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Most of the teachers in this school are trustworthy as well as the staff. They take their seriously but they also have a close relationship with students. I would like to see the rules change because they abuse their powers.
I have been a student here at Burton tech for about 3 years and I highly recommend it to parents who want their students to attend college.
During my high school years, I liked that the staff gets to know you really quickly. Since the school is really small, by the first semester, every new grade level is well known. A difference I would like to see in the school would be the food because its terrible.
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Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School is a very
helpful school when it comes to education. Their main goal is to get you to a 4 year college when you get to your senior year and they really prepare you throughout all of high school when it comes to school and sometimes life. The school lunches are pretty bad and they took away the vending machine but other than that this school is pretty good. Although the rules may be strict and detention is handed out like the amount of homework they give you the school just wants you to get ready for the real world.
I am currently a junior in this school it's not perfect, but then again what school is. The teachers here really do prepare you for college, the only thing is that they're limited. There's not a large variety of sports, clubs, and classes.
My experience in my current high school had been good and bad, like very school we have our ups and our downs. What I would like for them to change are some of their dress code policies.
My experience at Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School has been overall very great since we're very motivated from our teachers to finish high school and to go to our post secondary education.
The school itself has a clean learning environment and the seem to some degree respect their teachers and peers. Yet the school could improve more by listening to their students more often. While the students have to be more united if they want to achieve anything in their school years.
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School is a great school. The staff go out of their ways to make sure we each get an opportunity to get into great colleges. They make us set our goals higher than we normally would.
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School is a School that shows discipline in very unusual matters. Staff members take everything very seriously and favor students. They seem to be stuck up. Yet after saying those things they do care for the students and they personally believe they are doing good for them. Teachers are very helpful and do their job and sometimes more than it.
The school is much smaller than your typical high school, however, what they lack in space they make up for in academics. The school really strives for students to become college-ready and even assist their students in any way possible throughout their academics. There have been many college courses offered by the counselors that the students can take after school to earn college credit, which I myself have taken advantage of as well! The teachers are very supportive and wish for their students to succeed, with such a small student body, teachers are able to work more closely with students.
Coming from a LAUSD school i would say that Burton Tech is a great school because they care about you, your education, and they help you with college, not only that but you can actually get the chance to talk to your counselor. They help you apply for scholarships and many requirements for college.
For me, I've been ranked the highest all these years so far, so I'm most likely going to be valedictorian of my class, giving a speech. I would say this school is good, but it really depends on how students perform; I act and behave well, so I do well. Many students don't like taking responsibility, so they blame their failures on the school, but really it's not the school's fault. This school offers sports and college classes after school, as well as a lot of tutoring and an ACT preparing program.
This school is a great school because the teachers help you to be able to pass the class and they give you tips when you go to college and they help you be prepared to go to college.
I enjoyed my time there, the teachers are invested in what you want to do. The facility is always clean and I always felt quite safe going to school.
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School is a great school for students who want to make sure that they are prepared for the colleges of their choice. The administration provides the necessary resources and classes that will guarantee them acceptance to a good college or university if they are willing to put in the effort. However, I think some aspects can still be improved, such as the number of sports to choose from, the variety of food, and the number of clubs to join.
What I like about my school is that we have access to many available resources such as iPads and laptops. It stays looking very clean in bathrooms, hallways, and classrooms. My school motivates us to go to college and helps us out on applying to collages and scholarships. After school programs are available such as Art, Gardening, helping out the community, etc. We are given the opportunity to take collage courses here in school such as, Art class and Robotics which will give us college credit.
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I've been at this school three years already my experience has been different then most. I can't complain everything so far has been good, the only thing about the school is that the staff/administrators are strict about little things. The teachers here are somewhat helpful, like I said we have different views on this but this school is ok.
During the time in this high school , I like the fact that this school has a goal to make everyone graduate and go into a good college for them . One thing that I would change is the uniform policy because they over exaggerate with hoodies .
I need to see changes in the food, some of the rules they have and they need more school activities that us students would like because school is very stressful and boring and there's not much going on.
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