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Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex Reviews

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While I was attending this high school, I liked that although it is an extremely small campus, there is a lot of diversity within the students which make the school a very nice place to be. The teachers really work hard to make their students succeed and do what they have to provide their students with an opportunity to grow as individuals. Something that I would like to see different in the school would be a change in food and sports, because we are not really given the opportunity to participate in sports because it is such a small school; and the I would like to see more fresh food as our lunch because so many things are microwaved and already prepared and do not provide the students with the necessary nutrients.
The atmosphere is great once you get to know people which is easy because of how small the school is. It does a good job at keeping students college ready and give expectations we expect to see later on in life. But like any other school I wish the food menu was a bit better.
This school is very diverse and everyone is very caring. The staff are always polite to everyone, such a welcoming school.
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What I love about Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex is the small environment! It allows for myself and others to maintain a tight connection and makes for a great family. However, being a small school also has its disadvantages like lack of materials which I would wish could be improved.
Teachers are very helpful in students academics, and they also build bonds betweens students. The achool also offers a lot of academic support for their students to strive.
I loved how the teachers were involved with our personal lives and they would talk to us regarding school or issues that we have. Every student cared about one another and when one was not doing well, a group of students would help their classmate succeed because our focus is for everyone to graduate.
Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 complex has been a big help to my years in high school because the councilors are extremely supportive in my academics and emotional life. It has taught me how to grow as a person and become independent. It is a school that does not easily give up on their students the staff and admin try their best to make every single student successful, which is what makes this school amazing.
At Ouchi, the teachers are very supportive on everything you do and guide you through. The school has many different college courses that students are able to apply for to earn college credit.
overall I give ouchi 3 out of 5 stars because it lacks clubs and activities. There have been terrible teachers who do not get involved with the student to make sure he/she is understanding the concept.
What I enjoy about this school is that they are always finding ways to prepare you for college and your future, Its a priority. We are set to succeed and achieve our best on everything what I would say that this school can change is the culture and overall spirit, more interaction and too see more spirit and make it a place were everyone wants to be and enjoy.
My experience as a student is amazing. The campus is very clean, even though it is small the whole school gets along pretty well.
I had a good experience with Alliance Ouchi- O' Donovan 6-12 Complex the teacher's and staff had a very good relationship with the students, the course were rigorous and highly focus on academics.
Alliance Ouchi-O'donovan is a school that puts academics first. Classrooms have around 29 students per class due to the small class size teacher can create a connection with the students. Counselors do their best to help their students academically, emotionally, and socially. The only problem that the school has is that the hallways are congested due to the small size of the school, and this also causes a lack of sports available to students. I am a sophomore I know the school pretty well the thing I would like to see change is the classes we can take but then due to the small area of the school it causes a lack of new classes so the main issue would be the size of the school.
This is a good school and it’s disappointing to see it have lower ratings than I’d expect. Ouchi is one of the better Alliance schools and there’s only a couple of good ones in LA. The curriculum is challenging, the students are very well behaved and the staff is caring. I’ve witnessed the classroom experience in many charter schools in the city and Ouchi is one of a handful I’d vouch for. There’s another Alliance school not too far away from Ouchi that absolutely pales in comparison.
Throughout my middle school and high school experience at Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 complex, I've gotten to know many staff members and peers, making up a great environment and building a very strong diversity filled with various resources, building the student's understanding of college expectations.
Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex has a very good academic environment for students to learn more and communicate with their instructors. As a student here at Ouchi High School, I am proud to say that this school is representing the college ready system because every staff and administrator attempts to guide all students. For example, this school is getting students in a habit of asking questions and communicating with the staff because college will not be easy unless you ask questions.
Ouchi is a great school with lots of school spirit and great academics. Everyone at ouchi is committed to being at school. Although it’s a small school, ouchi tries to be like any other schools and have pep rallies and a variety of sports.
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its okat I guess I like it for the most part I've been coming here since I was a freshman Yeah but it doesn't have many of the things that other universities have
My memories have been great, but once I graduate I know it will all be nostalgic. The counselors help greatly in this school and the students owe it all to them because they help their students get to college through various resources and abundance of advice. Due to the location, the safety at this school is not the complete best, but the administrators and staff do their best to keep the students safe during school hours, not much after school though. The teachers go out of their way to help their students by coming before and staying after school for the extra help that we need. Since it is a close knit school, everyone knows everyone and we all work together for the better. Although we do not enjoy the school lunch, we come together in communion during our club meetings that most people substitute for not having sports. We also come together when our school spirit comes out and we love to express it through our school dances hosted by our student body or class committees!
Although, the clubs and activities are lacking, it's still making a progress to form more clubs and sports for students to enjoy. The lessons and advice that I learned in my years at Ouchi were very helpful and informative. All the staffs and teachers are very supportive and advocates for higher education to ensure our success in college.
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