demading and rude. The same goes for the teachers. However, the counselor for the seniors is phenomenal. She helps us a lot in our road to a college education. Recently, there are many clubs, but they were nonexistent years ago. In addition, the schools do many things at the last minute. The thing I would change about the school is the food because year after year it gets worse and worse and I can not stand the food anymore.
I've been at Luskin academy for two years now and i say it needs a lot of work done. The school is great when it comes to academics but lacks culture, events, and sports. Students come from different culture but we never embrace them here as much as other schools do. For a high school we lack a lot of sports. All we have here are basketball and soccer. This doesn't bring a lot of interest to most students. At my old school i was a star volleyball and softball player. I was very disappointed when i learned this school did not have these teams. This school helps students improve their skills and expanding their knowledge. We have all required classes and we have our electives but the electives could use some work. Not a lot of students seem to be thrilled with getting electives here at Luskin, we have only 4 electives here. I would like to see more sports being brought into the school and more electives that students would be interested in. But over all it's a great school.
I like that the teacher help you out with your work if you do not understand what going on. And i would pike to change the school food.
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