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Alliance Morgan McKinzie High School Reviews

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The system of this school is excellent like how they teach the students. As well as the teachers they help the students more when they need it. The teachers also could see when the child is struggling and they offer to assist them by anyway they will not be struggling anymore. They help you with that by having tutoring days and they could stay for more times like during their break and have an appointment to stay for another day after school with them to see what and why are they struggling.
I really liked that most teachers worked really hard so that their students understood the material and made sure that they didn’t go home confused. I would like to see the principal be more involved with the activities planned by the students, or have more clubs/sports for the students and lastly I would like to see a health class be given to the students.
Alliance Morgan McKinzie school is very good. All my brothers went to this school and I am going to this school as well, and I like it too. I just hope they can maybe give better food. Their teacher and staff are very nice and friendly. I feel safe in this school .
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It is a small school therefore you recieve more help and one on one experience with your teachers daily
After coming to this school for nearly 3 years, I can proudly say that the staff really cares about us helps is do well in school. They expect us to do great things and we deliver. the school is always clean and well maintained by not only the custodians, but the students as well. Over all I am proud to still be going to this school and I know other students that feel the same way.
My experience at Morgan Mckinzie High School has been good so far. What I really like about that school is how small the classes are so you have a lot of one on one time with your teachers so you can ask them questions just case you didn't get the lesson. Another thing I like about Morgan Mckinzie is how much the teachers and adults care about your learning experience and your grades.
School has a nice small campus. Easy to go wherever you need to. Few sports teams. Not much dedication is shown by students. Good college acceptance rate. Next to a good middle school.
This school has come to a point in motivating me to go to college and has informed us very good about collages. The class really challenge me to do better. They all talk about non related school subjects that help us understand better in class because its notbonly about school . its important to have other forms of communication as well. The teachers also always help you when you need help. They are willing to stay in for a bit if you need help.
I like how they prepare you academically and how it is small so they focus on each student more and give them more help. However, I feel like at times they hold the students' hands to the point that student drop out of college because they were not prepared.
A good trait about the school is that most of the teachers are willing to help you out in any problem that you may encounter. You may also seek advice of staff members and other faculty even though if they are not your teacher. There are a fair number of clubs available after school. The campus overall is clean and the staff make sure that there aren't any big problems in the school. A thing that would be good to see would be a greater variety of electives in the school. As well as a better meal plan.
The school really focuses on academics and college preparation. The teachers actually care about the students. And the restrooms are always clean.
The teachers are amazing and really focus on the students! When you need help they're there to help you. The class work is really easy and always reviews what you learned in class. The teachers also make sure to challenge you when it comes to test because they test your strengths and weaknesses.
This school is very small and it gives opportunities to people in East LA. It expects the students to do well in school and they understand this area of Los Angeles has a lot of crime.
Something i would want to change in the school is the food, but besides that the school keeps everyone on track and since it is a small school theres a lot of time for teachers to help the students, on one on one.
My experience at this school has been well. There are good teachers and it is a safe environment. One of the things I don't like is the food.
This school has amazing teachers that believe in you and will help you in any way.The faculty is very helpful and they are on you and don't ever let you come late. The school food could be better but the lunch ladies are very nice . The teacher are friendly and they help you not only with school but any problem that you have outside of school. This school in a way is like a family because it is small and everyone knows each other.
The staff are very helpful and are committed to the students. Also, they have parents be constantly engaged into their child's education.
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Well from experience, i can definitely say that its a pretty great school. Personally, this school was ideal for me because of the excellent teachers, academics, and teacher to student attention. Unlike other schools, this school provides very well maintained materials and internet access in order to complete projects or do research. Another thing i really appreciate is the food they provide for us which is better than other schools. Lastly the most important, in my opinion, is the college readiness the teachers and the overall school promote.
My experience at this High School has been pretty good. They keep you for mandatory tutoring after school if you are failing your classes and have friendly teachers. The school overall is pretty clean and classrooms are small.
I like that it’s a small school so there’s a huge possibility of making friends/ talking to mostly everyone faster than in an average school. I just don’t like that you can’t wear certain color of shoes or sweaters with huge logos (ex. A Thrasher hoodie) .. or wear ripped/ hardly ripped jeans for free dress. (Dress code is very strict)
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