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During the time in this high school , I like the fact that this school has a goal to make everyone graduate and go into a good college for them . One thing that I would change is the uniform policy because they over exaggerate with hoodies .
I need to see changes in the food, some of the rules they have and they need more school activities that us students would like because school is very stressful and boring and there's not much going on.
At Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School I am encouraged to further my education by being provided with many opportunities to better my future.
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At Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School I think that the school does a pretty good job in the academics department because it helps me further my education to have a better future.
I have had a fair experience with Burton Tech. The diversity is very bad here, the majority of the school is hispanic. The food is terrible, but as far as learning new things everyday and preparing us for college it is great.
I have been going to this school for 3 years, great environment and i feel safe here. They are very strict with the uniform, and grades
In this school, the expectations on behavior and your performance in academics are pretty high. The teachers try to push you to your limits and expect you to exceed that. Although this school has the typical classes (english, math, etc),, the clubs here an help you find your likes and dislikes. This school has clubs such as cheer, basketball, XC, band, ASB and many more. They give you the opportunities to help you find not only your passion, but the opportunities to enter college.
I loved how it encourages you to try your best, and how it's set at a more duration, where we have a longer school day and longer school day than most public schools, so it prepares you.
My experience in Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School has been both good and bad. There are a variety of reasons why I say this, one of the good reasons would be because this school helps us a lot. Burton Tech, short name for the school, helps us by giving us a lot information about college. It helps us see the benefits into why we should go to college and also helps us apply to colleges when its almost time for us to go to college. Not just that but out school also helps us get ourselves together and obtain good grades. One of the bad things about Burton Tech would be that they have so many rules and restrictions. Overall I rate my experience at Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School 4 stars because of the benefit I get from this school and many other reasons, the reason I would not give it 5 stars is because of the rules as I previously explained.
My experience so far has been great. The teachers care about their students' progress and overall achievements. They do have strict rules, but it is all for the benefit of the students.
Burton Tech is a very good school. They help you out with Scholarship and many more stuff about Colleges. They are Strict when it comes to our education. If you don't have good grades they would transfer you to a different school so you can catch up on your credits. I feel like they should at least give us some lack with the homework and the projects
I personally believe the state of this school is not in the best conditions and does indeed require a great amount of work. The school may go to good efforts of helping its students be academically ready for college, but it does not prepare them for the actual way college life will be. The school tends to hand a lot of the information to the kids and then proceed to blame them for being "spoon fed" with info.
Along with its very unusual college preparing it also has very awful rules set in place. The students are not allowed to wear hoodies or ripped clothing depriving them of their 5th amendment which entitles them to freedom of liberty to wear anything as long is it abides y the law or is not considering public indecency. Therefore making the school on constitutional and arguably un-american.
I would want to change the students that attend this school because they're awful. We can't wear hoodies, or red and blue, but that's not that bad, but i mean, if we want to get shot, that's our problem, deadass.
My experience at Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School has not been the best. The teachers, especially the newer ones, are very unorganized and unprepared. They lose massive amounts of work and papers, and still input poor grades for them. The school also has unreasonable policies, especially when it comes to dress code. Students are not allowed to wear hooded sweatshirts and are forced to buy their expensive sweaters or spend money that most of us cannot spend on a sweater.
Burton Tech is an amazing school. It pushes us as students to want to do better. There is many staff available to help the students with anything. Staff are always around to make the students feel welcomed and to help students with any personal problems.
Burton Tech is a small community of many ethnicities and unique people. Because of the small amount of space that we have it is easy to go to one place to another. Most of the students are friendly and would help each other out so everyone can succeed together.
The school is too small.The halls are crowded.The food is terrible.The teachers give you an hour for the smallest thing.If you're late by 1 minute you get 1 hour of detention.
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As I current student at this school, my opinion may seem very biased. Nevertheless, I have seen and heard about other schools and I want to approach this in neutral stand point. The school is very small which helps make sure students are in class and that teachers are able to get to know their students better. When it comes to privacy, the school and staff member are excellent with that, however, rumors and such spread quickly. Academically, the school ensures and highly encourage students to pursue a profession or degree. Most of the senior who graduated last year, were accepted into a 4 year college/university. The school's alliance provide a standards on their own which push students for success. One of the biggest down fall of this school would have to be the lack of a gym and decent school lunches.
The school is alright because there is things that can help you out and there is also things that are not good. But the things about school and the learning is good because they care about what we do with our education.
This school is very good for people that want to go to college. They also offer good teachers that will help you better understand a subject. This is a very great school to attend.
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