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Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield Technology Academy High School Reviews

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Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School is a very education-centered school because it prepares and motivates student to attend to college. I also think the school culture feels safe. The only change I would like too see in this school would be to have more space for activities, such as sports.
The faculty and teachers at Bloomfield are simply amazing, going out of their way to ensure that there is a friendly school enviroment and encouraging all students to try their best and get geared towards college readiness levels.
This school is great for those who want to succeed and get prepared for college. Teachers go out of their way and have tutoring for those students who want to succeed and who care about their education. Although this school is somewhat new and hasn't developed fully in sports, it provides students with resources to help them strive in their education. We have access to technology to help us do our classwork.
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Its a great school where academics is the main focus and no matter how far behind you may be its not to late to catch up. They help students apply to college and prepare them for the act and sat and i would highly recommend this school to students because of how much effort they put into making the students get into a good college .
Its a good school for average people. Has the potential to excel within the academic barrier. The teachers and staff are very much capable of handling the students, they allow for a better academic setting as well. In regards to resources, they do well.
I have had great connections with the teachers there they have also helped me a lot during these four years. The only thing they could change to make it even better is build it bigger hallways gets crowded which means that there is pushing everywhere.
My experience while being in Bloomfield high school was good because even though it was a small school I was still able to learn new things and experience new sports such as cheer leading. What I would change about this school is that there should be more clubs for students to join and sports.
Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School, is not only an excellent school when it comes to the education provided but also to the type of connections you make. Through this school I was able to create strong bond with my teachers which made my experience in this school better. Here, the teachers and all the staff are truly passionate about our education and that is something that not every school has. A lot of the school don't care whether or not an individual graduates or passes a class and here, their main focus is not only to get us college ready but also get us to that point where we believe in our self and ensure that we will not only get into college but also graduate from college. With this being said, because my education to me is extremely important and in this school the education of a kid is the priority, to me this school is one of the best schools.
Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield Technology Academy High school has opened me with new opportunities. I have been offered AP classes, college classes, and honors classes.
My experience at this school has been great so far. This school has always been kept up with keeping us college and career ready which I love. They all focus on our academics and ensuring that we are doing other stuff as well which would look good on our college applications. The only thing that I would change about it is the clubs it offers such as the sports which are limited to only 2 or 3 and I would like to see a variety of them.
I really enjoy that in Bloomfield both teachers and counselors make sure that we are prepared for college. That has greatly benefited me because without them, I would be lost in the process. The only thing that I would like to change would be the school-spirit since not many people have any.
what I like about Alliance Bloomfield High school is that they have great teachers and provide important resources for their students such as ipads, chromebooks, and mac books. This high school was recently built so it is prettier and cleaner than most high schools out there. Apart from that, considering that this school is new, they are open for change and always look for new methods that will help students be college ready. If there is one thing I would change, it would be to include more sports, since the school focuses a lot on the academic area, sometimes they forget about encouraging students to join sports or clubs.
The environment at this school is fantastic. The class sizes are small, between 20 to 30 students, and this gives time for each student to have a one on one conversation with the teacher. As a result, students can express what they do not understand with the teacher and other students as well, and expand their mind endlessly. Furthermore, this school offers a friendly environment, the teachers are serious during class, but outside in the hallway, you can give them a high five, crack jokes, and have a normal conversation that does not have to do with the school. Overall, this school has made me grow both academically and personally. Any student who attends this school should be thankful because the schools around us do not offer the number of opportunities this school offers.
It's a really good school with excellent teachers. They actually care about how well you do and they will try their very best to make sure you do well. We have plenty of security guards so I don't feel like a school shooting will happen anytime soon. Furthermore, our principal rewards us when we perform really well on tests like the CAASP. She gives us extended lunches, free dress, and late entry. They take our education very seriously at this school.
I have been in Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield Technology Academy High School since the beginning of its opening. Throughout the years the school had been incomplete lacking activities along with the other higher grades such as 10th, 11th, and 12th. But as the years passed, the school started to get bigger alongside new teachers, students, and activities. The school had gotten better each year. It had given many chances to exceed my expectations and my limits as a student here and hope other students find this high school to get the chances they desrve in life.
My High School experience was good because my school had good supporting system that made me get through my four years of school. It is a good academic school that gets you ready for college and it is important to be prepared.
Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School is the only high school i attended and it was a great experienced, the academic challenges and goal they had at the begging of the year to the ones they are achieving this year are my favorite part. The Bloomfield staff it is really passionate with their work, one of the teachers goals it is to see every of their students to get into college. Bloomfield High School it is a wonderful school to be in, even though it needs some changes, such as the staff and the school it is too strict with the students and their rules.
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Something that I like about this school is that it is small which is convenient to me since it is easier to get to my classes. I also like that this school informs you about deadlines for college applications and enforces the seniors to apply to scholarships. The school also promotes the students to be involved in community services which benefit the students. Another thing that I enjoy about this school is that the teachers make sure that you know what your grade is and help you if you are struggling with the subject. Tutoring is also enforced in this school in order for the student to not fall behind and be able to lift up their grade.
The education is really good and the teachers are great. Considering it is a fairly new school, there are somewhat a good amount of activities. However, I wish there was more school spirit among everyone.
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