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My experience at this school has allowed to me to expand my educational oppurtunities and to excell beyond limits to support my community and classmates.
The teachers are supportive and caring to social issues that students are facing and will help in any way they can. The education is great for all students and all teachers and administrators help in many ways to make sure a student will be able to go to college. Overall, the school is great in terms of receiving a great education.
The school is focused mainly on student academics and does not engage students in clubs and activities. There's not many sports to participate in besides soccer, basketball, track, and cheer. Most teachers care greatly about the students success and struggles both inside and outside of school.
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My experience at this school is alright. The teachers challenge the students in many ways. For example taking students out of their confort zone and making tue kids that dont participate speak. Something I would want to channge is the communication between administration and students. I feel like as a student we should be more involved.
As student in Alliance Patti and Neuwirth Leadership Academy I like our dedicated teachers are in helping students academically, but as well as in a person level. However, I would life to see change in which by providing more cultural and diversity spirit more during school hours.
What I like about the school is that it helps you with your college things and if you are failing they make sure that you are getting all the help that you need to raise it up.
This school once had school spirit but now its all gone. I miss having fun at school because I just feel so stressed now. Something I would like to change would be the annoying administration.
Overall the students are fine but most of the administration is something else. They enforce extremely idiotic rules instead of focusing on real issues. They care more about sweaters than education. And the food is terrible, but other than that my time there was fine.
A lot of the members of the administration are rude. They have a terrible attitude and expect the students to do anything they say. Some teachers at the school, however, are amazing and some of the best people ever.
I love the teachers and do believe that the school has prepared me for college. While this is true, I also think that too much work has been placed on me in my senior and junior year. It has become overwhelming and been said that they give more work ere than in college.
My experience in Alliance Neuwirth has been nothing but wonderful. The staff and teachers really care about the students. There is a lot of encouragement filled in the atmosphere of the school. Students are reminded daily about the importance of a college education. The only thing I would like to change about this school is the focus on the slightly less important things like school sweaters, and other policies that shouldn't be focused on that much.
My experience in this charter school is very well, the teachers are super cool and I feel like teach very well. Although some staff can be a little too much. Classes are fun. About the food well not much too say, it’s not too good but well it’s alright.
Great school. Teachers are very dedicated, loving, and selfless when it comes to teaching. Students have a very large input in the school, and always have someone to go to. Academics are rigorous, but only for the benefit of the student.
I am Sophomore at this school. This school has great teachers who push us to our limits. Everyday we are asked to give 110% for everything. The administartion/teachers do not allow students to fail classes. This school is a family as they care about everyone, and wants everyone to succeed.
I really enjoy being part of the school as a student. Although it may be small, compared to other schools, I really get to know others, yes that includes teachers and staff. I know how well may grades are doing and teachers really, really care about me GRADUATING from collage.
Everyone knows each other, it is easy to make friends. Teachers are helpful and want you to succeed. Teachers love their jobs and are helpful all around. LGBTQ friendly!
Alliance Patti and Peter is a great school. The staff here go out of their way to make sure that each student is being set up for success. They want us not only to gradate from high school but to also graduate from college. Here at Neuwirth students feel safe and students create clubs to make school a better place for the different pupils here.
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overall this school is great because they make sure that you are prepared for college and do their best so that all of their students attend college. All the staff at this school love the students and want to see us all succeed in life. They also make sure that we are not only good at school but also at home they care for our mental health and are always their to listen to us if we have any problems outside of school.
I like the fact that the counselors at the school are trying to get you to college and have several AP classes and push their students to take higher advanced classes.
What I like about this school is that it really does prepare you for college. This school cares about your grades alot, therefore if you want to go to college then this school is the best. It just have tiny hiccups, the staff here are rude and the principal is never around.
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