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This school is very small and it gives opportunities to people in East LA. It expects the students to do well in school and they understand this area of Los Angeles has a lot of crime.
Something i would want to change in the school is the food, but besides that the school keeps everyone on track and since it is a small school theres a lot of time for teachers to help the students, on one on one.
My experience at this school has been well. There are good teachers and it is a safe environment. One of the things I don't like is the food.
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This school has amazing teachers that believe in you and will help you in any way.The faculty is very helpful and they are on you and don't ever let you come late. The school food could be better but the lunch ladies are very nice . The teacher are friendly and they help you not only with school but any problem that you have outside of school. This school in a way is like a family because it is small and everyone knows each other.
The staff are very helpful and are committed to the students. Also, they have parents be constantly engaged into their child's education.
Well from experience, i can definitely say that its a pretty great school. Personally, this school was ideal for me because of the excellent teachers, academics, and teacher to student attention. Unlike other schools, this school provides very well maintained materials and internet access in order to complete projects or do research. Another thing i really appreciate is the food they provide for us which is better than other schools. Lastly the most important, in my opinion, is the college readiness the teachers and the overall school promote.
My experience at this High School has been pretty good. They keep you for mandatory tutoring after school if you are failing your classes and have friendly teachers. The school overall is pretty clean and classrooms are small.
I like that it’s a small school so there’s a huge possibility of making friends/ talking to mostly everyone faster than in an average school. I just don’t like that you can’t wear certain color of shoes or sweaters with huge logos (ex. A Thrasher hoodie) .. or wear ripped/ hardly ripped jeans for free dress. (Dress code is very strict)
I love this school these 3 years have gone by pretty fast as if like yesterday i was still a freshman
What I really like about my school is that the staff helps the students achieve great success in their classes and it offers a great learning environment. However, since it's a small school so there are not a lot sports except volleyball.
Most Alliance schools are looked down on because they do not excel in sports, but sports are not always importance because academics are what should truly matter. That is the problem with public schools, they put more attention to sports rather than putting funds into the education of the students. In Alliance schools, particularly this one they make you feel like if you are one small family. The staff is there for you when you need them and in this school I met friends who I know consider family. Since it is a small school I was able to trust the staff and they were there for me when my home was falling apart. This school focused plenty on academics that most of the graduating students attended a four year university.
In the school of Alliance Media Arts and Entertainment Design High School it was the most united school. Everyone on campus was so close to one another. The seniors were always so friendly with the incoming freshman. I liked how everyone were friends. They also had some fun activities at the end of the school year. The only thing i disliked was the food and teachers were leaving after a year.
At this school I would like to see less discrimination. The school district should also consider the very social office ladies who seem to always be more concern about others life than how the school within it self can be improved. Lastly the ASB and other clubs should show more spirit in order for the school to be a fun place to spend time at and not just a jail type of situation.
High on teacher spirit, but low on student spirit.
Teachers are diverse and inspire student life.
This school is best at keeping the kids to act right. With all the cameras that they have students can't really do much. The fact that they call your house when your absent, makes you attend school. They do "random searches" every other day so we can really hide anything.
The clubs at this school are good and their are many clubs, but we need more sports. ASB tries to do their best to get people involved and the robotics club is dong great.
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In the school i just graduated from, students were very focused on their education as well as their parents. Parents in my community actively push their children to working harder in school. I personally wouldn't do this high school in particular all over again because the school really doesn't have spirit and the food that they feed the students isn't good. The fact that its 2 hour classes everyday makes me choose this decision.
The teachers at my old school were great at doing their job. The teachers deeply cared for their students and would set up time to help them if they needed help and would interact with students.
The school has cameras around the entire campus. It's not possible for something to go unnoticeable. Teachers are always aware of what goes on in their classrooms. It's just a safe place to be.
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