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What I like about my school is the fact that students work hard everyday. Students are being challenged everyday to become better. What i also like is that everyone is safe inside school. Aslso teachers and staff acre abour us and want ti see us succeed .
Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy has offered me a great experience in these past two years.The staff are kind and supportive in any way they can to help you.There's not very many changes that can be made only that there can be more sports involved in the school for everyone can have more chancs to join.
Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy has prepared me for college for the SAT, ACT, CASSPP, and to take on any AP ( Advanced Placement) classes. The school strives for there students to achieve greatness.
Review Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy
My experience at Neuwirth was satisfactory. The staff can be rude whether it was intentional, or not. There are some teachers that show genuine interest in the students, and actively prove how much they care for their success and happiness. There are also poor choices in teachers, with some that openly state they do not believe in the students. The environment at Neuwirth is very separated, as soon as school begins there are set groups of friends, and it can be difficult to fit in for a new student. Aside from that, it is evident that as a school they really emphasize the importance of college, and do an exemplary job at helping any students that need assistance.
Great school that brings students, teachers, and staff members together. Amazing extracurricular opportunities. Safe learning environment in where anyone can be who they want to be.
I loved my teachers! They cared for there students a lot. The school was very small so It made high school feel like family. I love that everyone new each other therefore the bond between everyone was great. I really appreciate the emphasis they had in going to college. They reminded you daily the importance of college. I did not like that we didnt have an actual school at the time. I also didnt like that we didnt have a field or playground to play sports. I loved the relationships students were able to build with teachers and the whole staff who work there.
I am an incoming senior at this school. I have attended this school since freshman year. This school has one aim; to make every student succeed in their future. All of the teachers and administrators focus on helping every student in a manner that helps that student out. The only flaw that I find in this school is that the food is not the best.
Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy did a great job preparing each student for college. It gave me the correct preparation academically and socially. This school gave us the preparedness because it taught us how to study, and do things on our own. We were responsible individuals who took care of school and college deadlines . If I was able to give this school a grade it would be an A plus and would totally recommend it.
The characteristic I loved the most from my school was the tremendous amount of support given to the students by other students, teachers, staff, and administrators.
My experince in Neuwirth leadership academy has been wonderful. I would have never regret having to come to this school. Freshman year I didn't want to come here, but as the end of junior year came I realized how lucky I am because of all the oppertunities they offer. What I like about this school is that they may be strict, but you would never get the oppertunites that they offer or the support they give in another school.
I like how they motivate us to do better. The staff and teachers there do not want anyone to fail. They're strict on tardies but i feel as if that is a great thing because they want us to get used to the college experience. They have this saying "late to class, late to college". That is great saying because our high school years reflect upon how we will do in college. This school is very enthusiastic about their students getting into 4 year colleges. They push us to do better everyday and very well prepare us for college with the amount of work that they give students.
What I like about my high school is that it provided many resource for my peers and I that are in preparation for college. For example, the school pays for the AP tests which encourages students to appreciate and pass the test all the more. In addition, because the campus is small, it is very easy for students to contact their teachers and receive and help. I also like that besides academic well being the school is consistently checking on our mental health being to ensure that we are okay and not overwhelmed.
What I like about Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy is the way they make sure they prepare each student for college in each grade level .
I believe that this school has a diverse amount of students with different thoughts,opinions, and goals. Everyone works hard to help you achieve your goals. Although, it would be a bigger benefit if the school offered more clubs or sports that others are able to join in.
The staff here really care about you and support you 100% The school overall is great but it is small, which can be both positive and negative. Also, the school needs more sports and clubs.
Overall my experiance at Peter and Patti Neuwirth have been good. For starters we have a good princible. Everyone thinks he is stict and mean, but I think he is the oppisite. Yes he could be mean and strict at times but he does it because he cares. He is strict so that we can be prepared for college and life. I love how the teachers make us college ready ess and a sense of urgence.
I love Alliance, this school has taught me a lot about life. The teachers are very flexible and they make students feel like if they are family. Alliance really cares about the students goals, Lexie level, SAT & ACT scores, and more. This school has helped me set my goals for the long run. Alliance offers many opportunities that help students in the future like College courses from LATTC, Trips to Univerisities. I don't have anything bad to say about Alliance. I love my school and in my opinion I think it's the best school in Los Angeles.
Review Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy
At Neuwirth what they do best is spend time with students and really focus on their academic performance. Teachers and administrators find alternative ways to teach the students and motivate them as well.
Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy is a prefect school for student who want to go to college. This school help students stay on task and help students get into colleges.
The reason I like Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy is because it is a great school to become more prepared for a college environment. The teachers, counselors and staff are motivated to guide any students with anything they need, whether it is educational or personal. This school greatly puts the student in order to persuade students to want to further their education for a better life.
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