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When I first started attending this school I thought that I was not going to like it because it was small. But because it was a small school, students were able to connect more with the admin and teachers. The teachers at the school knew all the students.
The school may be small but that just allows you to get to know everyone better and faster. It also has some great teachers that do care about the students and how they are doing academically.
My experience in Alliance Patti and Peter was very good. I enjoyed every single year being it that school it brought my such wonderful memories regarding a high school experience. I was introduced to an amazing group of teachers each year. Teachers that care about students well being. They always encourage students to do their very best and provide such amazing support and confidence. I meet my friends there who I love and adore very much. The students there are friends my and easy to talk too. Making friends at this school is easy since everyone is friendly. Overall Alliance Patti and Peter is a very supportive school always looking for ways to improve students lives for the better.
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The school is not only supportive but also finds it self teaching morals and principles of respect and kindness. It has great teachers and a beautiful support system which students can depend on.
Overall, my four years in this school had been great, I learned material and topics I never even thought about. I took interesting classes like psychology and criminal justice. The only think I didn’t like was the fact that the pandemic ruined my last year that was supposed to be fun. I lost the chance to go to grad night as well as prom and graduation ceremony. Other than losing my last few months of senior year, the rest was amazing. I had a blast and became friends with new people. I joined several sports and managed a lot of others as well. I discovered my passion for customizing shoes and creating art. I volunteered to help incoming freshman settle to a new bigger environment during summer bridge. I am grateful for all the opportunities that were given to me, all the lessons I learned, and all the experiences I had. I will take all of that in my heart as I walk into a new chapter in my life.
Neuwirth is definitely a school that prepares their students for College. Teachers, counselors, administrators, and staff are genuinely interested in every student. There has been a growth in school spirit over the years, and students are able to build meaningful relationships with not just each other, but with teachers as well.
Neuwirth is not all that great of a school. They do help you prepare for college, they grade the same way a college does. However they are a pretty strict school. They will confiscate your phone and any jackets that do not follow the dress code for a whole week. There food is not that great. It either taste wierd like cardboard, and aren't very appetizing. They have good teacher who help the students who are struggling or failing and are also very interactive. The school overall is small so there well be some classes that will be very full and will be put in a class that you might not like.
What I like about this school is that it is a college readiness school. This school allows many students to have a lot of opportunities. Although this school is small it gives the students a chance to know each other very well. Since students know each other very well it gives students the chance to help each other grow and gain the leadership skills. One thing I would like for this school to change is adding a little more activities or more after school groups.
This high school has a goal to get all its scholars to and through college to change the way people view those who come from low-income communities. They push there students to be professional so that they are prepared for the real world.
Offers great opportunities! For example the class of 2022 was able to visit and stay at UCLA, UC San Diego, and many other colleges in just one year. They have counselors check in on us randomly to see how we’re doing and if we are doing good in our classes.
It's a small school. that has benefits and detriments. i like that it's small because i'm used to going to small schools, so if i had went to a bigger one then I would've gotten lost. A detriment is that there isn't a lot of space and because of this we lack certain sports such as football. However, overall its a pretty good school.
I would say that my experience in Neuwirth Leadership Academy isn't the best to me I feel it normal because this school doesn't have enough things that a students can do, on a bigger school with more sport more thing a students would like to do. Also the school force you to do things that you wouldn't like to do but have to do it sooner or later.
The school overrall is great because they help you exceed and it is strict which not a lot of people like.
My experience at Neuwirth has be alright, could be better. What I like about Neuwirth is that most of the teachers are nice and push students to try their best. Also something I would like for Neuwirth to change are the rules, they're too much.
the school is good and they help you to be ready for college. student in the school get lot of support and that help them to be better when they go back to school.
This school lives up to its name in terms of college readiness. They provide several resources for students to do well in school and college. What I feel that the school falls short on is options other than college. Stigma for not going to college is unfortunate, but the school often fails to realize that college is not a fit for every student, and forcing college-related ideals does not do them good. Additionally, the school lacks control on the issue of bullying. Though the issue is not prevalent, there are some cases in which bullying can obstruct students from feeling comfortable school, which isn’t something students should be "used to". Though the school does have issues, whether they be minor or severe, Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth follows through with its mission. Recently recognized as a California distinguished school, Neuwirth promises a different road for minorities and encourages us to surpass the statistics that bind our community to hardship.
Neuwirth is a great school that allows students to grow individually and at a fast rate. The teachers are always ready to help a student in need and explain subjects at a deep level of understanding. Neuwirth is a wonderful place to grow to be a successful adult
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What i would like to see change is the staff being more respectful also the teachers because they have been very rude
Although Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy is located in a poor community where it is known for violence and gangs, the school still continues to provide the students with safety and academic programs. The students can witness and say that the administration, teachers and staffs are very caring and have an ambition for their students and want them to achieve their goals and continue on with college/university.
I like the opportunities that Neuwirth presents to the students. The staff are caring and excellent. I would say that the neatness of the
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