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Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex has a very good academic environment for students to learn more and communicate with their instructors. As a student here at Ouchi High School, I am proud to say that this school is representing the college ready system because every staff and administrator attempts to guide all students. For example, this school is getting students in a habit of asking questions and communicating with the staff because college will not be easy unless you ask questions.
Ouchi is a great school with lots of school spirit and great academics. Everyone at ouchi is committed to being at school. Although it’s a small school, ouchi tries to be like any other schools and have pep rallies and a variety of sports.
its okat I guess I like it for the most part I've been coming here since I was a freshman Yeah but it doesn't have many of the things that other universities have
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My memories have been great, but once I graduate I know it will all be nostalgic. The counselors help greatly in this school and the students owe it all to them because they help their students get to college through various resources and abundance of advice. Due to the location, the safety at this school is not the complete best, but the administrators and staff do their best to keep the students safe during school hours, not much after school though. The teachers go out of their way to help their students by coming before and staying after school for the extra help that we need. Since it is a close knit school, everyone knows everyone and we all work together for the better. Although we do not enjoy the school lunch, we come together in communion during our club meetings that most people substitute for not having sports. We also come together when our school spirit comes out and we love to express it through our school dances hosted by our student body or class committees!
Although, the clubs and activities are lacking, it's still making a progress to form more clubs and sports for students to enjoy. The lessons and advice that I learned in my years at Ouchi were very helpful and informative. All the staffs and teachers are very supportive and advocates for higher education to ensure our success in college.
The school does a very good on keeping the students on track to graduate. The school's main focus is to have a high graduation rate and they execute that by offering a variety of support during and after school. All the staffs are very helpful. The school is also very small so that causes a tighter community between the teachers and students which is something great.
In this high school you can find challenging subject that would make you think that you should give up, but that's why we have teachers. There are those teachers that always try to help you with everything that they can and they don't allow you to give up the same way that they don't give up on their students.
Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan is a very small and comfortable school this school has big pride and the community is sharable there are some changes that should be made like the backpack policy.
Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex is a small school in South LA that gives opportunities to neighbor kids. Ouchi, although small, offers ASB, Student-Technology Leaders, Yearbook, and other clubs like "Manos Unidas". Counselers and teachers talk about college to their students throughout all grades. Whether it is seniors or sophomores. It also provides students with technology like iPads that we don't have at homes. However, Ouchi offers only 2 sports and 2 languages: Cheer, basketball, Spanish, and French.
This school is a really good school in terms of academics and the support that the teachers and staff provide for the students. Since the school is small, it forces the students to become closer so that there are less bariers placed between the students. Most of the students come from the same background, so this also means less bullying within the school in comparison to a larger and more spread out school. The school, however, does lack in some resources and support for some students. Some students might also get more support than other students. Other than that it's a pretty good school.
I liked the staff there, mostly the teachers. They were often very strict but organized and taught the students discipline. I made some friends here, it terms of college readiness, I feel like being in the school prepared me a lot.
Although this school is known to have one of the smallest campuses in the area, the size does not play a role on the amount of activities and opportunities available. Ouchi makes student culture a priority, they create a variety of clubs in order to aid students in feeling united in the school community. Administration knows that students want to participate in sports, therefore has made a partnership with another high school in order to open opportunities for athletic students. In regards to academics, this school is very clear with setting expectations for all students. This school also offers a multitude of classes for students who enjoy the challenge of content with an increased difficulty as well as classes afterschool taught by professors from Los Angeles Trade-Tech Community College in order to give students college credit and the experience of college level material which they'll encounter soon. This school makes students recognize the importance of an education.
Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex has such great staff that are helping me become as college ready as possible. I also believe the community in the school is the most amazing thing about this school as people care about each other.
For the most part, I enjoyed my time here at Ouchi. The Teachers at this school are very supportive and well chosen, although I do hope they change it to be all staff that provide support and not just teachers.
My experience in this school has been really good overall, I enjoy the size of the school due to the fact that we know one another. Although there is something's that need to be changed like some policies the school is really good and they have amazing teachers. This school has taught me so much like how to be college ready.
everyone here is not likable, mainly because of there really rude personalities, many people act like they really want your child to pass but actually they are just there for the money.
The 10th grade math teacher made my child cry do you know how bad i feel for her, i just wanted to give her a good education, and know my 13 yer old son has to go through that next year.
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They do not let you carry your phone even though it is turned all the way off the teachers are really rude and only show interest in some students not all, they don't really care about the kids and most of the time are two faced like the are really rude to the kids but act all soft hearted towards the parents, and you could tell that they are only their for the money - don't come to this school if you want to go to college they also give so much work to them that they do not even take consideration for the other classes that they have
This school says that they really want you to pass but that is somewhat true because you could tell that they are just there to get paid
This highschool is very small and has its restrictions on students. For example, the bathrooms in the main building can not be used during our breaks and they hire some teachers who have horrible teaching skills, some don't even have their credentials to teach. However, it does provide us with great opportunities and activities for the students. The college field trips are free and this provides us with insight about different universities that we may want to apply for when we're seniors.
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