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I really enjoy being part of the school as a student. Although it may be small, compared to other schools, I really get to know others, yes that includes teachers and staff. I know how well may grades are doing and teachers really, really care about me GRADUATING from collage.
Everyone knows each other, it is easy to make friends. Teachers are helpful and want you to succeed. Teachers love their jobs and are helpful all around. LGBTQ friendly!
Alliance Patti and Peter is a great school. The staff here go out of their way to make sure that each student is being set up for success. They want us not only to gradate from high school but to also graduate from college. Here at Neuwirth students feel safe and students create clubs to make school a better place for the different pupils here.
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overall this school is great because they make sure that you are prepared for college and do their best so that all of their students attend college. All the staff at this school love the students and want to see us all succeed in life. They also make sure that we are not only good at school but also at home they care for our mental health and are always their to listen to us if we have any problems outside of school.
I like the fact that the counselors at the school are trying to get you to college and have several AP classes and push their students to take higher advanced classes.
What I like about this school is that it really does prepare you for college. This school cares about your grades alot, therefore if you want to go to college then this school is the best. It just have tiny hiccups, the staff here are rude and the principal is never around.
I would want this school to change in the more diverse community. Ut would also be a better school if we would have more activities for afterschool and clubs. Parent involvment is a thing that should be inforced and i think the schools food should change. If it isbt pleasing anyone, ir should chabge.
What I like about the school is how much they help you stay inform about colleges, and how to get financial help. What I like to see change is their policy and rules, like the sweater policy and its consequences.
My experience with this school is fantastic as they have prepared me for college and other type of neccessities that will allow me to progress and succeed in the better future.
My experience here has been the best. Teachers and staff care about their students education. They give up their personal time in order for students to pass all their classes. Counselors meet one on one with students and help them complete college application. They make sure every student understands each class. They are always telling us education is the key to success.
My experience at Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy has been a great experience. Academically, this school sets students to a high standard of learning. This school gets students ready to college and sent to a 4 year university. The administration and staff is very supportive towards students. Many students feel safe while being on campus.
I like that the school provides resources for students and the staff pushes their students to do better. However, what could change could be all the irrelevant expectations. I don't think (for example) uniform would be an issue in college so uniform shouldn't be so strictly enforced in school.
What I like about my school is the fact that students work hard everyday. Students are being challenged everyday to become better. What i also like is that everyone is safe inside school. Aslso teachers and staff acre abour us and want ti see us succeed .
Alliance Patti & Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy has offered me a great experience in these past two years.The staff are kind and supportive in any way they can to help you.There's not very many changes that can be made only that there can be more sports involved in the school for everyone can have more chancs to join.
Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy has prepared me for college for the SAT, ACT, CASSPP, and to take on any AP ( Advanced Placement) classes. The school strives for there students to achieve greatness.
My experience at Neuwirth was satisfactory. The staff can be rude whether it was intentional, or not. There are some teachers that show genuine interest in the students, and actively prove how much they care for their success and happiness. There are also poor choices in teachers, with some that openly state they do not believe in the students. The environment at Neuwirth is very separated, as soon as school begins there are set groups of friends, and it can be difficult to fit in for a new student. Aside from that, it is evident that as a school they really emphasize the importance of college, and do an exemplary job at helping any students that need assistance.
Great school that brings students, teachers, and staff members together. Amazing extracurricular opportunities. Safe learning environment in where anyone can be who they want to be.
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I loved my teachers! They cared for there students a lot. The school was very small so It made high school feel like family. I love that everyone new each other therefore the bond between everyone was great. I really appreciate the emphasis they had in going to college. They reminded you daily the importance of college. I did not like that we didnt have an actual school at the time. I also didnt like that we didnt have a field or playground to play sports. I loved the relationships students were able to build with teachers and the whole staff who work there.
I am an incoming senior at this school. I have attended this school since freshman year. This school has one aim; to make every student succeed in their future. All of the teachers and administrators focus on helping every student in a manner that helps that student out. The only flaw that I find in this school is that the food is not the best.
Alliance Patti and Peter Neuwirth Leadership Academy did a great job preparing each student for college. It gave me the correct preparation academically and socially. This school gave us the preparedness because it taught us how to study, and do things on our own. We were responsible individuals who took care of school and college deadlines . If I was able to give this school a grade it would be an A plus and would totally recommend it.
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