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Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School Reviews

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The school offers so many programs. College courses, programs that may be part of your interest such as fashion designing, etc. Burton Tech is a technology based school. Burton Tech might not be a school with many sports but the schools is dedicated in working hard to make each and every student happy. If you attend this school the help and support you in your education. Literally take education seriously, the staff might be strict but they are that way for a brilliant reason. Such as not letting yourself be distracted and focused on school so you can be successful. The area the School is located may not be the best but this school makes sure you are safe the staff care about each and every students safety.
This high school provides the best education for incoming student. The school is smaller and the teachers connect with the students.
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School has been great the staff supports me with anything i need help on. the school offers lots of clubs and activities to choose from. the school has volley ball, basketball, and soccer for both boys and girls. the school pays close attention on the student to see if there ready for college or not
Review Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School
What I liked about it is that the food was good, don't get me wrong but most schools have bad food but this one was really good. We get the support we need from staff and teachers. There will be always someone to push your limits and help you succeed. The school is very strict but that's just because the school wants everyone on track. If there is ever a problem there will always be someone to talk to. The sports are great to join and the after school programs are good. Every teacher, staff, and most students are friendly.
Its a really good school, the staffs help you so much when it comes to failing in class. They give you the best support for you to achieve. Even though it is a small school, sometimes smaller is better.
When first coming to alliance I didn't feel any strong feeling towards it, I was indifferent. After spending almost 4 years in this high school, I was able to gain some true life experience and made great long time friends. Although the food isn't sometimes great the school tries their best and makes the best out of everything.
The school overall does and outstanding job on teaching its students. There may be some unfair rules that anger some students, but the administration is there to listen to our opinions.
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology is a great school. It is not a school where an "ordinary hood kid" would want to go because of their strict rules and the goals they set for their students. Burton tech which the school is mostly known by, is a great school, its a school that was meant to get kids out the hood. They give them opportunity and hope, its just the students job to go with the schools flow. This school is not meant for everybody. This school is for kids who will try and never give up, and want to see themselves living in beverly hills 20 years from now.
My experience in Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School has been good so far. All the teachers and staff treat students with respect and so do we. The class work is challenging, but all of it pays off in the end since this school will prepare us to go to college. I am currently a junior at this school but if I could convince a friend or family member to come her I would. The only downside to this school is it is small, but other then that every thing else is ok.
Burton Tech is a college ready school and definitely prepares you really well to what college environment is like. To add on to, this school makes sure we take all our A-G class requirements to graduate. Furthermore, our counselors always meet up with us to make sure we are performing our best academically. Honestly in my opinion for a school that is in South Central Los Angeles it is the best school I have attended and performed the best in.
A change I would like to see it to keep adding more opportunities to the students that attend this school because they are beneficial for an individual's future career or even just help them know that there are options.
Burton Tech is definitely a school that's meant to prepare you for the future and for college, the teachers there pushes everyone of their students to strive and reach their goals. However, one thing I would change about the school is that I'd like to have a strong school culture so students can enjoy their time at school and have fun every now and then instead of constantly bring stressed out.
Well I am a senior in Judy Ivie Burton Tech. This school is amazing to be honest, when I first started I hated the school. That was mostly because I didn't have friends. The teachers are very helpful.
I actually use to be a student at Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School and my experience was amazing. I like how my high school helped students strive for success. Staff members such as teachers and councilors helped me by graduating high school. Also, helped me with college application. I got into a variety of universities and I believe it is because of the positive people who work at Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School. I would recommend this school to school anyone.
A High School where the faculty are focused on every student's success and ensure the necessary resources to make that possible. Workload that resembles higher education material in order to prepare the students for higher education and life after high school. Teachers are ready to help their students in every way they can. The students are highly motivated with a goal to prepare themselves for higher education and the challenges life throws at them to be able to succeed in the future.
So far Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School has been a safe environment where students are able to share and explore their ideas. Teachers and administration supply enough support academically for students so that they can pass the required expectations. Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School sets the college level standards we are expected to reach and surpass. A constant issue is the food situation because even though the school calls the food healthy much of it is dumped out for its unappealing look and taste. Overall Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School shows promise to be a great platform for growth and higher education.
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School, is a very good high school that tries to get every student to graduate High School and go to college with some experience in order to succeed.
Review Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School
My experience in Burton Tech has been amazing. My first year I was welcomed right away and didn't feel lonely . The teacher are very caring and make sure you are keeping up with your grades. The counselors care about your future and help you get resources to attend college.
Personally, I would say that my overall experience at Burton Tech was great. It is a smaller school than most with my senior class of 2017 being only about 130 students. However, I felt like everyone had the chance to know everyone. The teachers know and remember your name. There's an ability for people to be part of an everyday community. We didn't have that many resources like our basketball court was basically a parking lot and the track for running was the street surrounding our schools. However, I feel like the students at our school made it worth while and people formed their own passion for sports even if the fields were small.
I feel really comfortable in this school. The staff is always looking out for our safety and make sure that we get the best education we possibly can. I enjoy the fact that the school is small, so we have a closer connection with the teacher and I do not feel overwhelmed by a large population. One thing we can improve on is our equipment, since we are very limited. Besides this, my experience here is enjoyable.
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