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Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy Reviews

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My experience at Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy has been a mix of wonderful and not so great experiences. Teachers and staff are very welcoming and make you feel right at home. They provide as many resources as possible to help one achieve their goals in education. Although there has been support a plenty in academics, there were a couple changes in administration over my 4 years at the school making it more complicated to build on the school spirit hemisphere. Overall this school is able to provide many academic opportunities and support that is not very common in public schools around the area.
My experience at this school has been good because its preparing me for college and also the classwork that the teachers give out. What I would like to change is the way the students go in the hallways because it is sometimes crowed and out of control because you might be late to class.
This school is good in keeping students on track with their future after high school. They keep students focused on school and only on school. The teachers are very helpful at all moments. This is a good school that I would recommend.
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What I like about Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy is academically they do well, they give students the chance to improve their grades every week, by having academic mentoring. What this school lacks is school spirit and culture, students don't like the set of rules for uniform, making kids dislike and distant themselves from the school.
The teachers at this school truly put you through a college experience; it is a challenging high school that academically prepares you for college. It only lacks social preparation of college, like all schools, but it’s a very safe school. I will warn you that this school is for students who actually want to learn and go to college, and it’s very strict for the sake of your safety and future outside of high school.
What I like about Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy was that all then teacher supported me when I was failing a class telling me i can do better Than I believe i can
Very good school, although it is extremely strict. The teachers and principal seem to really care about their student education and never want to seem them give up.
In Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy my experience is amazing and eventful because it helps me with necessary concept and skills, however I've learned so much about myself and so much about life situations.I personally like this wonderful school because they have taught so much in just by the simple things they do for me and gives me a sense of purpose.I am a person that struggle with being open and speaking what's on the mind however the schools gives me an opportunity to join many clubs.Most importantly giving back to the community/ society.I've became stronger and learn many things about myself.My childhood was very tough, I wasn't very educated when I was young because my parents didn't finish school and they told me many story on how they regret not finishing school.I appreciate everyone who has helped me build a brighter future for myself and i wouldn't change anything about.
Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leader Academy is one of the schools that support their scholars academic and personal wise. Our counselors are here to help with daily life problems such as stress, family problems, etc. One thing Alliance does best is giving their scholars opportunities to go to college trip (3 day trip) in which scholars get the opportunity to explore different colleges in order to get that feel of what will it be in college. However, one thing that APPLNA must do to create diversity in our school is to accept kids with different nationalities such as Americans, Asians, etc. Not just your typical hipanics/Latino and African American scholars. Overall, APPLNA is one of the schools I recommend for scholars like I because of the different opportunities you can get.
My experience at this school has allowed to me to expand my educational oppurtunities and to excell beyond limits to support my community and classmates.
The teachers are supportive and caring to social issues that students are facing and will help in any way they can. The education is great for all students and all teachers and administrators help in many ways to make sure a student will be able to go to college. Overall, the school is great in terms of receiving a great education.
The school is focused mainly on student academics and does not engage students in clubs and activities. There's not many sports to participate in besides soccer, basketball, track, and cheer. Most teachers care greatly about the students success and struggles both inside and outside of school.
My experience at this school is alright. The teachers challenge the students in many ways. For example taking students out of their confort zone and making tue kids that dont participate speak. Something I would want to channge is the communication between administration and students. I feel like as a student we should be more involved.
As student in Alliance Patti and Neuwirth Leadership Academy I like our dedicated teachers are in helping students academically, but as well as in a person level. However, I would life to see change in which by providing more cultural and diversity spirit more during school hours.
What I like about the school is that it helps you with your college things and if you are failing they make sure that you are getting all the help that you need to raise it up.
This school once had school spirit but now its all gone. I miss having fun at school because I just feel so stressed now. Something I would like to change would be the annoying administration.
Overall the students are fine but most of the administration is something else. They enforce extremely idiotic rules instead of focusing on real issues. They care more about sweaters than education. And the food is terrible, but other than that my time there was fine.
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A lot of the members of the administration are rude. They have a terrible attitude and expect the students to do anything they say. Some teachers at the school, however, are amazing and some of the best people ever.
I love the teachers and do believe that the school has prepared me for college. While this is true, I also think that too much work has been placed on me in my senior and junior year. It has become overwhelming and been said that they give more work ere than in college.
My experience in Alliance Neuwirth has been nothing but wonderful. The staff and teachers really care about the students. There is a lot of encouragement filled in the atmosphere of the school. Students are reminded daily about the importance of a college education. The only thing I would like to change about this school is the focus on the slightly less important things like school sweaters, and other policies that shouldn't be focused on that much.
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