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Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle School Reviews

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When I was a student at this school, our teachers taught us valuable life lessons which teaching the fundamentals of various subjects such as english, science, and technology. The physical education curriculum at that school made me lose weight and become more open minded about my classmates. The food was more delicious than most schools while consisting of a healthy meal. Most advisory teachers had a connection with their students, creating a bond and fun experience for students. There was some strict teachers that frighten most of the students but some teachers have different styles of teaching. There was fun events in the school such as celebration of Black History Month which involved everyone to see presentations, dances and eat different kinds of food in that event.
Because it was a small school there was not much activities going on. If there was it would only be tutoring or a dance class and cheer club.
Although this school did not have a school nurse, the office administrators can be viewed as the school nurse because every time a student felt sick or was injured they would deal with it since there was almost a safety kit available. When it comes to bullying, personally, I never saw any bullying but only a few students making fun of each other and getting feelings hurt by that which I still think is not right.
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At times the school buildings are appealing, but at other times you'll have damaged walls. The technology is good, but the only negative thing about it is that it's not accessible all the time. This is a college ready school, but at times it misses some materials that a student needs to succeed.
When I was attending this school, the diversity in race was one problem that stood out the most. There would be massive fights between different races to see who was better than the other. Things might have changed now in the past couple of years, but from my experience, it wasn't as good as people expect it to be.
The administration at the school was great. The principal and the staff would get involved with the students with their academics as well as informing the parents how their child is doing in school. If the student were to be struggling in school, the principal and the parents would discuss ways to help the child. Another great thing about the school was their uniform policies because it prepares students to dress professional as if they were to go to an interview for a job. Wearing the proper clothing makes the student look appealing to the eyes of the person that they want to be hired by.
The health and safety of this school is okay, but can be better. The way problems are handled at this school doesn't give students a sign that the things there needs to change. For example, when I attended that school, the bullying was out of hand at times but the staff at the school really didn't pay so much attention to that type of situation, which is one of the biggest situations as of right now. If the staff were to focus on how a student treats another, the bullying would slowly start to decrease.
My experience at this school was good. It could have been better. The teachers were great with the way they were teaching and I'm glad I attended a college ready school. This school is unique for having technology that other schools wouldn't have available to their students. I think I would chose this school again if I can do it over because I learned so much from the teachers there at that school.
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