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I love how much the staff and teachers show they care for their students. I see students and teachers getting along. There are some things every school could change. One is having a bigger school. Also, I would love there to be more class options like more Foreign Language classes (other than Spanish) and classes like Psychology.
I liked the small environment that the school provided for its students, this helped everyone feel cared for and gave an assurance that would exceed as students.
Stern Mass overall is an amazing school. The teachers and students are friendly and very supportive. You meet your councler one on one and get advice from he/she. There is help offered after school if needed.
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Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School provides students with a great education with free tutoring opportunities in all subjects every day. Although, this school is not diverse the college readiness prepares you for college and the teachers help you understand not memorize.
Marc and Eva Stern Mass is a great school. In particularly the teachers and the principle stay in touch with their students to ensure that every one of their students is prepared and ready with the essential tools to succeed in college, and the rest of there career. This will mark my 4th year attending Marc and Eva Stern Math and science High School and feel that they have prepared me for the hardest things that wait for me.
Alliance Stern MASS is home to the Mighty Titans; Small but strong. My experience of this school is great but the students should get some lockers so they don't lose any of their belongings.
As a high school junior I am very much involved in my school and concerned about my education. Attending Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School has given me opportunities I could not have received anywhere else. I have been introduced to a plethora of cultures and experiences that have changed who I am as a person. This is a school where students are prepared for college excruciatingly well and are shaped into better versions of themselves to succeed in society.
Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School is a great school with plenty of resources that open new opportunities for students. One change I would like to see would be that of having more after school clubs or activities for students and parents.
This school is very involved with students and always makes sure that each one is doing the best that they can. They make sure that students are on a good path to college and that they will get into a university or college
After being here four years, I can say that Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School is only good if you go above and beyond to make sure that you succeed. Teachers do not care if you pass their class or not as well as they do not care if you understand the material.
Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science school is the best high school anyone can attend. The teachers care about your education and try to help you in any way. They also provide a variety of AP classes that will help you be prepared for college readiness. Sports and clubs are also offered at this school to help be involved in stuff outside of school hours.
I like the academics as it's a great school to learn as the teachers actually care about you and your education.
Stern Mass is a school that does its very best to encourage its students to achieve their long term goal at the end of their 4 years. This is done by allowing minority students to get all the resources they need, and even those who are not part of that group, receive program applications and motivational speakers. Stern MASS is indeed a school I love and will continue to, for the next two years of my journey here.
Most of the teachers are really supportive and they want you to do your best. The food isn't too good I sometimes don't eat food because of it. There isn't to much diversity being majority Hispanic and there is only select few of any other race, although it doesn't make a difference on how they are treated. Overall I've had a good experience.
Alliance Marc & Eva Stern Math & Science is relatively small in size. This helps benefit some students by making them feel more comfortable in the school environment and it makes them feel safer. Most of the teachers do their job well.
Overall I would recommend this high school to others. If you are looking for a small high school with genuine teachers and staff this is a great option!
I personally feel like my time at Stern MASS is very well spent because the teachers have a strong ability to teach someone who is unmotivated to be motivated in school. The teachers are very interactive with their students, whether it be by talking with them in the hallway, or even being advisors for extracurriculur activities.
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My experience so far at this school, Alliance Marc & Eva Stern Mass has been nothing but positive, I've been set for the right track of going to college and I've also been taught how to manage time with being in a sport and AP and honors classes. The only thing I would change is the size because it can be a big change from such a small school to a huge college.
Stern Mass is a great school for those students wishing to help themselves excel in their academic career. The standards for every student are set higher than many other high schools regarding academics. The social life is great as there are a good amount of clubs and sports teams available. The instructors are top notch; they want to help you succeed and will go out of their way to help. The office staff are amiable and always develop friendships with the students. The school itself is small and densely packed, as a result, many of students know one another, so if you're a shy person, it's an amazing school to break out of your shell. Overall, Stern Mass helped me very much to unleash my potential. If would have chosen to go anywhere else, I don't think I would be in college today.
I overall like my school, Alliance Marc & Eva Stern Math & Science because it most importantly prepares me for college, because it is college readiness. Although it may be a hard school to go to, it helps you a lot, much better than a private schools. This school teachers stay for Office Hours after school and help students out if they have any questions or help with an assignment they are doing. The only thing that I wished that it was better at was the food, sports and the variety of classes. They sometimes give good food but not always, they only have certain sports, they don't have baseball or football, and they only have certain and specific classes that you have to take, their are no such thing as picking your classes.
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