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Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School Reviews

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Burton Tech is a small community of many ethnicities and unique people. Because of the small amount of space that we have it is easy to go to one place to another. Most of the students are friendly and would help each other out so everyone can succeed together.
The school is too small.The halls are crowded.The food is terrible.The teachers give you an hour for the smallest thing.If you're late by 1 minute you get 1 hour of detention.
As I current student at this school, my opinion may seem very biased. Nevertheless, I have seen and heard about other schools and I want to approach this in neutral stand point. The school is very small which helps make sure students are in class and that teachers are able to get to know their students better. When it comes to privacy, the school and staff member are excellent with that, however, rumors and such spread quickly. Academically, the school ensures and highly encourage students to pursue a profession or degree. Most of the senior who graduated last year, were accepted into a 4 year college/university. The school's alliance provide a standards on their own which push students for success. One of the biggest down fall of this school would have to be the lack of a gym and decent school lunches.
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The school is alright because there is things that can help you out and there is also things that are not good. But the things about school and the learning is good because they care about what we do with our education.
This school is very good for people that want to go to college. They also offer good teachers that will help you better understand a subject. This is a very great school to attend.
it is really well safe since the school is very small and mostly everyone knows you well by your name. All of the teachers are here to help any student out on study and work.
It is a great school for any student that really wants to go to college. They have really good teachers and students will get along with each other since they will all know each other. This is a very good school.
My experience here at Judy Ivie Burton Technology High School has been great academically. The graduation rates are above 90% the teachers are willing to do anything they can to help teach the students and push them to pass their classes and receive good grades. If students are not passing they provide mandatory tutoring in order for the students to bring their grades up. They provide their students with ACT bootcamp which are lessons that help the students get ready for the ACT in order for them to receive a good score. They do the best to see their students succeed. All the school needs is for it to provide better meals for the students and less strict rules for the kids to enjoy to be in school.
My experience at Burton is very good. This high school wants you to do your best and wants you to go to college and be successful in life. They always give u opportunities to pass your classes when you are failing.
I think that Burton Tech. is a great school. The programs provided by the school academically are excellent the only issue would be the lack of sports in the school possibly due to funding or size.
Attending to Burton Tech, is great for those who like small schools.Attending to Burton Tech, its very nice that prepare you and help you apply to college and provide us classes to practice ACT and SAT. The school offers sports and new opportunities to try out but its very strict and they have taken some of our rights away like not allowed to wear hoodies or joggers.
I have been in this school for about three years now and I truly like, but they do have issues because the school banquets are terrible we used to go to John;s incredible pizza, but they stop because of the budget. I would recommend this school to another student because educational wise this school does it's job. The teachers and counselor stay both on grades and attendance. The school isn't perfect, but it's a good school for the area we are in.
Really great high school, small but offers a lot of help for students. Overall this high school prepares you for college and gives you a hand to help you succeed and afford it as well.
The school offers so many programs. College courses, programs that may be part of your interest such as fashion designing, etc. Burton Tech is a technology based school. Burton Tech might not be a school with many sports but the schools is dedicated in working hard to make each and every student happy. If you attend this school the help and support you in your education. Literally take education seriously, the staff might be strict but they are that way for a brilliant reason. Such as not letting yourself be distracted and focused on school so you can be successful. The area the School is located may not be the best but this school makes sure you are safe the staff care about each and every students safety.
This high school provides the best education for incoming student. The school is smaller and the teachers connect with the students.
Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology Academy High School has been great the staff supports me with anything i need help on. the school offers lots of clubs and activities to choose from. the school has volley ball, basketball, and soccer for both boys and girls. the school pays close attention on the student to see if there ready for college or not
What I liked about it is that the food was good, don't get me wrong but most schools have bad food but this one was really good. We get the support we need from staff and teachers. There will be always someone to push your limits and help you succeed. The school is very strict but that's just because the school wants everyone on track. If there is ever a problem there will always be someone to talk to. The sports are great to join and the after school programs are good. Every teacher, staff, and most students are friendly.
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Its a really good school, the staffs help you so much when it comes to failing in class. They give you the best support for you to achieve. Even though it is a small school, sometimes smaller is better.
When first coming to alliance I didn't feel any strong feeling towards it, I was indifferent. After spending almost 4 years in this high school, I was able to gain some true life experience and made great long time friends. Although the food isn't sometimes great the school tries their best and makes the best out of everything.
The school overall does and outstanding job on teaching its students. There may be some unfair rules that anger some students, but the administration is there to listen to our opinions.
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