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Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School Reviews

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I am currently a junior at Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School. I have enjoyed my 3 years there because of the high quality education I feel I am receiving. I like the fact that because the school is a much smaller school than those in the same area, students and the staff build strong connections. I feel that since its a smaller school, there is more order and the staff have more control. Although I feel the school is really great, two things I would change is more consideration for the students ideas/suggestions for the school rules and more diversity in the students.
I like that this current high school that I'm attending gives students the opportunity to choose what classes are best suited for them. In addition, that this school betters you for college and gives you many resources if needed. Would like to see later on that the school changes its policies on school attire.
At 7:40am students are on their way to advisory. The halls get crowded since it is a small school. Advisory is for like about 40 min , after advisory we go to our classes with very good teacher. One of the teacher Mr. Valdez is a very respectful man,he shows a lot of compassion towards his students and his job. He's understandable and his class is my favorite and also history class with Ms.Villafana . During nutrition and lunch students eat and socialize , sometimes on Fridays,we have music playing which lifts a lot of people up from a stressing week. Its a very good school although the administration sometimes passes the line , like they exaggerate on rules and every year there's policies that change. the encouragement they give us to go to college is excellent and how they show us that even if i live in the south side of LA with less opportunities than others, i can still be a surgeon one day. Overall this is a good school.
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What I like about this school is that they are on top of students about their grades and their plans about college and their future. They do not tolerate any bullying and they except every single person for who they are.
This school is a great school that provides a quality education in this neighborhood. The staff and teachers actually care about your education and your success
I like some of the staff and the school is very nice but there are a certain staff members that can make your experience distasteful.
My experience at Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School has been great. The teachers are very kind and helpful. The principal is very kind as well. The school has a variety of clubs you can participate in and many sports you can join. Overall, the school is amazing, the only thing I would say that I dislike so much is the food.
Burton allows college resource help to be college ready. Attending burton gives me or allows me to have a good education but there is much activities that may excite me as much but besides that they prepare you to be college ready.
This school is one of the best schools I've to been to in all my life. I am currently a junior at this school and the amount of help the school gives you is incredible. This school guides you through your high school academic career and seeks all possible opportunities and contributions to your cause. However, this school does get strict and sometimes unreasonable with its rules.
I like the education they offer to the students such as calculus ab and bc. I dislike the food and they need to improve it a lot.
This school has a very nice learning environment, with very dedicated teachers and staff helping students and making sure they receive the education they deserve. In my honest opinion I would highly recommend this High School to any student, as it would be a step in the right direction.
I enjoyed my experience at Burton Tech for the most part. It provided the right resources to help me attend a 4 year university.
Well I really have enjoyed my past two years that I've attended here in Burton Tech. Even though the school may have some flaws I feel like with little time the school and continue to improve with the help of students and administration.
Great school, teachers really care about your education and your success. Many teachers will go out of their way to ensure that students get the best education they can.
I would like to see the students United and working together. Overall it is a very good school that prepares it's students for College and offers many clubs and sports for all students. The teachers and staff make sure every student is going well and helps them when they need it.
What I like about Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School is that this school support you a lot and help you when you need it. Burton Tech High School have fun activity afterschool and clubs.
I attend Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School and i feel like this school is average. I rated this school average because the education they give me is good, it is higher than what they give in other schools around my area. However, they are too strict. They have rules like hoodie rules that don't affect our education but we still have to follow them. In addition, the food is not good at all. In the other hand, i am glad to attend this school since it provides better education for me, the teachers are caring, and i enjoy playing for this school's soccer team.
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I like Burton Tech because of the help students get academically. I like that we have an anti bullying group that advocates against bullying. There are many clubs to join and lots of opportunities for extra credit and community service. However I would like for Burton Tech to have more foreign language classes.
I would like the hoodie policy to change, we aren't allow to wear hoodies or we get detention hours.
Out of all of the schools in this area, Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology offers the most immersive and supportive educational system yet. Teachers and staff truly care about their students and their success not only in school, but in their futures as well. The school offers the students numerous resources, and has clubs that vary from JSA, to music, being inclusive to all of the students.
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