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Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School Reviews

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I enjoyed my experience at Burton Tech for the most part. It provided the right resources to help me attend a 4 year university.
Well I really have enjoyed my past two years that I've attended here in Burton Tech. Even though the school may have some flaws I feel like with little time the school and continue to improve with the help of students and administration.
Great school, teachers really care about your education and your success. Many teachers will go out of their way to ensure that students get the best education they can.
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I would like to see the students United and working together. Overall it is a very good school that prepares it's students for College and offers many clubs and sports for all students. The teachers and staff make sure every student is going well and helps them when they need it.
What I like about Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School is that this school support you a lot and help you when you need it. Burton Tech High School have fun activity afterschool and clubs.
I attend Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School and i feel like this school is average. I rated this school average because the education they give me is good, it is higher than what they give in other schools around my area. However, they are too strict. They have rules like hoodie rules that don't affect our education but we still have to follow them. In addition, the food is not good at all. In the other hand, i am glad to attend this school since it provides better education for me, the teachers are caring, and i enjoy playing for this school's soccer team.
I like Burton Tech because of the help students get academically. I like that we have an anti bullying group that advocates against bullying. There are many clubs to join and lots of opportunities for extra credit and community service. However I would like for Burton Tech to have more foreign language classes.
I would like the hoodie policy to change, we aren't allow to wear hoodies or we get detention hours.
Out of all of the schools in this area, Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology offers the most immersive and supportive educational system yet. Teachers and staff truly care about their students and their success not only in school, but in their futures as well. The school offers the students numerous resources, and has clubs that vary from JSA, to music, being inclusive to all of the students.
I'm a Junior at Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School and so far attending this school has been a fun and educational experience. Since this high school is not a large school and is not occupied by tons of students, it allows the teachers and administrators at the school build strong relationships with the students and their families.
My experience at Burton Tech has been very good. The school is small so it allows you to have a more personalized experience and a more one on one education. You get to know students and form a family amongst everyone. It does not feel like going to school, it truly feels like going to your true second home.
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School isn't the best school, but it is definitely better than most of the schools around the South Central Los Angeles area.
The grading scale is very difficult but I do kind of like it because the school is challenging me to do my very best. It's preparing me to do the best I could,not only that but they help out a lot like if you aren't passing your class you stay after school for tutoring to help you understand the method/standard better. I like that the school is clean, it isn't dirty or tagged like other schools. The school is welcoming as well, the staffs and students are friendly. Whenever we meet up to have a class (2020) meeting, they talk to us on how to improve and they even give us rewards for the great things we do.
My experience in Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Tech. has been quite excellent so far. It may not be located in the best area, but I'm proud to say that I attend this amazing school. Burton Tech gives students the opportunity to join clubs, sports, organizations, and more. This includes specialized advisories like STEM and ASB, after school clubs like C.A.R.E. Project and MAPs, and sports like basketball and soccer. Burton tech also has great teachers that are approachable, down to earth, and fair. The sole purpose of this school is to provide students with a great education and prepare them for college. This high school is amazing overall, however, a change I would like to see in this school would be more diversity. The majority of students are hispanic. A school that consists of varied ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds can help us, students, learn from one another and better ourselves in our studies with different individuals with different perspectives and minds.
I would like to see the teachers be more active with the students because I feel like may teachers don't talk to all of there students. What I like about the school is that the environment inside is very friendly, the students and the staff members. Another thing that I like would be the way the school is always clean and really cares about us recycling and making sure we put our trash away and not leave a mess.
This schools has provided me with the guidance and support I need to achieve in my classes. The school does a good job in getting to know their students and allow us input on how to improve the school. Overall, my years in this school have been good. I have learned and they taught me how to be college-ready. I feel like the school provides the same level of education as any other high class school.
Throughout my three years of enrollment in this high school, I experienced new friendships and group communication. I learned how to take leadership in group projects and I learned how to be outgoing because of presentations during class. Exams and quizzes has really tested my knowledge of A-G subjects as a junior. What I like about the school, is that there is safety rules and offers college courses. I obtained college credit in Engineering Graphics and currently, I'm enrolled in Understanding Addictions which is 3 units. I would to see the school expand its size of campus, see more students engage around the school, and a variety of college courses to offer.
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The school is very accepting and very understanding. The teachers and staff make this school a lot more better because of the fact that they are very engaging with the students and would help the students with anything that they have issues with.
My experience at Judy Ivie Burton Tech has been great so far. I feel like this school has been helpful to my education. I do believe that Judy Ivie Burton Technology High School has prepared me to succeed in college. However, something I would like to see change is giving the students more of a voice when polices are changed.
The school is quite small so there's less students and plenty of staff. The counselors are usually available to speak to, and can be controlled easily due to the school being so small. The staff are filled with positive, friendly staff which are dedicated to providing students the best education possible.
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